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47 mm steel case
Steel with black PVD left hand fast-action start/stop trigger and reset pusher
Steel and sapphire bezel – Black and silver with GMT scale
Domed sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating on both faces
Smoked sapphire case back

Black dial with silver counters
White Super-LumiNova central, seconds counter hands and numerals, white skeleton GMT hand with white Super-LumiNova head and red contour, red chrono and minutes counter hands

Integrated black croco



Graham ‘s CHRONOFIGHTER classic literature. 2CVAS. U01A.L129S

This year, Graham, headquartered in Switzerland, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its own Chronofighter watch brand. Angus Davis seized the opportunity to get a new version of the ‘hands-on’ watch, presented in a beautiful blue ZENITH PILOT COLLECTION WATCHES

In the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, Graham ushered in the 15th anniversary of its Chronofighter model for the release of the 4 ‘retro’ models. I returned to England I offered the opportunity to “get hands on” with the version I chose. I was instantly attracted to the model with a charming blue dial, with a coordinated leather strap, and soon the clock was temporarily mine.

This “retro” watch was inspired by the British Royal Air Force officers’ stopwatch used during the Second World War. These watches, which are effectively tied to the pocket of the aviator’s jacket sleeve watch, are extremely important when performing flight sorties, especially at URWERK UR-203 watches

Although working in high altitude areas, unpressurized cockpits, pilots and their wristwatches exposed to the cold and their own watches must be a tough living environment for hostile work. Thus, accuracy and reliability are two prerequisites for pilots’ watches.

In addition to wearing the iconic, now Irvine leather jacket flight, sheepskin lining, the flight crew also wearing thick gloves, keen to avoid the bite temperature. However, in the cockpit range, the glove inhibits free movement of the finger, so a thumb-operated trigger proves the optimal ergonomic solution.

Eric Loth, Graham, a trade engineer and physicist of the founders, interviewed medical experts and learned that the thumb is the fastest acting finger. In addition, the thumb can move independently of the other fingers. With this in mind and inspired by the military aviation of yesteryear, he envisions it decorated with an unusual trigger device in the left-hand wing of the Chronofighter case.

cheap GRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER OVERSIZE GMT 2OVGS.B39 WATCH.In order to accurately measure the elapsed time, it is critical that the time taken from the observed event to the instant when the chronograph is actuated is kept to a minimum. Likewise, when the elapsed interval has passed the same applies, the wearer needs to stop the timer. The Chronofighter’s trigger design can mitigate this ‘human factor’, proving the intuitive use of an ergonomic interface, polite with a right thumb.

Surprisingly, although this watch is called “retro”, its dial blue tone is very graceful, I like it. Blue is an incredibly versatile color, with countless clothes and plenty of tailor-made ensemble look. Dial decorated with elegant patterns of the sun pattern, from the light flashing the fulcrum of the dial issued.

The “modern” hour and minute hands with polished metal frame and white light-filled lining. White, slender indicators, together with the noon Arabic numerals, reveal the contemporary features. Both the hands and hour markers give green emissions in dim light.

A small second display presents the dial with a scroll pattern at 3 o’clock. The 30-minute timer register, with a detailed snorkel pattern, is located at 6 o’clock position and assumes greater diameter for greater sense of courtesy. Graham had played with a wonderful depth, recessed into a small dial and, therefore, heightened the beauty of the dial.

There are two holes, located at 9 o’clock, that appear on two separate discs on the date and week. The font is white, in essence and modern high-definition. The date plate was sitting slightly lower than the previous day’s disk, but did not impair readability.

The white central chronograph second hand features a super-slender red tip which engages with the white markings surrounding the

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