Replica Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity white watch

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity white watch cheap

Model: Masterpiece Gravity white
Manufactured by: Replica Watch
case:stainless steel,
cuts: 43 mm
Series :Basel World Watches
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Richard Mille Watches Replica Everyone is aware of Newton’s work and the laws of gravity. Indeed, as school children we are taught that “what goes up, must come down”. However, Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix has made me reconsider this notion of late. Its latest model, the “Gravity”, recently launched at Baselworld 2014, is another breathtaking design from the young brand. It seems to continue the company’s ever upward ascent with no signs that the inclined trajectory will head back to terra firma any time soon.The Gravity is a new addition to Maurice Lacroix’s top of the range Masterpiece collection. These high-end models have earned Maurice Lacroix critical acclaim over the years, with lots of silverware gracing the company’s crowded trophy cabinet. Handsome aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, interesting complications, accessible pricing and Swiss craftsmanship have been successfully fused, resulting in some very appealing models coming to market. Indeed, the atelier in Saignelégier has been the birthplace of some remarkably innovative watches in recent years, some of which are clearly destined to be tomorrow’s classics.

Hublot Masterpiece Watches For example, a few years ago Maurice Lacroix brought together two interfacing wheels, one clover-shaped and the other square, collaborating in unison to cleverly convey seconds. The timepiece is fascinating to observe and, thanks to the company patenting the ingenious know-how, totally unique. Initially, the model was called the Masterpiece Roue Carrée, but is now referred to as the Masterpiece Square Wheel. It has become an icon for the Swiss horologer, which launched its first watch in 1975 .An intrinsic strength of Maurice Lacroix is the company’s design prowess and ability to bring new concepts to market before the majority of its competition. The Gravity repeats this winning formula with delightful flourishes of style and a new silicon assortment (silicium for US-based readers).The new model is available in limited numbers, 250 in anthracite PVD coated steel and a further 250 pieces offered in a more traditional stainless steel case, employing brushed and polished surfaces. It is this latter version which is my preferred choice and the focus of this review.

Richard Mille RM 069 replica Maurice Lacroix has not sought to follow convention or emulate others. The design of the Gravity is very much its own work and playfully imparts time with a judicious blend of fun, grace and horological exhibitionism. I must qualify the word “playfully” as this is not a frivolous offering, quite the contrary, it harnesses much serious watchmaking expertise presented in a tantalisingly attractive format.Looking at the front of the watch, an off-centre, white lacquered dial plays host to the hour and minutes display. The blued hands stylishly point to black printed Roman numerals. Framing the dial is a chapter ring depicted in pale blue. Two polished screws punctuate the dial, providing a charming reminder that this is a mechanical ensemble of small parts expertly combined in splendiferous union.

The off-centre dial floats above a delightfully decorated bridge, detailed with Clou de Paris. A key attribute of the dial is that numerous design elements coact to exploit depth and optimise available light.I have worn the identically sized version with anthracite PVD coated steel and found the 43 mm case to accord a comfortable fit. Moreover, the scale of the model provides a sufficiently large canvas for the talented team at Maurice Lacroix to artistically depict each element of this dial.Much of this design is new and fresh, but there are a few details which share the design language of other Masterpiece models. A perfect illustration of this is the crown design which has knurled detail on its horizontal flank, employing curving line and granting ease of adjustment.The Maurice Lacroix Automatic Manufacture Calibre ML230 is the thirteenth Manufacture movement it has created since 2006. Some superstitious readers may be fearful of this fact. However, relax and be rest assured the Swiss maison is known for creating reliable watches and innovation has not come at the expense of dependable service.

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