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Best Copy Richard Mille RM 011 2016 New RM 011 FELIPE MASSA Watch Review

cuts:50.00mm x 40.00mm
FUNCTIONS:Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph




Richard Miller RM11 Massa “10th Anniversary”

Richard Miller RM011 Massa “10th Anniversary” is a symbolic model of Richard Miller, from which it is very conception named Massa. Massa has already made 40 podiums in his career, and the first sportsman has joined Richard Miller’s family. For Richard Miller, after a long time testing the drivers’ watches, it was an amazing feat for him to make the brand launch and tabulation development complete. Such victories include the manufacture of carbon nanofiber substrates, the first use of RM 006 FM, and then the use of several other models, as well as the new material fixation 009 FM ALUSIC example of the treatment.replica Seiko Ananta Watches



These examples of Advanced Tabs also reflect Felipe himself, who, for his 13-year career, in 218 games, the tournament’s remarkable achievements in pole position, reached the podium 40 times, with 11 points in the championship , And inspired a sapphire crystal dial in a total of 16 1012 points – including his podium finish at the Austrian Grand Prix final in RM11 “10th Anniversary” with the color of the driver’s car. Therefore, the flange, transfer, pushing tablets, crowns are jewels of blue and yellow, while the Phillips logo cleverly placed at 1 am.




At the RM 011 Massa 10th anniversary, the 19th, Felipe’s match number, has been skillfully remade to indicate the thickness of the sapphire 12 0.4 mm only for dialing. The watch has a fly-back chronograph, a 60-minute countdown and an almanac in what we consider to be a bit of busy dialing. Dial layout at 3 o’clock in 6 single timers 12 hours timer register hours and minutes indicators with run seconds indicator at 9:60 minutes countdown indicator, double date window at 12 o’clock “Clock display date Benefiting from being located at 10 and 2 o’clock double sapphire disk system, located at 4,5 hours cleverly between the number of indicators.replica Richard Mille RM 11-02 watches



The RM11 Massa “10th Anniversary” is equipped with an NTPT carbon case with a titanium intermediate shell. The NTPT is material-specific to Richard Miller, offering superior performance and a unique look. Designed in the traditional barrel-shaped case measuring 50mm × 40mm × 16.15mm, the NTPT carbon case was launched by Richard Miller in October 2013 and has quickly become one of the most used materials for this production. NTPT stands for “North Thin Layers”, a material originally developed for sailing yachts. The sails made from this material are highly resistant to light. NTPT carbon is very light and resistant, and it has also been heavily used in the F1 racing chassis for the past five seasons. Not surprisingly, the total weight of Richard Miller RM011 Massa “10th Anniversary” weighs only 103 grams.



The watch is equipped with a titanium chronograph and a NTPT crown blue ALCRYN O-ring. The unique appearance of this proprietary material shows very regular undulations as it is composed of multiple layers of parallel filaments obtained by the carbon fiber. These layers, having a maximum thickness of 30 microns, are impregnated with resin and then the modification is woven on a special machine in the weft direction between layers 45 ° to form this unique visual effect which is reminiscent of precious wood. The carbon NTPT was then prepared at a temperature of 6 bar at 120 ° C and then prepared for processing at Richard Miller’s CASE case. The watch is equipped with a ventilated black rubber strap with a titanium conventional spring double folding clasp.replica Urwerk UR-210 Maltese Falcon watch


Richard Miller RM11 Massa’s “10th Anniversary” beating heart is called Caliber RMAC1. This caliber is a self-winding movement, which indicates the brand’s first flyback chronograph. Completely made in grade 5 titanium and finished by hand, caliber with an almanac, 60 minute return chronograph and countdown function, assembled this anniversary edition. Movement is through the back of the display case, with its sapphire crystal Massa’s signature fully visible. 38 gem automatic movement provides a 50-hour power reserve.

On the wrist, the watch is very faithful to its size, very comfortable. The wrist of this watch exists exactly in line with the price tag line, and if you look like a blue watch embellishment, then this is a watch that should tick all the boxes to you. Available in 100 Limited Editions, this watch is not only very exclusive, but one you will be hard to come across.replica GRAHAM PARTNERSHIPS WATCHES


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