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I wish to share this little story about my long "love affair" with the Rolex brand, and in special with the Submariner, a model which has been on my wrist for more than 45 years, though the passion for the brand, was acquired some years before. My Dad introduced me to the Rolex brand, around the year 1960 or 61, when I was 12 or 13 years old, in occasion of a visit to a jewellers store. My father was in those days, a fervent admirer of the brand, though in those years, his only watch was a gold Omega. On that day,
TUDOR WATCHES, I heard my Dad saying to me: "Some day I´ll buy a watch just like that" while pointing his index finger to a shining steel Date Just with an Oyster bracelet, resting among other Rolex watches within a showcase. He then proceeded to give me a short lesson explaining with great enthusiasm, the virtues of Rolex watches. I was completely convinced on the spot! When Dad finished his speech, I solemny declared: "Some day I´ll also get one for me!" I have no doubt that on that very day, Dad instilled me the passion for the Brand.

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