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The beauty of the new hydraulic machinery HYT H3 stunning debut

Following the first two generations of work after H1 and H2, HYT this time again to shake the high pole table industry foundation. The concept of time is deconstructed through a new work, H3, and reconstructed according to the basic concept of time: the time is displayed by pushing the liquid through the transparent capillary through two snake belly pumps. the traditional watch design point of view, there is no pointer, and no display window H3, has completely reshaped the image of the clock. Equipped with special internal movement, can be perfectly with the 62 X41 mm case perfect fit.

This HYT and partners to successfully create a very complex appearance of the watch. Therefore, when creating the H3, one of the challenges is the case and the sapphire crystal mirror processing. In the build H3 movement, the key technology lies in the configuration of kinetic energy, so that the movement can simultaneously reverse the instructions of time, as well as time scale tick instantaneous jump.



HYT movement engineering team to create this movement in mind, is to the passage of time to visualize the linear state, so the two snake belly pump configuration at both ends of the capillary. And also around this basic concept to build the whole movement.hublot Big Bang Unico replica

H3 core structure of the upper half of the main configuration of the two snake belly pump configuration. The liquid in the pump drive capillary located on the left side flows, thereby displaying the time. Corresponding to the right side of the pump is from the other end of the capillary action to balance the flow of liquid within the tube. The capillary tube is a glass tube with a diameter of less than 1 mm. The tube must be kept in a vacuum and filled with two liquids: the first is a yellow aqueous liquid, which is used to display time on one side of the capillary, The other side is the higher density of translucent viscous material. The two liquids differ in density so that they do not dissolve in the capillary, but rather form a contact surface that is separated from each other.

H3 movement of the central part of the structure is displayed as a time scale. There are no pointers, no ancillary devices, and no time-reading devices that have been in the past. The HYT is a rotary scale with four faces, each with a 6-hour time scale. The four faces add up to just 24 hours in a day.



In order to ensure the smoothness of the linear time display, HYT developed a unique movement in particular. The time-of-the-hour complex functions include a rotatable hour-marker tube, which displays the current time, with the other three faces hidden on the hour scale tube except for the current time being hidden from view. When the time has elapsed, the liquid in the capillary will return to the origin for 6 hours, and the hour scale tube will momentarily flip to the other side to show the next 6 hours. When the liquid inside the capillary retrograde moment, the movement of the movement stored in the pump to promote the hour-scale tube flip.greubel forsey replica watches

The minute display also maintains H3’s unique linear time display style. Minute display in the lower right of the watch, contains a minute scale, and a double-joint across the scale mechanical axis arm, arm on the white “minute dot” on the scale slide in a linear form of instructions Time, each jump back once.



In addition, H3 time adjustment method is also quite special. The user can first through the case on the left side of the fast-press the handle, each press can make hour scale tube turn 1/4 turn, this design allows time to 6-hour interval jump. Then the user can through the crown for hours and minutes of fine-tuning.replica DEWITT watches

H3 to superb mechanical technology, through a unique watch design and movement mode of operation, interpretation and show the passage of time. This must be attributed to HYT, and from H2 began to participate in one of the APRP movement plant engineering team.

“This time we are starting from scratch and using the previously accumulated fluid technology to create a new work,” explained Vincent Perriard, president of HYT. “The most critical challenge is the two serpentine pumps being placed on the opposite side, The precise installation of the machine, which consists of the mechanical parts, including the shaft, the sensing device, and the balancer, requires a very high degree of skill, which is really tricky. ”

H3 with double barrel, can provide 170 hours (about 7) of the power reserve. And platinum and PVD titanium alloy case, making H3 watch HYT’s style to become the most special watches online

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