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A few weeks ago, I visited independent watch brand Cabestan in L’Orient, just stay in the hotel La Vallee Joux heartland.

“Cabestan” The name comes from the French word winches, developed for use on sailing vertical axial fan rotating machinery to apply force to the ropes, cables, and often with a windlass.

Eric Coudray, one of the founders of the brand, is alive today, worship position responsible for watches watches Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon as meritorious works in one of the most famous watchmakers. With Cabestan, he began his 20 years of experience in the watch industry has brought the watch a unique signature implementation.



Creating a first Cabestan, aptly named “winch flywheel” is driven by a capstan shaft, wherein the vertical axis of the drum by a lever “winch” and cause rope or chain wound around rollers inspired operation. Sesame seeds and first vertical position in a unique and modern watch gears presented – one of the chain system, the winch flywheel final set design code or “DNA” for future Cabestan creation.

For luxury watches thing is that you never really know what to do inside the real and what is outsourced. Although I’ve always admired the bold aesthetic and technical ingenuity Cabestan watch, Winch Tourbillon namely, to be honest, I think this is a case of outsourcing of moving parts and one of its complexity due to the brand. Say, I am pleased to have the number of components manufactured in-house surprised would be an understatement. Once I entered L’Orient humble Cabestan villa, it immediately becomes clear that this is not just a studio clock; it is a small-scale integrated manufacturing watches.replica Richard Mille RM 056



Cabestan has actually two facilities in the same area. One is the component responsible for manufacturing and use d├ęcolleteur and fraiseur CNC machine casing member, while the other is fitted and watch assembly reserved for final finishing and assembly.

Nearly 900 member enters a Cabestan watches; completed by a single watchmaker assemble. In fact, it takes about 250 hours to assemble a watch, and considering that only two watchmaker very limited production of about 20 watches a year should not come as a surprise.

Of course, the chain is most striking Cabestan watch movement elements, and it is quite demanding from all aspects of the assembly. Its size is indeed puzzling.



It is also worth noting that, although the design is quite radical, Eric Giraud in the watch movement using traditional materials adhere to, because he thinks, like components made of silicon or silicon material has not completely withstood the test of time for Not in the future may be difficult to replace, so technically have enough know-how any watch maker will be able to repair and now serve Cabestan a century; although I imagine he (or she) must be doing quite watchmaker!replica Rudis Sylva watches

Today, the brand has three categories: Winch Tourbillon, a trapezoid, and the new Terra Luna (I’ll save more in-depth understanding in the coming days).

Since the production is very limited, in fact, these watches are custom orders, with the case of the owners, the choice of materials and finish, as well as indications of color customization.



Winch Tourbillon is the first and most representative models of the brand, using a winch-style housing design has two trapezoidal sapphire crystal, providing vertical wheel system and fuses and chain of 180 ┬░ viewing angle. Like all Cabestan watch, time in hours, minutes and seconds to read in a different rotating drum. For winding the watch and setting via capstan winch handle on the situation at the time of discretely integrated into the fine folding buckle.

Using the same proprietary EC101 trapezoidal motion of winch, but installed in a more streamlined trapezoidal situation. Instead winch, ladder with folding for winding and time setting replica hublot watches

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