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Around the wrist expression tasting flavors of life

Dial is the watch face. Only this one is enough to make this watch unique. Each face behind the wrist are in possession of a story, or beautiful, or complicated. I believe that all those who love the table of all interested in this story, you can not look from the unique “face” on the away.Replica Hublot BIG BANG JEANS

To dial carrier picture

There is a class of the most extraordinary watches, watch master paintings reproduce the above watch, sketch paintings in diameter of about 40 mm watch dial, in addition to bringing unparalleled visual enjoyment outside turned leaving the watch to become a precious work of art.

Jacques de PetiteMinuteHugoCabret Hugo special limited edition watch
Because Yakedeluo famous brands to participate in the film adaptation of them, so this is a unique micro-painted enamel watch works with movie mechanical dolls to dial the story, all hand-painted, under the microscope for a week to complete time-consuming .REPLICA RICHARD MILLE RM56 SAPPHIRE WATCH


Buy Replica Jaeger Lecoultre Master ExtremeJaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph ref. 207857J Watch

Jaeger cloisonne painting art personalized service
Britain has a famous painting “Pavonia” collectors eager to Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch personalized, and therefore is one of the paintings in the collection of the most precious works commissioned it in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s favorite flip case on He portrayed this famous portrait. After 120 hours to complete the enamel master, owner, ultimately the watch along with the famous paintings on public display for a week.

Animals: The most “common” alternative dial

Say unconventional dial the most common variety of vivid than dial animals, in animal selection watchmakers also not come in handy, naturally have a good reason convincing. For animals portrayed, often need to use more of the production process: carving, enamel, precious stones inlaid …… these processes, adding to the steep rise in the value of the watch.replica watches online shop

Vacheron Constantin Mask Series watch
Collectors from the 19th century on the “primitive art” sprouted a keen interest in tribal art found, they began to follow the footsteps of Cezanne, rethink volume and space. These are led Vacheron Constantin chose “mask” as the theme of the tabulation of the important reasons. Tab tutelage Barbier-Mueller Museum lent collection of 12 masks, made of gold-down version, in addition to the watch, it is a rare precious works of art.

Cartier watches decorated Rotondedecartier Koala
Cartier Haute Horlogerie series is a breakthrough in the traditional way, the cute animals a rare unique technology to show, shine straw this time with gold, diamonds and other precious materials alongside, different sizes and colors of straw tightly packed, reach stereo profound visual effects, to complete a dial require nearly 40 hours.

Event: vividly dial above narrative

The picture is different, when the watchmaker who described an incident on the dial, and the need to present the details of the relationship between the characters becomes more complicated, how efficient allocation of dial space? How to follow the traditional creative yet easy to resonate? This requires not only watch team players watch-making, but also to master the use of space as well as artists, when the number of the perfect fusion of identity, a memorable dial is made.Fast Wireless Charger

Omega Slim Professional Moon Watch 40th anniversary of “Apollo 17” limited edition watch
Omega Moon Watch world-famous, in December 1972, Apollo 17 successfully completed the sixth and final human mission to the moon, NASA (NASA) Apollo program drawing on the successful close. Marking the 40th anniversary this year, only 925 silver wristwatch dial embossed with Apollo 17 badge design combines the future of human space exploration, meditation Apollo and other elements of the American flag, a strong story and very low key.

Van Cleef & Arpels “Timeless from the Earth to the Moon” poetic watch
This watch series is to create a source of Verne’s “extraordinary journey” series, and Van Cleef & Arpels created the only watch in which inspiration is taken from “From the Earth to the Moon” this one. Watchmakers use of gold, enamel, diamonds, spinel and other rare materials to reproduce the dazzling light of this extraordinary journey.



Ulysse Nardin Athens Accili number enamel watch

Ulysse Nardin Accili number (HMSAchille) is the fourth ship named after the ancient Greek mythology hero destroyers, under British Huangjia Hai army. In the Battle of Trafalgar in Spain, and ended in British victory. Enamel watch is the only number to Accili background, outlining every aspect of warships, lifelike.replica TAG Heuer Calibre 1887

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