In-depth and detailed look at the magical forty years Porsche design are a lot of cars inspired by watches and watch brands with auto companies partners. But few people carry more goodwill than the reputation of cars and watches have the most legendary car name: Porsche design. Porsche Design Watch goes beyond a purely branded joint exercise, but the implementation of the company’s founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche design DNA and ideas. No controversy, more than 40 years of history, it has produced a number of revolutionary, collection value and important watches.

To understand the design of the Porsche watch, must, with so many things, back to its starting point. In 1963, the Porsche Motors unveiled its latest 911, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is a successor to the brand’s popularity, but the aging model 356 and the functional update, more streamlined design language, written by Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche founder’s son. Of course, we do not need to remind anyone of the success of the 911, it has been with James Bond film, Leica rangefinder, and perhaps the Rolex submarine, has been endured as has developed into a true cultural icon, but still retains its The original perfect form.

.Form is an important concept for all designers. For the German designer who follows the Bauhaus concept, the form of an object has inextricably linked functionality. This guide to the Porsche 911 Ferdinand Alexander Porsche design and the popularity of the car in the past 50 years of formal functional connectivity has proven its success. Not satisfied with the eating capital he still became a flash in the pan, FA Porsche made a bold decision to leave the family business and take a unique design focus on products outside the automotive world. In 1972, he founded the Porsche design, his first product is the watch.replica Porsche Design Watches

It is hard to believe that before 1972, there was no black watch in today’s PVD, DLC and ceramic watches everywhere. So when Porsche designs black steel case with bracelet black introduced by the stern chronograph, it was a sensation. It is simply stated that chronographs of me and Ferdinand Porsche have shown that his design inspiration is the white dial scale and the pointer’s functional advantages on black backgrounds, such as airplanes, and automotive instrumentation. 40 years later, the watch still looks utilitarian, almost serious, the layout is very modern. The color is limited to Flash is the second hand, which is separated from the basic central minute hand of the red self-winding timing of the power supply from Lemania.

As we mentioned in the Porsche design has always been, first, a design entity, not just a watch brand. In fact, outside the watch, the brand has produced a number of other iconic products, such as their 1978 sunglasses are the first to offer interchangeable lenses to civilian fashion people (Ray-Ban’s built-in interchangeable lens pilots for the military Back in the 1950s), innovative ink pens, shoes, bags and electronics. Recently, they have revealed a new smartphone, co-operation (good or bad) with the BlackBerry. Although this product is completely different from the product may seem random, there is a unique design language to all people – Teutonic, the function is also very Porsche.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 52-01 SKULL TOURBILLON watch

Porsche had to partner with other companies to build watches for those who did not have the expertise to build watches. Since their inception in 1972, they have worked with Orfina, then IWC, since 1998, working for ETERNA. There is no doubt that the most fruitful cooperation was with the IWC over the years, from 1978 to 1997 this was the dark years of the Swiss watch industry, but it was a time when Porsche Design and IWC turned into some stunning watches, There are many breakthroughs in the use of materials in the new ground and capital of the two brands that attach importance to the Germanic, functional design.

Porsche design and construction IWC IWC the first significant piece is its compass which watch, by definition, set up a watch dial and movement under the liquid-filled compass. Equipment similar to the standard watch, the time is normally read, but the watch can flip up on the hinge to reveal the following compass. The case of this watch is made entirely of aluminum with less interference from the metal of the compass and also makes it very lightweight. The watch is perfectly suited to Ferdinand Porsche’s design philosophy and is very easy to use, wear and read and maintain its Porsche design called the same distinctive style.replica Watches for sale

1980 came to the world’s first titanium watch. As with the black chronograph I am, it is easy today can not determine how important the Titan Chronograph is because we are now seeing a lot of titanium watches. But in the 1970s and 1980s, titanium was a very special material, very expensive and very difficult to work in the original form. Therefore, its use is limited to the aerospace industry. But the IWC innovates new tools and methods to work strictly in the titanium case to meet the Porsche design’s simple lines and sleek chronograph with integrated bracelets and “invisible” promoters. This is one of the most representative works of Porsche Design, a milestone in the construction of watches and a place to consolidate IWC as an expert.

replica BREITLING AVENGER WATCHES.Porsche Design and IWC took their time lessons with Titan and created the legendary Ocean Diving Watches. In the design of the part of the German army, the ocean was ranked several iterations, including a demagnetized mine designed to demolish a diver who could have set off a submerged mine that was nearly non-magnetic in proximity to the metal. Details of this watch’s exclusive sport remain secret on this day. The Ocean 2000 Edition watch is water resistant to 2000 m, the pressure of its day maximum resistance and the smaller marine version of the 500 was made for female divers. All versions come with a hidden clasp, and there are Velcro straps for diving using a dive suit signature Porsche Design Integrated Bracelet.

The collaboration between IWC and Porsche Design is beyond the revolutionary watch, and the reasons for their joint development are remarkable. In the late 1970s, IWC was made by VDO, which manufactures dials and gauges for many German cars, including Porsche AG. This is part of the synergies between the VDO and the Porsche agreement that led to the design of the Porsche designed by the IWC to start building watches. At the time, the VDO person responsible for IWC was having a certain G├╝nterBlumlein, and his partner decided to credit the brand with a Porsche design loan from the difficult times that brought the entire Swiss watch industry (perhaps the BlackBerry would be so lucky). Of course, Blumlein’s also oversaw Jaeger-LeCoultre, who is responsible for the resurrection of Lange, but this is another time another story. IWC and Porsche design in 1997, parted ways.replica Longines Watches

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