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Introducing The New Richard Mille RM 12-01 Tourbillon Watch in Hampton in The Bridge

Now in its second year, Swiss super-high-end watchmaker Richard Mille is the sponsor of “The Bridge”, a unique classic car appreciation event held on a private golf course built on the historic track. Bridgehampton, New York, is home to the Bridgehampton circuit, one of the first permanent tracks in the United States opened in 1957. In 1998, the home of the famous track was reopened and became a private golf course with the theme of classic racing.

Unable to rebuild the original track (noisy is too much trouble for the community), this is the club’s ambition, they decided to turn it into a private golf club. They appreciate the car’s experience and the “bridge proposed by Richard Miller”, seeing car collectors from all over the world visit the world’s picturesque places and watch dozens of priceless classic cars . I remember that guests are strictly limited to over 1000 people and enjoy live music, local food and beverages, luxury sponsors (such as McLaren, Bell Helicopter, Rolls Royce, Richard Miller watches, etc.), as well as meticulously restored The collection car is comfortably distributed on the golf course.Hublot MP COLLECTION MP-05 LAFERRARI 905.NX.0001.RX replica Watch

In The Bridge event in 2018, Richard Mille introduced the new limited-edition Richard Mille RM 12-01 tourbillon, which has four different case colors. The case is made of carbon fiber or quartz TPT – it can be made in a range of colours and offers a lightweight wearing experience and a beautiful Damascus steel aesthetic that stratifies the plane of the TPT material. On the wrist, the case is light and sturdy – and technically very interesting. This is not a new style for Richard Miller, but it still looks great and ages – still the top modern timepiece of the super rich. The case is 39.3 mm wide and 13.84 mm thick. The distance between the lug and the lug is 48 mm and the water resistance is 50 m. It comes with a rubber strap and a titanium spread buckle.

The new design of the RM 12-01 tourbillon is the design of a manually wound tourbillon movement. Inspired by the actual bridge structure and the car’s engine, the four beam bridges help to ensure movement of the movement, providing Richard Mille’s claim to be stable in environments up to 5,000 G. The manual winding movement only provides tourbillon time with an operating frequency of 3 Hz and a power reserve of 70 hours. It is not much different from other time-limited tourbillon Richard Mille watches, but it does offer a new art movement architecture and offers another style of model for popular Franck Muller replica watches

Richard Mille is a brand that reflects the lifestyle of its consumers in many ways – participating in The Bridge is a leisure time that Richard Mille’s clients like. Please note that McLaren is also a partner of Richard Mille and a sponsor of The Bridge event. Richard Mille exhibited the limited edition McLaren watch that they made their debut in early 2018. What will happen in New York in late 2018 will also be the opening of the new Richard Mille boutique in Manhattan. The final touch of the store was in the mid-September 2018, after the blog observations were announced, work was underway. Richard Miller intends to adopt a new glorious vision concept – especially for the look of the store, which may convey pedal and car traffic very clearly.

Richard Mille’s RM 12-01 tourbillon will be produced in a limited edition of four colors, including black carbon TPT, red carbon black carbon, quartz TPT, black carbon and gold TPT, black and white carbon quartz TPT.


Six years after launching his first polo watch, Richard Mille returned to his favorite sports arena with the sporty and dynamic RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough. The second watch created in collaboration with champion polo player Pablo Mac Donough is the new RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough. Like its predecessor, the 2012 RM 053, this new watch is designed to withstand the violent impact of a polo match, from drop to collision to sniper. RM 53-01 but the technology used is new, it represents the world’s first watch industry.Movado MUSEUM CLASSIC replica watches price

The unprecedented laminated sapphire crystal paired with the carbon fiber TPT case gives the watch a tourbillon movement with an amazing look. New and sophisticated equipment for this sport. The RM53-01 project, which was launched about two years ago, is back to the original – seemingly ridiculous idea – to make Pablo Mac Donough one of the world’s greatest polo champions, wearing a tourbillon movement during the game. One of the greatest champions of polo should be able to wear a watch during the game, and a watch like this is not a miracle. Instead, it reflects how years of research and research on how watches resisted when they encounter violent blows. Therefore, the new RM 53-01 has only one design goal: it is very strong and still able to see its movement on the dial.

As we all know, conventional sapphire crystals do not provide the necessary resistance to the impact of polo. The brand’s engineers collaborate with the world-renowned sapphire expert Stettler to draw inspiration from the current practices in the automotive sector to produce laminates made of two The sapphire glass consists of a thin polyethylene film that forms the watch glass. In the face of the strong shock wave generated by the raft, the glass will break, but it will not break. The use of anti-reflective glass and a UV coating, retains the movement of the external environment, specifically provides patent Richard replica watches for sale

Since the vibration was the enemy of the tourbillon movement, Richard Miller decided to use a more complicated cable system to suspend the movement than the Richard Miller Fanadar RM27-01. The atypical architecture of this design requires the creation of two separate substrates. The first or “peripheral” bottom plate is secured to the housing and supports the tensioner mechanism. The second, referred to as the “central” floor, is connected to the peripheral floor by cables and includes wheels including the diameter and winding mechanism.

The central floor is like a spider in the middle of its web, placed on two braided steel cables with a diameter of only 0.27 mm. These cables draw a three-dimensional structure on a path through 10 pulleys, which are fixed by four tensioners. The watchmaker is responsible for tightening the cable by rotating the spline screws located in the center of each tensioner. By ensuring a uniform tension distribution, the pulley system guarantees a perfect balance of the entire mechanism. Suspension movement and grade 5 titanium – double floor and bridge use – increased rigidity while ensuring smooth train operation and optimum impact protection.

On the wrist, the Richard Mille RM 53-01 tourbillon watch Pablo Mac Donough wears its size and incredible wrist presence simply because it achieves the function it represents and hangs its motion in this way. And the price tag associated with it. Its strap, crown and flange are decorated with sky blue, evoking the Argentine flag and taking you to Calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires, replica Tag Heuer Carrera CV2A81.FC6237 watch



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Bell&Ross BR-X2 Skeleton Tourbillon Microrotor Watch

At the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show last year, Bell and Ross were shocked when they released the BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor watch (here is hands-on). Although it has a unique square shape with the brand, this watch is different from any other Bell & Ross model in the world. It is designed to put the movement of the watch at the forefront, and its tourbillon movement is made of two carefully crafted sapphire crystals. The end result is that the watch looks like it’s all moving, nothing else. A year later, Bell&Ross took the concept forward with a skeletonic movement and introduced the new BR-X2 Skeleton Tourbillon microrotor watch.

You can find Bell&Ross’ experimental work in the BR-X series. Think about high-end movements, chronographs, tourbillons, etc. It is easy to become the most fragmented series of the brand. Some long-time collectors believe that Bell and Ross should insist on making affordable and design-themed sports watches, while others are encouraged by the brand’s ambition to do something more radical. I? I think I have to enter the next camp.


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The Bell&Ross BR-X2 skeleton tourbillon Micro-Rotor watch features a 42.5 mm case. The overall structural formula is similar to last year’s BR-X2 tourbillon Micro-Rotor watch, where you can attach the movement to the case to make it look like a single piece. Then, it consists of two sapphire crystal frames so that the movement can be worn separately on the Replica Hublot Mp 05 LAFERRARI 905.ND.0001.RX Watch

In the case of the Bell&Ross BR-X2 Skeleton tourbillon micro-rotor watch, the movement is designed with a hollowed out design for a more vivid overall look. Bridges, wheels and the entire gear train are available for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. The sport is decorated in a “modern” way that Bell & Ross calls, in keeping with the personality of the brand. There is no CôtesdeGenève or crazy angle here. Instead, you’ll find fine brushing, soft bead blasting and round texture on the slope. This is not the case with high-end watches, but the final product does have a certain avant-garde, industrial atmosphere.

Also worth mentioning is the micro rotor, which is made of a special alloy called Reconit 18, which contains 95% tungsten. It has twice the density of steel, is denser than 18k gold, and has a slightly lower density than pure gold and platinum. The power reserve of the movement BR-CAL.381 is 50 hours.

Almost all hollow watches are legible, and there is no real dial. The BR-X2 Skeleton Tourbillon micro-rotor watch is no exception. At least from the news photos, stainless steel Super-LumiNova filled hour decals and pointers are not much contrast with the movement, making time more difficult to read. In other words, I don’t think most potential buyers will mind, because people’s attention is focused on the large flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, which uses the brand’s iconic & symbol as the tourbillon frame. a part Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Limited Edition watches

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Based on the first impression here, the Bell&Ross BR-X2 skeleton tourbillon Micro-Rotor is undoubtedly an unusual proposition of Bell&Ross. This is not everyone’s taste, but if your taste tends to be unorthodox, quirky and experimental, if you don’t mind the high price, this watch has almost all the right boxes.


Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot travel time reference 5524R watch hands

When the first Calatrava pilot travel time reference. In 2015, the 5524G was announced at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, indicating that the shock of the watch world will be an understatement. Obviously, this is different from anything else made by Patek Philippe. Even after learning that Patek really made the army a military leader in the 1930s, I still can’t bypass the 5524G. Now, three years later, Patek Philippe introduces a new rose gold and brown dial. This is the new Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot travel time reference. 5524R.Review Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 11.1940.679/63.C800 watch

If you missed the background story of the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watch, please let me give you an error as soon as possible. Inspired by the old Patek ‘Hour Corner’ watch, it can be used for navigation when used with the sextant and radio signals. They look weird, like the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, which looks different than Patek. Calatrava pilot travel time is not an exact reissue or tribute to these watches, but it is clearly inspired by its big blue hand and large Arabic time scales.

New Calatrava pilot travel time reference. In addition to the case material and dial color, the 5524R is identical to the earlier 5524G. With a 42 mm case, it is sporty and much larger than the size because it has a large crown and large buttons that adjust the travel time complexity at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock. It’s worth noting that depending on how you wear your watch, a large button may pierce your wrist. In addition, the overall wearing comfort is very good.

The brown sunburst dial is perfect for a rose gold case. It creates a warm glow that makes Ref. Compared to the early 5524G, the 5524R is more attractive. In contrast, the 5524G now looks a bit cold and clinical. Readability is also first class. The large Arabic hour numerals are accented with a white Super-LumiNova and accented with gold-tone edges, perfectly matched to the brown dial and rose gold case.


Patek’s Travel Time watches are the best dual time zone watches because they are easy to use and easy to read. The 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock buttons allow the owner to quickly advance the hour hand in hours when crossing the time zone. This also changed the date. There is also a second stamped hour hand that remains fixed to show home time. The left and right sides are two smaller holes that show day or night in the corresponding time zone. And, when you get home, you can adjust the main hour hand to cover the template hour hand, which looks like an ordinary three-watch. I really like this replica watches for sale

The internal movement is 324 S C FUS, which is also used for other travel time works of Patek Philippe, such as Aquanaut Travel Time. This is an automatic movement with 294 parts, Gyromax balance and Spiromax balance spring. It also has a large central rotor made of 21k gold. It has a minimum power reserve of 35 hours and a 4 Hz beat. It is beautifully decorated and visible through the bottom cover of the sapphire case. Now, the 324 S C FUS is not a particularly large movement with a size of only 31 mm. Therefore, the 42-mm case of the Calatrava pilot travel time is a bit large for the movement, and you can see that there are quite a few “cases” around the movement when you turn it.

Patek Philippe also released a smaller, possibly the same version of the ladies’ watch, called Ref. 7234R. It uses the same movement but a smaller 37.5 mm case. Turning the watch, you can see that the movement fills the case more properly, and there is not much space in the back of the watch.

Although the watch was initially hit, Calatrava Pilot Travel Time has become one of the brand’s most popular products, and I was told to make sure it is incredible. After the treatment of the body, it is easy to understand why. Although it may not look like your typical Patek Philippe, it is very well made, powerful and attractive in its own way. For Patek Philippe collectors who always want the brand to be louder and more glamorous, Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is the answer, I think this new version of rose gold and brown dials is even more so – because of the lack of better vocabulary – blingy.Patek Philippe Complicated Annual Calendar Moon Phases 5205G-001 replica Watch


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Richard Mille RM 016 “Night” Limited Edition

Richard Mille watches are known for their cutting-edge design, sophistication and top-notch technical expertise. Richard Mille is now launching a limited edition watch called RM 016 “Black Night”.

This watch is unique to other Richard Mille in that it features an ultra-flat super-rectangular case. The black case is very large and measures 49.80 mm x 38.00 mm x 8.25 mm. The three parts of the case are produced with the same precision and attention as the previous model, and 202 separate operations are used to manufacture and assemble the case. The case is made of DLC-treated titanium in sharp contrast to the frame’s red flange. A black and red-themed strap is attached to the case. The cute strap is red rubber with a black DLC handle buckle. Scratch-resistant sapphire glass can be seen covering the dial and side panels. The sapphire glass also covers the back of the display case and the black DLC-treated frame. The case is waterproof to 30 meters.

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Inside the case is a hollow RMAS7 self-winding movement. The movement has a rotor of variable geometry. This feature is unique to Richard Mille and helps the system customize the windings based on the owner’s hand activity. The movement has a 55-hour power reserve and allows the necessary functions of the watch, including hours, minutes, seconds and date display. The date window is uniquely displayed at 7 o’clock.Replica Richard Mille RM 016 Automatic Titanium Watch

Technical specifications:
– Rectangular case size: 49.80 mm x 38.00 mm x 8.25 mm
– Black DLC treated titanium case and red flange
– Waterproof 30 meters
– Sapphire crystal dial, back display, sides of the bezel
– Black DLC treated bezel
– Hollow RMAS7 self-winding movement
– Unique variable geometry rotor
– Power reserve 55 hours
– Features include hour, minute, date display at 7 o’clock
– Red rubber with black DLC handle buckle
– Limited Edition – 10 pieces only

Similar to the Richard Mille RM 010 Night Watch, this RM 016 is sure to be popular. With all the qualities and features of Richard Mille, the RM 016 Black Night watch is very popular and unique when it comes to a new look.


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Richard Mille RM 67-01 automatic extra tablet

Before the official launch of SIHH in 2016, Richard Mille launched the new RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat, a thinner version of its iconic RM 010 watch, without sacrificing the original aesthetics or performance.

On the surface, the iconic shape of the original RM 010 timepiece has been translated into a thinner, more wear-resistant watch. However, in order to give the movement a sense of depth – this is a feature of all other products before Richard Mille – the designer must come up with a solution that provides the desired look while maintaining a strong structure, all in a very thin in the case of.HUBLOT KING POWER UNICO 701.CQ.0112.HR replica watch

According to Richard Mille, “The extreme use of skeletonization in RM 67-01 brings many clues to this; however, the new method of dial structure divides the eye from the edge of the bezel into three layers. The hour and minute hands to the center area.”

Uniquely, the Arab hour numerals are made of solid metal and are mounted on two titanium rails that surround the dial and are attached directly to the movement. Each number is filled with luminescent materials for easy viewing at night. Another interesting design element is the date display, which has illuminated holes at 5 o’clock instead of Arabic numerals.

The new automatic movement (Calibre CRMA6) is only 3.6 mm thick and is suitable for new housings. It is made of titanium and measures 38.7 mm x 47.52 mm x 7.75 mm. According to Richard Mille, the movement “is designed internally by Les Breuleux engineers.”Review Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL 03.2430.3000/21.C738 watch


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Made of grade 5 titanium, the motherboard and bridge have been combined with a combination of grey and black plating. The pendulum is made of platinum and is part of the “OneWay” winding system with ceramic ball bearings; the system effectively winds the barrel while maintaining the compact size of the extra flat hollow movement.

The back of the movement, like the dial, is hollow and can be seen through the transparent bottom cover. The components on display include large hollow bobbins, rotors, rows and columns and bridges with automatic winding mechanisms.

It is worth noting that even the three slotted screws on the dial side are unusual because they are in opposite directions compared to the standard. In addition, custom torque screws are visible throughout the movement to ensure the correct tension for each application.Online replica watches for men

The 25 jewels have a speed of 4 Hz and a power reserve of 50 hours. Features include hours, minutes, semi-instantaneous dates and function indicators. The function indicator allows the wearer to view the winding, date setting and manual setting modes that are activated when the crown is pulled out. Each position is indicated by the hand at 2 o’clock and the following functions are displayed: W (winding), D (date) and H (manual setting).

A free spring balancer with variable inertia ensures greater reliability when the motion is impacted. The regulator index has been eliminated and more accurate and repeatable adjustments are possible since the four small adjustable weights are directly on the balance. Fine details such as a fast-rotating barrel (5 hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours) and a developed gear profile (with a 20° pressure angle) increase the timing performance of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica watches



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How do you top-breaking De Bethune DB28 Maxichrono? Of course, by customizing it

I really like it – and collect – two types of watches: retro and independent.

I like old-fashioned watches because they have their own lives and have stories to tell.

I like watches made by small independent craftsmen because they fully reflect the vision of the manufacturer. They create blood, sweat and tears. In fact, I would rather say bluntly that these watchmakers put the cards completely on the table. There is no hairy marketing: what you see is what you get.

Among the self-owned brands, De Bethune is probably my favorite. In fact, there may not be: De Bethune is my favorite.

Although the watchmaking industry has been repeating most of the time, De Bethune has brought something new by proudly inventing the watchmaking craft of the 21st century.wholesale replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Titanium Watch

In a recent video interview, the co-founder and the designer behind the brand’s amazing movement, Denis Flageollet, said the watchmaking tradition was innovation. I totally agree. Nowadays, great figures such as Abraham-Louis Breguet, Antiet Jenville or Pierre Leroy are very active, and they are probably making the type of watches made by De Bethune.


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Think about what De Bethune invented, created and/or improved in just 15 years: the world’s first silicon-based balance wheel; titanium/platinum balance; the new balance spring and terminal curve allow springs to be free Development, which also avoids distortion; De Bethune escapement (more efficient version of the classic lever escapement); use of titanium in sports; triple chute and pendulum damping system; automatic adjustment of the double cylinder ensures optimum And constant energy transfer; three-dimensional spherical moon; and the world’s lightest tourbillon weighs only 0.20 grams!

De Bethune’s watchmaking design, ideas and mathematical methods can be somewhat dominant and extreme in every respect. This boutique brand of watches and movements did not compromise. Nothing is done, just “good enough”; instead, it is always “more than necessary.”replica ZENITH 2018 PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL 29.1940.679/21.C800 watch

One of the experiments and methods of De Bethune is incredible.

De Bethune’s new work: custom
De Bethune has been providing customized services to some of its top customers, but in the past year it has provided this opportunity for everyone, offering two possibilities: ordering new custom watches, or if existing owners want to customize them already Some watches, they can bring it back to De Bethune and ask for replacement, such as dial replacement, engraving and so on.

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Since its launch a few years ago, Maxichrono has been bothering me; it’s most likely, if not sure, to be the most amazing modern chronograph because it actually passes five centrally mounted hands (hours, minutes, The chronograph second hand, chronograph and 24-hour hands) and three column wheels recreate the chronograph, all activated by the pusher. The crown is located at 12 o’clock.

Without in-depth technical details, Maxichrono uses De Bethune’s Absolute Clutch system, which uses the best features of the horizontal and vertical clutch mechanisms of traditional chronograph movements. This patented element benefits from reducing the frictional forces that affect motion when the chronograph is running and when there is no chronograph engagement.

The absolute clutch uses two conventional clutch systems to allow different chronographs to operate semi-automatically; the chronograph seconds are controlled by the new absolute clutch system, while the minute counter is controlled by the shifting pinion and the hour counter is engaged by the horizontal clutch.

Each clutch is controlled by a separate column wheel, which explains why the movement contains three.

The Maxichrono movement is also equipped with all other patented De Bethune items, such as an automatic adjustment double spring tube, a silicon/platinum balance wheel, a silicon escape wheel, and one of the most beautiful hand finishes you will ever position. Brushed and polished surfaces and replica Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications Watch

Why did I buy De Bethune DB28 Maxichrono?

After nearly a year of thinking, I finally found the De Bethune team to discuss the custom Maxichrono and get feedback from Flageollet. The DB28 Maxichrono is very modern, not only in terms of technology but also in the appearance department. But since I am also a big fan of the year, I want to add a “tropical” style brown dial and bronze numbers to this watch.

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Flageollet has fixed antiques and vintages, he immediately drifted and quickly sent me two different shades of brown.

Next is the decision about the color of the hand: I am thinking about blue, but Flaageollet suggests using the same color as the numbers to avoid conflicts.

After nearly six months of waiting, when I visited the De Bethune factory in Switzerland, I saw the colors of the prototypes and application numbers of different shades on the dial.

It is worth noting that De Bethune manufactures everything inside, including the case and dial (jewelry, crystal and strap are outsourced), so technicians can make a range of dials to choose from.

After a fascinating table tennis discussion with Flageollet, the dial and numbers were confirmed.Best quality swiss cheap watches

The next decision involves the case (De Bethune does not distinguish the price of the material – except Platinum, I believe – because the brand likes to say that the value of its watch lies in the movement rather than the metal casing).

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I want to continue playing the new and retro dichotomy, so I decided to put the watch in a pink gold case to get a classic feel and zirconium lugs to achieve an avant-garde feel.

I received the watch two weeks ago and since then it has not left my wrist. It exceeded my expectations, I just couldn’t stop staring at it and appreciate the painful ornate surface of the movement with its very unusual architecture.

Thanks to Denis Flageollet and his team at De Bethune, who not only fully understand my requirements and desires, but further, actually, before I have many questions I can have, let me be not only a gem in the crown, but my Watches can be said to truly represent the highest level of the 21st century watchmaking industry.

Fast Facts De Bethune Custom DB28 Maxichrono
Case: 45 x 11 mm, rose gold with zirconium lugs
Movement: manual winding movement DB2030, power reserve for 5 days; 5 Hz / 36,000 vph frequency, patented absolute clutch, patented self-adjusting double spring tube, silicon/platinum balance wheel, silicon escape wheel, 3 column wheel
Function: hour, minute, second; single button chronograph, 24-hour display
Limit: A unique custom work

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Devon Pedal 2 – Why does this watch fascinate you and increase your productivity?

Switzerland and top German watch companies are often considered to be more innovative and original brands on the market. However, Los Angeles-based Devon Works completely challenged this concept. “Made in the USA” or more specifically “Made in California” is now proud, especially if you wear a Devon watch. The brand’s founder and creative director (Devon GTX super sports car designer) Scott Devon develops products that reflect the spirit of American innovation and freedom.

In the past we were very excited to delve into this amazing brand and explore their Tread 1 (you can read it here) and other patented, very creative engineering watches. Now, we bring you the revolutionary Tread 2 Shining, which we have recently mastered.

Ingenious new system fiberglass reinforced nylon time belt © (only 2/1000 inch thick, from Boeing 747 cockpit instrument) in a 42mm x 44mm stainless steel case, displayed by a 1mm thick sapphire crystal 223 components. The Tread 2 is very light (90 grams), considering how many unique and exciting features it Hublot Big Bang Ferrari replica watches

Tread 2 has many settings, including time settings, chronograph, battery indicator and second hand mode, all of which can be rotated using Devon’s smart ejector system. The video below will demonstrate how the watch loops in each mode. The revolutionary time zone design is viewed through two windows labeled “Hour” and “Minute”, which are horizontally and vertically looped, which allows for fast and efficient reading of time.

In addition to innovation and wow, this watch is also very interesting. Its originality has attracted many viewers and attracted the attention of the audience. Switching between modes to experience the intuitiveness of this watch is very interesting. The smallest details can make a big difference, such as the simple thing of pushing and holding the crown, just press it to set the watch to two completely different settings. The crown rod is a very creative way to place the watch in the second hand mode (if pressed for 2 seconds) or place the watch in chronograph mode (if raised).

The watch will beep every time the belt moves. It’s subtle enough to hear the noise around, but the sound is loud and you can hear it quiet or close to your ear. I found this feature to take a while to get used to, but in the end I got a very enjoyable experience. It can help you understand the rapid changes in time, and for me it is a way to ensure that you waste as little as Tonino Lamborghini replica watches

Tread 2 uses a lithium polymer battery to mix with mechanical and electronic products rather than the mainspring used to power the watch. When the battery is charging, the electromagnetic induction system begins to wirelessly charge when the housing is charging (the housing must be plugged into the outlet). To avoid overcharging and draining battery life, this intuitive technique stops the charging process after the battery is fully charged. According to the crown, the watch will display the battery level between 1-10 in the minute window. All of this stored power is used to operate small motors, which are internally controlled by a microcomputer running on Devon Works software.

In short, there are many options for this watch. It has a charming charm, and its industrial design does reflect the American style. The more you know about the inner technology and mechanical development, the more you fall in love with it. Not only does it accurately maintain time (a half-second deviation per day), but it also conceptualizes time in ways that increase productivity.wholesale Richard Mille RM 022 replica Watches

Devon Tread 2 watched a wonderful premiere

The first Devon Tread is like something in a science fiction movie, but it sounds like a particularly old farm tractor model. The much-anticipated Devon Tread 2 takes advantage of all the futuristic qualities of the original, with dozens of ingenious adjustments to make this watch more attractive than ever.

The first Devon Tread is beyond the cool. As one of the first electromechanical watches, the newly designed three “tracks” rotate to show time, and German has won praise and praise for passing the world of watches. Quite, cool, unlike anything the watch world has seen before, Devon 2 only improves the original quality.

First of all, the watch is less bulky than the original model. There are only two tracks, not the bulky seconds, and the watch is more streamlined. Switch between minute and second functions with the push of a replica watches for sale

Fun doesn’t stop there. With a few clicks of the button, you can use the chronograph function on your watch! This is a very simple process, and it moves quickly between modes, with almost no waiting time in the middle (even if you wait for 2.5 seconds, you will see the tracks dancing around the watch, this is its own fun). It makes the watch less noisy, more attractive, and does not lose its function.

Watches can also be turned on and off – when you don’t want to be held by the clock, or when you want to keep the battery. Simply re-open the watch and the optical sensing system will find the correct time on the belt.

An additional benefit of this watch is that it looks fascinating without being completely distracting. The rotating track is a unique twist on the watch – it’s also a great way to start a conversation at a party.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is, what not to lose? Functionality, fun and the latest developments in a world where mechanical advantage is the norm, Devin overtoon peers on a path to Bremont Jaguar replica watches



swiss URWERK UR-111C replica watches



Brand Urwerk
Item Type
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Uncommon
Bracelet leather
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 42 mm x 46 mm
Gender men
Thickness 15 mm
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
Year 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Jumping hours, retrograde linear minutes, digital minutes, digital seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number UR-111C IRON


Urwerk UR-111C watch debut

The new Urwerk UR-111C is different from any other Urwerk watch before this, but it still unmistakably conveys the brand’s unique concept and DNA. The new system that connects users and machines is also beautiful. Fully new watches from Swiss brands are worth noting because they are a bit rare and will definitely be something you never imagined. Looking forward to an incredible cool aesthetic through highly technical and complex mechanisms; don’t expect to show time in the traditional way. In the brand’s “Special Projects” series, the UR-111C gave up Urwerk’s iconic “satellite hour” complex and supported the same unconventional approach, which was influenced by the old Urwerk UR-CC1 “King Cobra” a few years ago. “Model inspired. As with any watch of the brand, a lot of explanation is needed.Review Richard Mille RM 50-03 MCLAREN F1 Watch


The UR-111C is more emotional and not practical (this is the most luxurious watch, to be honest), and continues to push Urwerk’s interesting mission of “connecting” humans and machines. This is a reference to the UR-111C by Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner, which helps explain the mentality of the people behind these products; “It must be closely linked to a mechanism that integrates with your hands and communicates with you. Mechanical watches are like The first step to enhancing intelligence: Be a part of your machine, it provides you with information in exchange for energy. This is an exchange. You will take care of your watch and it will provide you with a lifetime service. “Glorious or marketing bachelor’s degree, Only thinking like this (and the luxury timer budget) can make an exciting “big boy toy” like the UR-111C.

Urwerk is known for making ultra-high-end watches that look like some dark sci-fi worlds. More specifically, however, their most well-known watches use the “satellite” hour hand associated with the so-called “walking time” in traditional watchmaking. This is a rather complicated system in which one hand itself shows hours moving along the track to indicate minutes. Urwerk focuses on a type that may be called “alternative” time display – although they managed to surprise me, at least on their EMC watches there are some traditional round analog dials, such as Time Hunter (hands here). On the other hand, the Urwerk UR-111C time display is both “linear” and “digital”.MOVADO MUSEUM CLASSIC 28MM 0606503 replica watch

I said “completely new”, but the Urwerk UR-111C is actually the evolution of the early Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra watch (hands here). The new Urwerk UR-111C doesn’t look like King Cobra, but it shares the front-mounted (driver’s watch) linear display and the unusual way to display the number of seconds running on the top of the watch. In some ways, the Urwerk UR-111C reminds me of the more complex, sophisticated and expensive Azimuth SP-1 Landship due to its case shape and display elements (reviewed here). Ok, I think we just need to quickly outline what we saw on the Urwerk UR-111C, then describe all the weird things that Urwerk has done, let it look like that, so we can fully appreciate its coolness. .

Turn your attention to the “front” of the watch so you don’t have to turn your wrist while driving. The hour is displayed on the far left and the other two displays are minutes. The stopwatch is displayed at the top of the dial, indicating the same function as a traditional crown. There is a lever on one side of the case that allows you to change the function of the crown. There are a lot of interesting details to note about these things, but now we can go beyond the original bed of the Urwerk UR-111C crazy design.

The first thing about these unconventional time displays is time hopping, linear minute retrograde. This means that on the 60th minute, the minute scale jumps back to zero and the hour jumps forward. I believe that the rightmost semi-conical minute shows normal. The retrograde minute display is similar to the UR-CC1 King Cobra, but is more visually unique because it is both curved and angled. The indicator behind it is a rolling cylinder that wraps around a spring as it rotates, powering the hour and retrograde minutes. The angle of the display means that after the cylinder has only rotated 300 degrees, the minute jumps back to zero.Hublot Big Bang Unico Retrograde 413.CX.7123.LR.EUR16 Replica watch

The top of the Urwerk UR-111C may look like a date display magnifier for many watches, often referred to as the “Cyclops.” In fact, it’s a second display, it uses Urwerk’s technology to make the “preferred” watchmaking industry: using fiber optics – but I will look back. Two separate wheels are used to display seconds: one with 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 slit shapes and the other with 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55. Each wheel alternates into the view when When they enter the hole from either side, they mimic the way gear teeth interact and create a cooling effect. However, these are not any short-selling numbers, for example you might find them in a hollowed out Hublot date display (I think Big Bang Unico commented here).

Urwerk said that discs with seconds are made of nickel using the LIGA process, which Wikipedia describes as “manufacturing techniques for fabricating high aspect ratio microstructures.” So, this means they are using techniques similar to those used. Created. To make something like the first microchip, each disc weighs only 0.025 grams, including its number. This is not all that makes this second display unusual. We are told that the circular window is actually 0.1mm higher than the number, not a magnifying glass, but a “dense precise alignment of the fiber cluster, called an image tube.” It is difficult to determine or imagine the visual effect according to Urwerk’s description, we Being told that the numbers look “strangely close” – maybe they mean close to the surface of the replica watches for sale

Finally, as mentioned above, the cylinder at the top of the housing acts as a crown. You can use it to wrap the watch as usual (although we should add that Urwerk claims that this form of winding motion is better than normal), or flip the lever on the case side to change it to the time setting mode, then set Time is backwards or forwards. The unusual positioning of the crown and the time-displayed cylinder and vertical movement relative to the horizontal plane require some technical solutions, including things such as helical gears in multiple positions. The movement is automatic (no one will see the rotor), with a power reserve of 48 hours and a working frequency of 4 Hz, decorated with Geneva stripes, round texture and sanding. In fact, I hope to see more content, and Urwerk has not yet provided any case background images.

The case is also complex and has a mixed surface finish, even with screw heads that vary depending on the surface they appear on. It is made of polished or bronze steel and measures 42 mm wide, 46 mm long and 15 mm thick with a water resistance rating of 30 m. We were told that the movement was mounted from the side with very precise tolerances. Although everything about the Urwerk UR-111C is weird, the two-minute display seems a bit redundant for me. Because of the so high level of complexity, for example, using a digital minute display to the right of the date or possibly using a power reserve indicator does not seem too much.

Anyway, it’s totally too complicated and unnecessary, but you can say the same to any luxury watch or even any watch. However, at least in my imagination, one day someone will design a space station hangar door or the like, and actually can refer to Urwerk’s engineering solutions to achieve some practical and critical applications. At the same time, the Urwerk UR-111C is a super cool watch, just to exist, to understand and for some weird billionaires, who may actually own, wear and play.Patek Philippe Grand Complications Minute Repeater 5207G-001 replica Watch



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Brand exclusive: BREMONT JAGUAR TIMEPIECE cooperation

British luxury watch brand Bremont announced the launch of the Bremont Jaguar MKI and Bremont Jaguar MKII watches nearly half a year after working with British car manufacturer Jaguar – the first of their non-limited edition collaboration watch collections.

At the time of its initial announcement, the brand released a limited edition of six pure watches inspired by the famous Jaguar E-Type. In fact, they were designed to be sold to Jaguar’s six re-produced E-type future owners created last year. Interestingly, the dial of the watch was created to mimic the tachometer of an E-Type vehicle, as it reflects a similar font and a unique “red area”. These six original watches are crafted in white gold, while the recently released MKI and MKII models are available for purchase in a fraction of the price.

MKI replaces platinum and aluminum with a slim version of a 43 mm polished stainless steel case. A contrasting ferrous metal dial, a hemispherical anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a treated steel hand, combined with a date window and a unique “red line” quadrant detail, give the watch a streamlined, sporty luxury that fits any gentleman’s wrist, whether it’s Work or play.BREMONT JAGUAR MKIII BJ-III/BK Replica Watch

On the other hand, MKII retains the classic chronograph layout, with two sub-dial at three o’clock and nine o’clock, and a subtle “red line” on the 60-minute counter, reflecting the E-Type’s speed. table. The 43mm stainless steel case with double dome crystals gives a distinctly retro aesthetic, made entirely by Bremont in the UK, using the famous three-part “Trip-Tick” technology to ensure a seven-fold hardness. General street watch.

This timepiece uses the same automatic “steering wheel” winding weight as MKI to pay tribute to E-Type. Although the keen eye will find more car images in the form of a “tire tread” winding crown, the top is the Jaguar heritage logo, matching the dial.

The Bremont Jaguar collection combines impeccable craftsmanship with a passionate and meticulous detail into the high-octanoic lifestyle, an iconic modern classic collection. Stylish, innovative and versatile, the timepiece will effortlessly transition between work and occasions, adding a sense of glamour to a well-tailored suit or enhancing the casual look with jeans. Whether you are a Bremont watch enthusiast or a passion for Jaguar, you can be assured of being confused by the brand’s latest collaborative timepieces.Review GRAHAM LONDON Replica watches

Bremont has just launched its latest product in its partner Bremont / Jaguar timepiece MKIII series. Although the new model is consistent with the design of its predecessor, its visual aesthetic is slightly different – a slimmer 43mm polished steel case and car image, with a closed case back and inspired by E’s wheel center detail – Types of.

Brand exclusive: BREMONT celebrates the history of military aviation, adding new vitality to the CLASSIC AIRCO collection

Bremont recently released a variety of exciting new models and designs for 2018, so you need to understand the brand’s new AIRCO collection of beautiful new products.

Following the successful launch of the AIRCO series in 2017, Bremont has released three new products, including the introduction of the MACH 3 model. The brand has achieved great success in producing 40mm AIRCO watches, which undoubtedly attract customers who want a more compact product.wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 035 Replica watches

Named after one of the UK’s first military aircraft manufacturers, Aircraft Manufacturing Co., the AIRCO series marks the first time that Bremont has produced a small watch for men.

Returning to the old classic pilot watch in design, 2018 marks the 100 years of British military aviation, it seems appropriate to expand the voyage by adding a new AIRCO MACH 3, which has the iconic military blue blue on the dial color.

This watch features a satin case with a Super-LumiNova® inlaid baton index mark and a red tip on the second hand that contrasts intelligently with the blue dial.

Bremont co-founder, Giles English; “Nick and I have always liked our blue dial watches, which have been popular in other collections for many years. This special pantone not only looks handsome on the dial, but also we I like the subtle nod of 100 years of British military aviation, which is the core of the AIRCO series. These timepieces are designed to be low-key classics and truly stand the test of time.”discounts Replica men watches

The natural extension of the 2018 range also allows MACH 1 and MACH 2 to be used for the white dial. Similar to the dark dial design, the MACH 1 features a satin steel case and now has a red second hand that contrasts sharply with the white dial. The design has a rather military feel, especially with digital retro C3 brightness and a brown vintage leather strap.

The AIRCO MACH 2 features a polished stainless steel case and white dial design with an application index and a classic style, paired with the Brerac anthracite dial released in 2017. This is a design inspired by more of an officer’s dress watch, very responsive to the need for smarter models that can be easily adapted to the cuffs.

Bremont co-founder, Nick English; “For many years focused on 43mm watches, the AIRCO series launched last year is actually the first deviation of the men’s collection. We think it is very important to diversify Bremont products, adding something more compact.” Compared to the millimeter case, Giles and I are amazed at how different it feels. It is definitely a very comfortable everyday watch. We have been inspired to see how this watch has performed since its release, perhaps A slightly different crowd is attractive.”

Like all Bremont watches, the AIRCO series uses Bremont’s three-piece “Trip-Tick®” case, produced by a British company’s factory, with a smaller but beautiful Observatory BE-92AE movement.Replica BRM MARTINI RACING NAVY DIAL V12-44-MR-02 watch





Devon Tread 1 View comments

The basic theme of this electromechanical timepiece is to tell the time on the belt (pedal) and read it through the window placed on these belts.

It doesn’t take long to know how to tell the time while looking at the dial – even if you see a lot of things happen. This is not the first watch to tell the time through the belt, but it is definitely one of the coolest watches. In short, Devon Tread 1 offers a completely unique wearing experience that is more similar to traditional timepiece electronics. It goes beyond the world of watchmaking and the world of gadgets, but each borrows heavily. This is Tread 1, which is certainly worth knowing.

Here I outline my first practical experience with the Tread 1 watch. The video I shot the prototype got a lot of ideas (I am very cool, I have to admit – you can click on the link to view it). People have never seen such a thing, it goes without saying that this watch has an important “gee whiz” factor. For many people, it’s the ultimate watch gadget – it’s in many ways.Replica Hublot BIG BANG TUTTI FRUTTI ORANGE 361.PO.2010.LR.1906 Watch

Although the Tread 1 is large, Devon is well designed to ensure a comfortable fit. The case is 53.3 mm wide, 47 mm high and 19 mm thick. My wrist is small, so the watch may not look big. As you know, the lug structure attached to the rubber strap is tilted so that the strap wraps around the wrist. This helps the watch to be more stable and comfortable.

The case is made of steel, but the back is DLC black coated steel. There, you can also find the unique serial number of your watch. It is also where your watch is when you are charging. Crystal is polycarbonate – the same material as bulletproof glass. For clarity, it is also coated with an anti-reflection coating. Inside the watch are a variety of microstep motors, belts and processors. It is a quartz-based device that, according to Devon, is thermally compensated, which means it should be more accurate. Processor control features and all small motors. This watch has no crown but a controller. You can manipulate it like a crown and place it on the bottom of the RICHARD MILLE RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL replica watch

Watching the watch inside is a pleasure. What’s really special is – especially for experienced watch lovers, how different it is. It looks more like a machine than something you see in a Swiss watch. There are screws and belts, and plates. It seems that some people are playing the most complicated Erector suit in the world. Seeing that everything works together can help you understand the difficulty of designing from scratch. Few people in the mechanical watch world are able to design things from scratch, because there are several generations of knowledge that need to be built. For German, no one has ever done this – so they barely guide them.

The small one-step motor I know of was originally designed for medical devices. They only move one position at a time, and the onboard controller helps tell them how many times to move. Watching the Tread 1 operation never seems to get older, but the watch is very loud. Devin tries to suppress the noise as much as possible, but every time the pedal moves (every second with the second hand), noise is generated. When the motor turns the belt, it is not a “squeak” but a quick grinding.Review Replica Tag Heuer 2018 Carrera GMT CBG2A1Z.FT6157 Watch

Although the watch is very loud, Devon does include a “quiet mode.” In this mode, the watch stops displaying time and remains muted. Internally, it still tells the time, but it is not displayed until the quiet mode is deactivated. It is a good idea to include this in German. You can find an online instruction manual here for more information on quiet mode and how to operate Devon Tread 1.

While the sound of Tread 1 may be distracting at some point, at other times you might see it as a benefit. This is a watch designed to attract attention, both visually and by sound. Imagine, for example, that you are in an elevator with several people. They will hear Tread 1 and look directly at your watch. What other high-end timepieces really attract people’s attention? buy best quality replica watches


Reading time and wearing a watch are very easy. The wide shoulder strap and the unique buckle are at least cool. Once you read the instructions, operating the pedal 1 is also very simple. This watch features a lithium polymer battery that lasts for about two weeks during normal use. You don’t need to change the battery regularly, but instead charge it. To do this, Devon includes a magnetic induction charger, you just put the watch on it. The second hand strap can also be used as a battery life indicator because it will move in steps of two seconds when the battery is exhausted. Given all the power consumed by the watch, I would say that Devon is taking advantage of this situation. By the way, the watch also has an on/off function to save energy.

When it comes to it, this watch is almost a miniature of California’s cool. A gentleman is needed to complete the work and design. It uses traditional high-end watch concepts to play games and successfully delivers special things that have never been done before. It has its quirks, but it gives it personality. According to German, more watches are coming soon, but the same concept should remain the same. It’s more than just a gadget watch, it’s a lifestyle watch for gadget lovers – I’m totally one of those people.replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 26278IK.GG.D002CA.01 watch


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Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer: Treasure Ship

Ulysse Nardin’s choice of a nautical anchor as its corporate icon is no coincidence.

As the long-term supplier of the world’s best mechanical navigation timers, Le Locle’s watchmakers have established their own names on precision instruments. This tradition is immortal and is known for its 18K rose gold Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer 266-66.

Despite its modern 41 mm case size, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer was built with its long history of ancestors. The dial features a lacquered black base and an Arabic numerals dial. The watch’s bezel and dial ratio is small and the reading is much larger than the nominal size. The power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock is in line with history, adding a useful and complex function to the package.

The traditional small seconds hand dial at 6 o’clock is reminiscent of the old 50-60mm Ulysse Nardin deck chronograph, but an integrated date window provides a modern convenience for old-fashioned sailors. Under the dial, the UN-26 automatic movement is used, and the thin and fine ETA 2892-A2 with top-level timer specifications is used.

The Marine Chronometer is more than just a tribute. It is the true COSC Swiss Observatory that meets and exceeds the accuracy of historical timepieces. Each Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer is certified by Timelab, the official agent of the COSC assessment. The 15-day test tested the accuracy and isochronism of the watch at five locations and three temperatures. The certified timepiece allows a maximum 24-hour deviation of -4 / + 6 seconds.Hublot BIG BANG SANG BLEU KING GOLD 415.OX.1118.VR.MXM17 Replica watch

The exterior of the Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer includes a rich rose gold case, a matching bezel with cast edges (ridges), and a separate numbered card at 9 o’clock (again, true history).

The black alligator strap is attached to the wide shoulder of the lug with a separate mounting screw. The system is finer, more traditional, more expensive, and – most importantly – safer than the spring pins used in almost all other brands in high-end watches. Ulysse Nardin chose a thick black alligator strap to enhance the material’s impression and create amazing results when compared to the warmth of the rose gold lugs.


What are you looking for in your watch? When you walk down the street with all authorized dealers and boutiques endlessly cleaning their windows and polishing their watches, how do you choose where to go and spend some of the coins you hear? There are several factors that can work. Maybe you are looking for something of value at the right price and attracting people to something like Rolex. Maybe you are looking for something bigger in the high end market, so you have to go to Patek Philippe. However, if the things you want are very high-end things, then anyone outside the watch game will not hear about it? Ok, of course you have to go to Ulysse Nardin.

It is undeniable that compared to some of the other contributions to this watch auction this year, Athens’s submission is different from other special editions that only seem to be happy to dunk their own watch for yellow paint and call it a little more restrained. The only thing that actually changed was the long and thin Roman numerals on the 7th. These numbers have turned yellow, and the writing of the power reserve has turned yellow. It’s not that much, but it’s an important idea, and it shows that Ulysse Nardin is still working on making some of the best high-end watches of the time. The blue Grand Feu dial itself is a masterpiece and, given the precision it requires, takes a long time to be perfect.wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 CERAMIC replica watches

I always talk about the three-question time is one of the most difficult complex functions, and we talk about the tourbillon as if they have no one to do business, and now everyone can make them. Well, not exactly, they are still very complicated to make and perfect, and further, Ulysse Nardin has made them into a flying tourbillon, which means that the tourbillon itself does not seem to be able to connect to any part of the watch movement but it continues to run, Just like magic isn’t it?

Shop Ulysse Nardin Complications Triple Jack Repeater Rose Gold Replica watch 736-61/E2 price

The watch’s power reserve is 60 hours, and the watch is self-winding, so the person who pays for the event at least knows that they don’t have to spend time sitting there and keep rolling it up, even though they like to do it then There is a feature to wrap it around the crown.

The 43 mm case is modern in size and features Ulysse Nardin’s signature styling lines, such as the handle on the bezel and the almost non-existent lugs, blending into a large piece of stainless steel on the side of the case. Oh, you are right, this watch is also stainless steel. This is a crazy low price for this amazing timepiece.

ULYSSE NARDIN launches 4 new watches

One of the creative independents who invited SIHH to Richemont was Ulysse Nardin, which always surprised us. Whether it’s their crazy Freak watch or the crazy Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon. So, seeing that they release more things, we will say, secular, is this very surprising? However, their watches may lack the left, right and center of the tourbillon and the three-question watch of the explosion. The attention to detail of these watches not only compensates for their Ulysse Nardin Complications Replica watches

Ocean Tourbillon Grand Feu

Contrary to what I said earlier, the first watch is actually a tourbillon! Just, this remains like the other boring tourbillon… eh? what? Yes, sorry, the first is a small background story about this. Ulysse Nardin began making deck-mounted nautical timepieces, ultra-precise timers designed to ensure that ships use the observatory as a navigation tool to complete safety on time. You can record this history on your wrist in the form of the UN-128 powered ocean tourbillon Grand Feu. Interestingly, all parts of the tourbillon are made in-house by Ulysse Nardin and a enamel dial treated with a 17th century method, giving it a slightly creamy color. The 60-hour power reserve watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and the unexpected price is 28,000 Swiss francs. Considering the cost of other tourbillon watches, this is not too much.

Yachting race

The regatta is one of the rare gems in horology, and its operation is extremely complicated, but it still sells well. The traditional regatta watch provides a countdown mechanism for the start of the game by first moving the timing hand backwards. On any other nautical watch with the timer reaching zero, the game begins and the watch is no longer needed. However, Ulysse Nardin’s new Regatta watch can actually move the chronograph’s hand forward, and this watch can be used as a traditional chronograph. This makes it ideal for their America’s Cup partner Artemis Racing, which makes it easy to use this watch. This is an amazing work. To be honest, there are very few such watches that I am amazed, but Regatta manages it. This watch features an UN-154 self-winding movement with built-in 3-day power reserve and column wheel. Not to mention the weird strap you need to cut in size, and hope that no matter who you sell (if you decide), the wrist is smaller than you. One of the prices is fair at 15900 Swiss francs or 25,800 black limited replica watches for men

Classico Maufacture Bleu Grand Feu

It’s obviously a theme here, I can’t be the only one to notice it, right? It seems that Ulysse Nardin’s enamel dials are very fast, which shows that they are willing to let us use their beautiful watches in different combinations. The enamel dial is manufactured by Donzé Cadrans, a Ulysse Nardin company specializing in enamel art. The technique used to make the ocean tourbillon dial also appeared here, creating a rather restrained and fascinating blue dial. Compared to the 44 mm wide Regatta case, the 40 mm case is also more conservative, ensuring that Ulysse Nardin does show a watch that meets the “smart” limit. The UN-320 movement inside the watch is equipped with a silicone hairspring for 48 hours.

Marine calendar calendar timer

We started with Marine watches, so we will end with the 2017 SIHH Navy watch (well, our report on Ulysse Nardin, no matter what, there are more things to come!). I believe we may have saved the best things until finally, Ulysse Nardin showed us a new marine calendar watch with a chronograph level of only 12 parts. That’s right, they somehow narrowed the annual calendar to 12 additional components in the sport. Don’t ask me how, this is a trade secret! The watch is 43 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel, based on the UN-113 movement. The UN-113 is an internally built movement with well-fabricated surfaces on both sides, engraved on the open bottom cover (with anchor rotor) and the large blue enamel on the dial. The price is 12,900 Swiss francs, which is also a surprising benefit, which seems to be a theme released this year by Ulysse Nardin, I don’t complain, heart. You are not at least taking a good look at these watches, you are a fool! best Franck Muller Conquistador replica watches



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TAG HEUER launches special carbon fiber series

Ultralight, durable and modern, this special collection is led by the famous TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford, which gave birth to a true collection that will expand in the coming months. TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford and three Aquaracer models will be exclusively available on the store and e-commerce site on September 3.

This is one of the most modern interpretations of the famous Aquaracer, TAG Heuer water watch. To celebrate the fall of 2018, the Swiss watchmaker presented a series of more modern models, developed from carbon, and sold exclusively on the TAG Heuer and e-commerce website on September 3rd. . . Very urban look that combines comfort, resistance and sportiness.

Aquaracer Carbon has three references and features blue, yellow or pink gold. The 41 mm case is made of titanium plated with black PVD and the carbon fiber bezel is placed on the case. The dial gives a impression of imitation carbon. This is a watch that is durable, sturdy but extremely light. The entire black exterior, subtly illuminated by color keys, brings elegance and modernity to the room.replica Richard Mille RM 038 Watches price

Since the carbon fibers are randomly injected into the high temperature pressed resin, each product is unique, revealing a unique gray black mottled pattern. Reminiscent of the abyss of the seabed. In fact, the Aquaracer Carbon is 300M waterproof and is an adventure-taking watch, while keeping the sporty style inseparable from the TAG Heuer. This watch is embellished with a beautiful black fabric strap with a dial that echoes the color of the dial.

Also on September 3rd, TAG Heuer Monaco Bamford, the first collaboration of the Bamford Watch Department’s production watch. This is an iconic TAG Heuer Monaco’s unprecedented interpretation of the blue “light blue” chronograph with a sturdy carbon-fiber case and an elegant all-black dial.

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Watch the focus: Tonino Lamborghini’s new Spyder model

To celebrate its important 10th anniversary, Tonino Lamborghini launched the new Swiss-made Spyder Skeleton collection. The Tonino Lamborghini watch features an MS20 cutout automatic movement and a unique buckle made of stainless steel or leather strap. The band attached to the strap is engraved with the Tonino Lamborghini Bull Crest of the 3D series. Like all other standard Spyder models, the shield represents the design of the case, bezel and floor Tonino Lamborghini replica watches

This Swiss-made watch features a polished/satin stainless steel case (size 56 mm, crown x 53 mm) and a bezel with 3 decorative screws and colour inserts. Other unique features include anti-reflective treatment of mineral sapphire-coated glass and water resistance of 100 m / 330 ft.

The latest model is the most eye-catching model of the past 10 years. The Swiss-made automatic movement makes the watch more dynamic and efficient. The dial on the dial is designed with the theme of Spyder. The black ground on the dial and the bee nest pattern with the “wings” color insert enhance the theme.

All models are based on tradition, evoking a family story, characterized by exquisite style, strength, uniqueness and Italian style, together to piece together the legend, the story of eternal myth.

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Tonino Lamborghini means high quality

When you hear the word “Lamborghini”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the world-famous fashion and stylish sports car. As we all know, Lamborghini is known for its refined sporty appearance and innovative doors that open from the top rather than from the side.

As stated on its multimedia website,? Tonino Lamborghini is known for its many things, but especially its unique design, uniqueness and quality. The specific branch of the Italian car manufacturer is not only a car, but also famous for its designer watches, sunglasses and other HYT H1 replica watches

It can be said that the Tonino Lamborghini brand is the best quality promotional product and is synonymous with high-end quality.

We have designed a section for this quality promotional gift, including a key chain, wallet and pen. These are not just any type of promotional gift. As Tonino Lamborghini said, only the finest materials can create a range of products for young people, seniors, professionals and amateurs based on their individual needs.

Imagine the expression on the face of the customer, family member when he or she receives a personalized laser engraving version of a real Tonino Lamborghini keychain or wallet.

Our pen system with the name of Tonino Lamborghini is very special. Perhaps no one is more elegant than a crystal pen. These gorgeous pens feature a sleek and elegant black gift box. When you get the Tonino Lamborghini crystal pen, you know that you are getting quality, exquisiteness and class.

It did not end there. As their website says,? In the new millennium, Tonino Lamborghini multimedia incorporates unique design, uniqueness and quality in the case and accessories of computers, photos, videos, multimedia and mobile phones.

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Spyder is the “fanatic” model of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss watch collection: designed by Centro Stile Tonino Lamborghini in 2008, the Spyder model was created to showcase the famous “Miura raging bull” shield around the brand logo. . The hood is a source of inspiration for the case design, the bezel and many other details of all Spyder models. The Model 8901 is a quartz watch with a RL 3520.D chronograph Swiss-made movement. The case and bezel are made of polished/satin stainless steel; the bezel is also finished with polished stainless steel screws, satin stainless steel and black PVD rings. The dial has an opaque black floor, a black outer surface with a date of 3H, a Tonino Lamborghini brand shield at 9H, and a white/black/red hand with a glowing SPL. The special START / RESET button, which is clearly inspired by the automotive industry, is made of stainless steel. The glass is a sapphire coated mineral; the strap is stainless steel. Like many quartz watches in the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Made collection, this clasp features the engraved Tonino Lamborghini name and 3D shield.

Size: 53.00 mm without crown x 56,00 mm with lugs. Case: polished / satin stainless steel. Bezel: polished/satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel screws. Black PVD satin stainless steel ring. Glass: Sapphire coated mineral glass. Crown: Special polished stainless steel crown. Putter: Special stainless steel putter. Dial: opaque black floor, black outer surface. Black bague, number red and line white. 11 SPL luminosity index. The date is 3H. Tonino Lamborghini Shield is at 9H. Pointer: Color is white/black/red with illuminated SPL. Strap: Stainless steel. Depinoante buckles on Tonino Lamborghini lettering and 3D shield. Movement: RL 3520.D chronograph quartz SWISS MADE. Waterproof: 100 meters / 330 feet.Review best Franck Muller replica watches