Reference: 710.100.21.NS.MK.1NS
Case: Titanium,Round
GLASS: Sapphire
Strap: Calfskin
Diameter: 57.30mm x 51.00mm
Case Thickness: 16.90. mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Mechanism: Manual Winding
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Repeater, Tourbillon
Year: 2016
Clasp: Deployment Buckle
Size: men




Jacobs and the company’s twin-turbo double tri-axis tourbillon three asked the hands-on timekeeping

replica Jacob & Co. Watches.┬áIn 2016 the Basel Watch Fair, Jacob and the company continues to impress with its new version of the visual shock and Uber Cup complex collection of astronomy, but in the new “wonders” watch the real thing new is the double Three Questions about Turbocharged Double Tri – axle Tourbillon. With a name hard to pronounce, Jacobs with the company’s twin turbocharged double-tri-axial tourbillon three asked is the best of a peculiar watch as long as it exists the sharp answer, no one looks like a question previously asked. The question is, why is there a three-chronograph watch with dual tri-axle tourbillon?



Exclusively designed and manufactured by Jakob & Co. Switzerland, the new caliber JCFM01 manual winding movement consists of 572 pieces and work in the power reserve of 3HZ (21,600bph) with a frequency of 72 hours (3 days). Manufactured from the main steel and titanium, the movement is thoroughly seen through the front and rear watches. You see here is an unfinished prototype, and according to Jacob and the company, like dial transparency and crystallization AR coating has not been finalized. It is quite common that after the completion of a watch movement, and even, there will be adjustments and adjustments to complete and other design elements of the watch is ultimately transported to the customer before the level of rich.replica Hublot watches for sale



For the sake of brevity, I will refer to Jacob and the company’s twin-turbo bi-tri-axle tourbillon III as a “twin-turbo”, in order not to continue to read the watch, say the long name out of your -loud need at least One (maybe two) stopped to catch his breath. This is just the type of Jacoba Arabo that is novel to make spectacular and sophisticated watches. What does it do? good question. Why Jacob and the company continue to produce technically fascinating watches, which is continually providing his clientele with new things, awe-inspiring, truly unorthodox evaluation. Love it or hate it, Jacobs with the company’s Twin Turbo presence which keeps us alive so loving high-end wrist-worn wild watches in the little shrine.




The JCFM01 movement is only expressed with the minutes and hours of the time. On the Tourbillon all non-60 seconds of sequential operation, so you can not really read seconds from the watch. Then again, why would you? Sitting on each of the tourbillons adjacent to each other opens a three-axis point, and each is a “flying” pivot point, which means no bridges are involved. The first tourbillon axis rotates each 40 seconds; second, every 8 minutes; and third, each time for 3 minutes. There is a difference between the two tourbillons, which means that their timing rates are averaged.

The handmade mechanical movement is contrasted with a very modern case and dial design that clearly feels “inspired by the world of racing.” The red flange ring and the modern font for the hour digits are not what you want to find in this complex and Of the watch. With that said, I find enough sophisticated watches to follow the classic design philosophy, so it’s nice to see more watches, such as this complex action which is more appealing in their visions, more modern. Clocks like Jacob and the company’s twin turbocharged double tri-axle tourbillon three-question chime help round out the market, as far as I’m concerned.RICHARD MILLE rm 56 sapphire replica watch

There is no added functional value or accuracy to the tourbillon. If anything, the impressive elements here, despite having two three-axis tourbillons, the movement is still able to indicate the time. Then there are the impressive three-question chatter-time cathedral-style questions. The two hammers hit the only gong resonance thanks to the decent level of the large cavity in the case of most titanium structures. What is further interesting about the triple question is that it is a fractional relay with a quarter repeater. This means that when an hour of indicting part of the bell rings 10 minutes instead of a 15 minute segment. This is to make the timekeeping easier to read. At least, this is the idea.



For Jacob and the company’s twin-turbo double tri-axis tourbillon three-wrist watch case is 51mm wide by 57.3mm by 16.9mm thick. It is produced from grade 5 titanium alloy as well as carbon fiber and seems to be textured in the case of side vulcanized rubber parts. The movement of the crown wind or the set time is folded like a crank rod. It unfolds the movement of the wind and pulls it out of a gear for a set time, and you will work with any other movement. The case is water to 30 meters, which is not surprising resistance. Too many cases of material, and from the three asked the clock sound too much to kill.

Jacobs and companies tend to produce various versions of their new peculiar wristwatches in a series of limited edition series. Jacob and the company’s twin-turbocharged double-tri-axle tourbillon-three-chronometer-timed version of this black and red accent will make only a limited edition of 18 pieces and start a new collection. Given that this is Jacob with the company, I am fully convinced that precious metals are more models as well as possible with diamonds coming in the future. The Jacob Group has taken exception to its high expectations of keeping in its own, some of the world’s most demanding watch buyers. It was great to see him meet regularly on his own

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