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I just received news that the (in)famous Bamford & Sons Rolex watches with PVD coating will be retailed in Singapore. The range includes the Milgauss and Yachtmaster, as pictured,, but also extends to the Submariner and other sports models.


The Bamford site allows customers to customise the colour scheme of the watch, so for instance a black PVD Submariner can be ordered with red lettering. That will set one back about 8500 pounds sterling.

These watches are easily regarded as inordinately expensive. They probably are more expensive than they should be, but not as costly as they are seen to be, because careful and professionally done PVD coating is very expensive. For instance,, separating the bracelet into individual sub-links and coating them individually, rather than the assembled bracelet as a whole. While the end result may look the same for the most part,, the differences are present and noticeable for a very keen eye.

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