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Swiss watchmakers with the “Titanic” wreckage made watches

Romain Jerome replica watches.The famous “Titanic” luxury cruise as early as 1912 will sank, but it not only to Hollywood director to find the film’s inspiration, but also to watch business think of the opportunity to make money. This week, a Swiss watchmaker for the first time on display a new product – a use of “Titanic” wreckage wreck out of the watch.

According to the CNN reported on April 13, this name is Roman Jerome watch manufacturing company this week in Basel, Switzerland, held at the annual largest watch and jewelry exhibition, on display this Paragraph “Titanic-DNA” series of watches.

Romain Jerome, head of Ivan Alpar said that this watch is very luxurious and difficult to be copied, they hope that this limited edition watch to attract those who collectors and luxury lovers come to buy. “A lot of rich people like to buy your watch was amazing, but do not understand how they work, they just want to know the backing of these watches, we will provide them one.F.P.Journe watches replica




Built in 1912, the Titanic is 268 meters long and has a top speed of 23 nautical miles, making it the largest, most luxurious and most advanced cruiser available. It was then known as the “never sinking ship”, but in April 1912 the virgin to sink into the tragedy, never sink in the Atlantic bottom. Today, the “Titanic” salvage work has been strictly controlled, but the adventurers early in the early discovery of its sunken position on the fish out a lot of ship wreckage and ship residues.

Roman Jerome says it bought a 1.5-kg Titanic shell that was salvaged in 1991 and identified the Titanic manufacturer, The company did not disclose the seller’s identity.

In order to make watches, Roman Jerome will get the ship wreck and steel mixed alloy, the production process is also doped with gold and platinum. It is mainly black line, the market price is expected to be in the 7800 US dollars to 173,100 US dollars between. It is reported that Roman Jerome also plans to ship in 2012, the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 2012 launch of the series of



Alba said that this watch from the old and new materials on behalf of a new fashion, but also reminded future generations, do not forget those in the year of the shipwreck killed about 1,500 victims. Alpa believes that this watch to convey the hope, rebirth and tenacious vitality and other messages.


A watch called “Titanic-DNA” watch is now being of great concern to the outside world. Watch manufacturers use “Titanic” wreckage to do raw materials for gimmicks, pocketed the people’s attention.



watches online shop.According to British media reports, the Swiss Roman Jerome watch manufacturing company said they bought a weight of 1.5 kilograms of “Titanic” shell, and its modern steel used in ships mixed alloy, the production process is also doped Miscellaneous gold and platinum, to create this unique watch. Not only that, they also from the “Titanic” shipwreck stove salvaged up for processing, will be doped in the material used to make the dial, so that the dial into a black.

As the auxiliary material is different, watches, steel, gold and silver and the use of diamonds also determines the price of the watch are different, the minimum is about 4500 pounds, the highest reached about 7.5 million pounds (about 1.1 million yuan RMB). Roman Jerome will 2012 2012 “Titanic” sunken ship 100 anniversary of the launch of the 2012 block of the series of watches.MB&F watches replica


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