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Replica Chopard L.U.C FULL STRIKE watch


Chopard 2016 NEW Replica Watch L.U.C FULL STRIKE Collection 161947-5001 Review

Item Type: Replica L.U.C FULL STRIKE Watches
Case Material: Pink Gold,Round
Brand Name: Chopard
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 42.50 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve, Repeater
Model Number: 161947-5001



Replica DEVON WATCHES.In music, silence is as important as paper money itself. Silence is equally important for the trio of timepieces, and Chopin has developed a comprehensive strike for LUC taking this into account. This gives the human body its rhythm component – the strike of the governor’s rotation is visible at 8 o’clock. Although this part sometimes bears a buzzing sound, that caliber LUC 08.01-L is totally inaudible. While the components used to combat the composition at the end of the song sometimes click, LUC overall strike does not have such a thing. Finally, it solves one of the most disturbing problems faced by a timekeeper: to hit the silence between the last hour of the trip and the first quarter of the stroke, which can vary according to the specific quarter hour.



In simple terms, the triplet time-series includes a time window, another quarter-hour, and a third, minute. Chung Ming therefore generally through a long silence, during which the watch owner must wait, in fact may not know whether the watch is still working to interrupt. The structure of the LUC caliber 08.01-L makes it possible to automatically skip these silences. It’s time, quarters and minutes gear train superimposed, pushing each other. When a person finishes his task, it automatically triggers the next time, keeping a constant rhythm. However, many strokes are then chipped in.

For musicians of wind instruments, breathing is the basic tool that must be grasped before the instrument itself. Forward within a minute, endurance is also a decisive factor. Luc full strike with two barrels. Both are equipped with sliding springs, such as used in self-winding operations, to ensure that the winding process is not hampered by the over-head spring, thereby protecting them from any risk of capture. One stores the energy required for time measurement, and the time required for the other. Luc fully strikes, and thus does not draw the energy needed to wind the lever from the winding, as in the general case. Energy, rather than stored in a dedicated bucket so that the movement chime “the longest time” (12:59) in a row 12 times. The barrel is charged by a large-diameter device with a rose-gold crown plus a differential gear, which transmits the force exerted by the hand toward the appropriate barrel, depending on the direction in which the crown is wound.


www.nicewatches4u.com.The LUC is fully equipped with a special system for indicating the dual power reserve, consisting of two coaxial mating hands. One of the first gold plating indicates the motive power reserve, and the other blue indicia can be activated by the number of wind chimes. The latter indicates the purpose of only non-existent information as it can also serve as a basis for one of the many security systems used to protect the watch.

Three asked the timekeeping mechanism is the interaction of the system, the watch industry can not be compared. Many moving parts move, which means the same variety of risk of rupture. So Chopard equipped with Caliber 08.01-L and protect it from any processing error three kinds of safety devices. Attractive mechanical power reserve coupled with half gear. When the reserve falls too low, disable the three-question newspaper, thus ensuring that the watch can not sound full due to lack of energy.

In addition, in order to maximize the impact of the organization’s power reserve, a clever patented device has been incorporated into the Caliber 08.01-L coupling clutch. In connection and separation, the regulator does not rotate, and only when everything is in its designated location is not conspicuous mechanism actually consume energy.



During the chime itself, the crown is disconnected from the movement, thereby making it impossible to perform any time-setting that may damage the movement. The built-in crown activation fader is also deactivated, at which point a second attempt to trigger the mechanism may force the striking mechanism to couple the clutch.swiss replica watches

Damage is not faced with a three-question chronograph movement, which may also not entirely coincide with a single risk. Therefore Chopin creates additional safety devices that ensure regularity of each sound indication. Information is picked up from the snails through the beak in each rack, but the information is not sent directly through these racks as traditionally the case, but by activating the collection-tray instead of the ratchet wheel. In service to improve safety, the gear ratio thus ensures regular speed as a result of this principle. Generally used for hours, this arrangement has been extended to this caliber hostel and minutes.

Chopin also solved the problem of irregular sound intensity. In order to avoid the last warning being too weak, the ratchet wheels are coaxially arranged so as to ensure that the hammers are raised smoothly and consistently so as to maintain their constant striking force at the gong. In addition, the flexible connection between the time and the ratchet wheel at the hostel ensures a constant speed between the last few hours of stroke and the first quarter of the stroke, but many aspects need to be sounded.




A total of seven security devices, LUC full strike to achieve a high degree of complexity. Watches are kept from the risk of damage. Durability and Quality This overwhelming concern is that Chopin makes the unmistakable signature.

Beautiful details, extremely detailed finishing and rich, crystal clear voice together, LUC single-handedly reflects the Chopin strike a full range of capacity. Created after the creation of Chopin for 20 years, it offers three-time chronographs very suitable for everyday wear and excellent explanations, revealing its refinement to the full extent of the attentive and professional ears – a modern gentleman’s hobby for special objects.replica richard mille skull watch for sale

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