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BASEL2016 Bell & Ross BR 03 Aero GT launched a new watch & Ross Bell & Ross released in 2016 BaselWorld Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel two designs inspired by Aero GT concept car, the new watch BR 03 Aero GT.

“In order to create a new watch every year I need new sources of inspiration,” creative director Bruce Nobel · Ramic (Bruno Belamich) recognition. “Following our 2014 B-Rocket motorcycle big success, I want to further design Bell & Ross Bell & Ross Automotive to produce even in the eyes of automotive professionals to be” compelling “car. The most important is the real challenge brought me great joy, “the designer recalls.

By 2016, Bell & Ross Bell & Ross will be firmly focused on one of the designer’s favorite areas of the racing world. Brand to design avant-garde of the Aero GT concept car and GT (Gran Turismo) luxury sports car, fighter using the same streamlined design. This unique automobiles painstakingly created by the watch factory design studio, not a moment of heart blood cramps. “Aero GT concept car is an extension of our expertise, to show the brand’s creativity and technical strength. I think, if able Bell & Ross Bell & Ross iconic features directly affected by aviation and automotive-inspired combination that will be very interesting, “Bruce Nobel · Ramic explained. “This concept car is actually a combination of aviation technology and GT cars,” car shock car using the main principles of Bell & Ross Bell & Ross watch: reflect the functional shape of the mechanics of love, as well as a distinctive aviation features, in addition to these two unique prototypes, we also introduced two unique characteristics of the car with a distinctive watch BR 03 Aero GT. New watch BR 03 Aero GT design inspiration from the automotive world, and the Aero GT concept car happens to be the starting point for the creation of this


AERO GT– Bell & Ross Aviation Cars
Bell & Ross and become attached to car

From the outset, Bell & Ross Bell & Ross on into the hallmark of aeronautics in its watch design. Thus, the creative director Bruce Nobel · Ramic spent a lot of time in the work study jets, fighter planes and bombers, but the pursuit of mechanics, fashion and performance creators also love motor racing. This year, Bell & Ross Bell & Ross will demonstrate the ultra-luxury sports car project Aero GT computer-generated image (CGT). “The design of this concept car just took us more than a year’s time. For best results, the design of the car when we collaborated with professionals,” Bruce Nobel · Ramic said. “Create a high-performance car with a practical feature for us is very important.” In the end, this car stunning supercar in general as jet streamlined design shows the Bell & Ross Bell & Ross understanding of the car.

Half GT concept car
Bell & Ross Bell & Ross Aero GT inspired by the luxury sports car (in Italian “gran turismo”) in. Such racing in the 1950s and first produced in Italy Pasolini area. Including a series of well-known car racing history, especially the famous Ferrari 250 GTO, this model in the 1960s produced only 36 at the time, these cars have a high pan with the excellent performance both as a family car, Chipin also on the track. There are even some “gentleman owners’ drive from the highway into the Chipin directly on the track. Today, Bell & Ross Bell & Ross Aero GT advanced avant-garde manner commemorate this legendary stadium.replica Bell & Ross watches

Half Air concept car
Aero GT is an aviation inspired supercar. Bell & Ross Bell & Ross continues to demonstrate its aeronautics and deep love through this creation, ultra-low car chassis, 4.7-meter-long car into the aerodynamics, as the train has already left the air into two, angular clear, arrow formidable body as a stealth fighter, as long as if mounted on a pair of wings, it can Chongshangyunxiao. Viewed from overhead, teardrop-shaped glass roof as jet aircraft cockpit glass canopy. At the same time, thin blade rear view mirror inspired by small fighter wing head is called “front wing” of. Two large exhaust pipes like a turbojet engine exhaust pipe, turbo rim also mimics the blade of supersonic aircraft engines. But the most impressive detail is the rear longitudinal ailerons, the aircraft’s tail is exactly the same. Role of this element is to keep the car stable during sharp turns. Bell & Ross Bell & Ross Aero GT gratitude car racing will fundamentally fusion technology and aviation technology to the limit.



Modern high-tech configuration
Aero GT with aircraft, using the most cutting-edge technology and have the top performance car design rigorous mid-engine two-seater sports car look avant-garde fashion. In the 1950s and 1960s, GT racing is the most common configuration is the classic front-engine and rear-wheel drive. Later, the entire car was moved to the central engine, just behind the passenger seat. Aero GT adopted this program to ensure that the weight distribution between the front and rear of the balance, Chipin between lanes, showing superb steering performance and the ability to control the road. In order to achieve the effect of light and sturdy, one-piece chassis and car body using carbon fiber material, therefore, the car weighs only 1320 kg, the automobile industry called the light as a feather!replica Hublot Classic Fusion Blue watches

Power and flexibility
Speaking Aero GT design, Bruce Nobel · Ramic whole. He conceived of using 4.21 V8 twin-turbo engine and a new 8-speed automatic transmission to power cars. Bell & Ross Bell & Ross car super car proud of output power up to 610hp, so much power to deal with any road are more than enough, depress the accelerator pedal, full-powered, explosive. Car accelerates to 100 km / h less than 3 seconds when used. Whether in the low speed range or high speed range, two turbocharged engine is able to provide maximum torque cars, staggering acceleration. Instead, overtaking becomes only a formality. In terms of maximum speed, Aero GT design peak speed of 315 km / h. For this purpose, Bell & Ross Bell & Ross concept car specifically in the top right fender mounted a pitot tube, such detectors commonly used in aeronautics, to measure fast speeds. At the same time, heat-resistant ceramic brakes to bear While this “highway Missiles” deceleration of the task. Ultimately, the designer chose rear-wheel drive, which maintains the driving pleasure, but also ensure the responsiveness of the car. Driving Aero GT certainly fun!



BR 03 AERO GT to show the beauty of mechanical watches

BR 03 Aero GT watch design inspiration directly from the Aero GT concept car. It is undeniable that the automotive and watchmaking industry has a lot of similarities. Both areas are involved in power, performance, time and accuracy; they require the use of gear, escapement, screws and cams. For the drivers it is also a long history of watch making tradition, most of which are for professional racers to build a chronograph. So, watch a combination of both Aero GT concept car and BR 03 Aero GT is also a matter of course.

Bell & Ross Bell & Ross pursuit of perfection
“BR 03 Aero GT watches and Aero GT concept cars are high-tech, high-performance crystals,” the creative director said yes. Design studio created two watches: a ‘people watch car “the essence of the chronograph. The other is more classic three-pointer watch. Both watches have adopted stainless steel case with aircraft-style body Aero GT project echoes. In order to deepen distinctive style. Designer watches highlight specific columns and shapes, so that they exhibit more intense sporty and sleek look. Qi crown with red aluminum alloy, which is a commonly used in ultra-light aluminum sports car. Hollow dial multi-level structure, generating a sense of deep thought-provoking. At the same time, these two BR 03 Aero GT watch hollow mechanical devices can not only make people a glimpse of the mystery of the movement, but also to watch lighter. Streamlining of these improvements can also be seen in racing. Both watches with precision design is intended to highlight the beauty of the watch power system: through the Aero GT concept car and smoke gray glass windows, can also enjoy the mechanical system of the vehicle.replica Romain Jerome watches

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