Details of our Richard Mille fake Watches:

Item No.: RM 027-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Functions: • Central Hours and Minutes
• Tourbillon
Case Shape: Tonneau,NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Case Diameter: 44.77 x 39.70 mm
Case Thickness: 12.25 mm
Bezel: NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Case Back: NTPT Carbon and TPT Quartz
Dial: Skeletonized
Bracelet: Orange Textile
Clasp: Velcro
Movement Type: Manual
Year: 2015

RICHARD MILLE 011 watches replica In the coming months, various rumours started to flow out of Les Breuleux. Richard was experimenting with polymers with carbon nanotubes; Richard was looking into constructing a whole movement from aluminum lithium; Richard was wondering how to reduce mass in a substance that was already hollow! And so it went on. Then, about six months after that first meeting came the call to visit Les Breuleux and see the prototype. Ushered through a door at Richard Mille S.A., up in the old building that formed part of Montres Valgines S.A., the watch was sitting on the desk! And I still remember that feeling; that elation of putting the RM027 on my wrist for that first time. An irrepressible smile just radiates from the wrist, up through the left arm, to the facial muscles, and you smile. Not a scientific reaction, but as Richard always intends with his watches, an emotional one. In subsequent visits I noted the same reaction on other faces as they tried the watch on: always that smile, that look of incredulity, that levity in their soul.

Richard Mille R027 watches Initially, it was not all smiles for one man! The RM027 weighed on the soul and conscience of Yves Mathys at Richard Mille S.A. at Les Breuleux. Yves is the General Manager and has the very responsible and enviable (or unenviable depending on what way you see it) job of actually producing the prototypes and watches from Richard’s thoughts and designs. Outside of the research that goes on at Renaud et Papi S.A. on Richard’s behalf, that usually involves testing the new materials and movements, it is Yves who must oversee it all: from inception to completion. Chatting with Yves, he described the RM027 as “nerve-racking”. Late in 2009 Richard approached Yves and told him a similar tale to the one told to me. “Sure” Yves replied, “No problem in getting the prototype ready for Roland Garros 2011.” “No!” came Richard’s reply “It’s for next year’s Roland Garros: for 2010!” The next few months were a whirlwind of activity on the prototype as Yves pushed forward to get the watch match ready by Roland Garros. Yves remarked that he did not enjoy Roland Garros that year: he spent the entire tournament glued to the television making sure the watch was still working! But it worked perfectly throughout: as did the wearer of the watch! Rafael Nadal won the French Open that year: 2010. So where does the notion that a watch can weigh less than your soul come from? The RM027 series has produced the lightest of lightweight tourbillon watches. The RM027 weighed in at 20 grams; the RM027-01 weighed in at 19 grams; and now the RM027-02 weighs in (as the heaviest of the set) at 21 grams. A digression on the weight of your soul: in 1907, in the peer reviewed journal: American Medicine, a Dr. Duncan McDougall, a doctor in Havering Massachusetts ran an experiment with six patients who were soon to die from tuberculosis. As time of death was closely known it allowed Dr. McDougall to set up the bed of the dying patient on an accurate scale. He noted the weight just before and just after death. He recorded that on average, the patient lost three-fourths of an ounce at the moment of death. All other factors held constant that was the weight of the human soul. He published the work under the title: “The Soul: Hypothesis Concerning Soul Substance Together with Experimental Evidence of the Existence of Such Substance.” in the reknowned medical journal: American Medicine. Three-fourths of an ounce has been converted under the metric system to 21 grams. The weight of your soul is 21 grams.

Meeting Richard: I still remember the first time I spoke with Richard about the RM027. He was in London to open a Boutique in Harrods (before the Fine Watch Room was open) and it was one those last minute calls that were unexpected at the time, but which I have now grown used to. Be at Harrods, door 7, and then we will go and have some lunch. Sounded good! Lunch with Richard is always fun and a roller coaster ride across a menu of topics. He had just opened the Boutique when I arrived and was obviously in a buoyant mood. Off we set for lunch. Lunch ordered and the conversation turned to watches that were in the works. At this point it was evident that Richard was having a difficult time containing his excitement. His eyes kept darting to a folder on the table beside him; back to me, back to the folder. A few minutes of discussion and then the containment field failed: “I am designing a watch for Rafael Nadal: the tennis player!”

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