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Miracle miracle WW masters of craft articles

2015 WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asia Watch Fair has come to an end on October 3, although only a short period of four days, but the rest of the watch circle yet to see the temperature reduction, no other reason, just because it times WW “watch and miracle” is really content, Aspect, at least worthy of “watch and miracles” in the name. While not all brands will spell big move in respect of Haute Horlogerie decoration process, but the WW, the strength of the brand in this regard, or give a satisfactory answer in terms of Haute Horlogerie decoration process.

Cartier launched advanced gift boxes with three level complex features watch are advanced technology to create a blue enamel dial; Richard Miller,HYT H1 watches replica for sale, a vivid combination with advanced complex functions in its senior watch in carving magnolia; Vacheron Constantin master craftsman L’Éloge de la Nature Nature carol series continues with a swan-themed watches, fusion enamel, engraving, stone setting and other technology; Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon ivy appointment series continues with translucent enamel continuation of the process of the United States and ivy.

Richard Miller RM 19-02 TOURBILLON FLEUR Flying Tourbillon

But this WW, a truly advanced clocks decorative arts to achieve the ultimate, or to hundreds of luxury watches and high jewelry double background of Van Cleef & Arpels and Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary Dial 4 new series Craft, Art, new innovative fusion of fine feathers inlaid technology, stunning four. Earl is fully expose master decorative craft, not only in terms of traditional craft enamel, golden eagle, Lou chi, shell carving, etc. are out new products, has introduced an innovative process works fine feathers, micro puzzle mosaic craft, eggshell fine inlay technology and other innovative technology works.

In this year’s WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” Asia Watch Fair, the senior watch decorative arts can be described as a beautiful landscape.

Enamel is the most advanced gameplay

Haute Horlogerie in decorative arts, enamel has been a symbol of high craftsmanship. From micro-painted enamel, filigree enamel, filled with enamel to re-interpretation of Lou through enamel, they never dared to ignore brand enamel process in terms of performance. Whether it is as a senior complex functions enamel art modification, or directly to the enamel as the main theme of the watch dial craft, enamel should be regarded as the most advanced play.

The golden eagle is still the most useless

sale Romain Jerome replica watches.As a powerful carving craftsmanship decorative effect, also has unusual special status, especially gold sculpture carving, best embodies the noble metal plasticity and ductility, with the same enamel, both for advanced complex functions modification, or on the dial from a landscape, but also with the other hand or a combination of art, always turned out the beauty of art of Haute Horlogerie. This year’s WW Asia Watch Fair, well versed in this golden eagle masters and showing what the new face of senior watch it?

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Peau d’Âne Forêt enchantée gold watch with a hard gem carving works fine mosaics and works fine painting process integration, to create three-dimensional depth of a landscape with a six-level, forming a vivid mystery the “Donkey Skin Princess” fairy tale forest. Production work is more than 150 hours.
Natural feathers or not so beautiful!richard mille bubba watson replica

Lingyu has always been a natural process, design gurus important source of inspiration, whether it is a feather texture, color or shape, always give technology watch and jewelry design to bring endless space to play. Although the traditional enamel, carving in this table show the performance is still impressive, but the WW truly shine must be innovative feathers, Van Cleef & Arpels and Piaget actually invariably discover innovative processes feathers again as a senior watch to create a new aesthetic.

Haute Horlogerie decoration craftsmanship has been accompanied by the development of Haute Horlogerie, where a lot of manual processes from a human for the first presentation of the beauty of art and the pursuit of such ancient jewelery, decorative craft, its history is more ancient history than the watch. Innovative technology today, whether it is an ancient tradition of craftsmanship still have fresh breath in the senior watch the beautiful art space, and complications of Haute Horlogerie and art, decorative art of Haute Horlogerie released another aesthetic dimension the luxury watches and jewelry infinite charm.richard mille sapphire watch replica

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