Urwerk launched the first ladies’ UR-106 Lotus


The new replica Urwerk UR-106 Black Pink Lotus Watches

When the count Swiss independent watch brand Urwerk top to yield rare, odd technical precision, functional complex and extraordinary temperament known for, but had not been with the “female” something to do until today its official tabulation rewrite history, first paragraph ladies watch UR-106 “Lotus” was launched, its elegant slim design show Urwerk sensitive and delicate side.

UR-106 “Lotus” is equipped with the famous Urwerk hour satellite system with a new style on stage, three-hour satellite roaming turned on the dial, to bloom when a meter craft. Urwerk founder and chief designer Martin Frei explains: Urwerk never counted when making idea for men or women, because the conception would not think of this subject. For us, to explore new style is unprecedented experience, of course, already had an idea what daunting challenges, because women’s watch design is very risky task; I conceived flashing precious stones and soft lines UR-106 when you want lotus image in my mind on behalf of complex Lotus female

Another founder and chief watchmaker Felix Baumgartner added: When we want to make a simple and elegant ladies meter; we make a lot of complicated watch, solve numerous difficult technical problems, so the giant pointer precise operation, even challenge micromachine technology boundaries, it must be admitted that today is a difficult task. To the idea of a new Urwerk watches or beyond the technical limit is not a problem, after all, the brand was established 18 years we have been in the face of these challenges, but to make female-targeted timepiece is another matter; these years, we made a small brand development has been a little of a, a number of prominent lady has been working with us side by side counterparts, each read this will inspire us to undertake this formal challenge.



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graham replica watches.UR-106 “Lotus” There are two models, the first paragraph is titanium and stainless steel (bezel, crown and buckle set with diamonds), the second paragraph is black PVD coated titanium and stainless steel inlay black diamond. Martin Frei added: a watch with two personalities, a dark and a light; human nature in pursuit of light, but the dark side of our personality to make a more complete. To understand the nature of things it is necessary to understand the relationship among binary UR-106 “Lotus” Lotus watch light and dark coexist, as a double-sided watch.

UR-106 be fitted with an improved satellite hour display system: three hours of satellite digital turret had four hours, turned around and advanced along the minute scale, the pointer display and show jumping combined into a word, and have moon phase function . Felix Baumgartner said: We are also meticulous tiniest details, this new work after 18 years of precipitation, so every detail must be to attain goodness; Caruso and satellite bracket polished by hand scrub, every hour and minute digital color process is also very complicated, that’s fine minute scale in their own workshop production, lapis lazuli blue moon phase are selected from hundreds of colors, front and back contours Lotus also follow Martin design, product perfect UR-106 to achieve our imagination.

If a timing works just like a blooming pink lotus in the dark, that would be like? If a hazy carousel at the watch and turned, satellite turntable mechanism signs truthfully operate under the black diamond inlaid stainless steel and titanium sheet coated lid, clear and vivid. Yes, it is the latest series of watches Urwerk 106 – UR-106 Black Pink Lotus.richard mille sapphire watch replica

Black frame like a carousel-like, supporting shaft hour, and minute hands into huge, with 60 minutes and slowly across the face plate. Pink timing is particularly conspicuous, as if a pink comet across the sky at night; it reflected the firelight in the night on the lake-like, quiet but profound. In fact, UR-106 Black Pink Lotus (Black Lotus pink) with all Urwerk watches, are built on a unique satellite based on the principle of rotation. Three coaxial arms, each supporting a shaft surrounded by a number. Arm slowly around the axis of rotation of the watch, and its axis of rotation on the hourly side, through the face plate on the scale, indicating the correct time.

We paid special attention to the details of the UR-106. Founder Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei said: “We hand-processed satellite mechanism frame and the shaft, creating a unique satin and carefully as the number of hours and minutes on the shaft face plate on the black scale processing. on the face plate, the phase of the moon reflected in the blue sky, which is the brand from hundreds of different blue as specially selected table back lotus outline, it is sketched by the Martin.


Luxury Replica Urwerk UR-106 2016 New UR-106 LOTUS WATCH Sale


We want the UR-106 series appears smooth and handsome. We are having this very mission tasks. Urwerk think so.

UR-106 Technical Specifications

Movement: UR-6.01 self-winding movement, power reserve 48 hours

Polished modified: fish-scale pattern grinding, abrasive blasting, sanding sanding, grinding screw head chamfering

Dial: ARCAP floor by satin polished, titanium-hour satellite Caruso turned and polished by hand, sandblasted and frosted, serrated minute scale, lapis lazuli moon phase, hour and minute hand colored by digital processing luminous SuperLumiNova

Display: Satellite hours, minutes, moon phase

Case Material: UR-106 Lotus: Stainless steel case and titanium crown diamonds, titanium case back (limited edition 11)

UR-106 Black Lotus: black PVD coated stainless steel case and titanium crown inlaid black diamonds, black PVD coated titanium case back (limited edition 11)

Size: 35 mm (width) x49.4 mm (length) x 14.45 mm (thick)

Glass: crystal glass


Technical Parameters:

Case: Black PVD stainless steel case inlaid black diamonds, titanium crown, diameter 35 x 49.4 mm and a thickness of 14.45 mm

Function: Satellite hours, minutes, moon phase, when SuperLumiNova luminous, fractions

Movement: UR 6.01 Automatic movement

Power reserve: 48 hours

Crystal: Sapphire Crystal

Strap: leather strap

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