Replica Chopard Mille Miglia 16/8915/103 Watch at



Mille Miglia
Model Refer. 16/8331
Case stainless steel
Diameter —
Strap rubber
Movement automatic
Size gent


Chopard Mille Miglia 2016 XL Racing Edition Chronograph

Chopin has a long history of cars and cars, dating back to 1988, when the company became the official timekeeper for the Mille Miglia race in Italy.

However, the link with the car world began before 1988, because owners of Chopin, Karl Friedrich and Karl Schaefer, who owned collectibles of antique and classic cars, had been involved in Mille Miglia in the Franck Muller CONQUISTADOR Watches

Interestingly, according to Chopin US CEO Ralph Simmons, the original intention was not to create a commercially successful clock series – but to develop a watch for Mille Miglia participants. Of course, it did become a commercial success, and Chopard has since been the official timekeeper for Mille Miglia.

The powerful car and racing association continues this day. In fact, just last year, the United States Chopard (Chopard) Limited became the official timing Manhattan classic car club, just moved to the beautiful new factory along the Hudson River. Of course, this is where I went to shoot a lot of shots for this review, as it just makes sense to match the sports car, supercar, and classic car with the latest Chopard Auto watch – the classic racing bike Miller Miglia 2016 Greubel Forsey Watches

At first glance, the dial looks like a smooth black surface. However, double-check to the right angle, you can see the subtle circular, texture satin paint, appear dark gray brown, depending on the light. A combination of white and luminous Arabic numerals and dots indicates hours of dark background on the dial.

The dial is surrounded by a sloping black flange with a white printing tachometer for calculating speed with the timer. On the inside of the flange is a white transfer scale indicating the chronograph seconds or normal minutes – depending on which hand you Chopard Mille Miglia range watches

Chopin Classic Racing MILLE MIGLIA 2016 XL Racing Edition CHRONOGRAPH is a textual translation from Chopin, not an old-fashioned watch, but a modern watch with a retro-themed design.

Centered polished steel hour and minute hands share the same baton exterior design of the smaller 42mm Classic Racing Miller Miglia Chronograph. Each hand has a white lacquer made of green light-emitting material. The center also installed a long, bright red paint, chronograph second hand pointer. And for long, I mean almost reaching the edge of the case. This is usually a good thing, because longer hands can be said to be more attractive, from a practical point of view, easier to use. why? When the hand extends to the marker, the function of reading the elapsed stopwatch time is easier to read. In this way, the timer can be 1/4 of a quarter of the accuracy of recording time, which is a typical 4Hz chronograph Watches for sale

At 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock is 12 hours and 30 minutes of the chronograph. They are characterized by light gray snail sub-surface, rhodium-plated steel bar-shaped hand. At 6 o’clock is a continuous stopwatch display with a rhodium-plated pointer, the difference from the chronograph by the sub-dial of the dark gray dial snail.

Below the 12 o’clock mark, the dial shows “CHOPARD, CHRONOMETER” and then the “Rossa Corsa” red arrow-shaped Mille Miglia logo appears below the edge of the showcase.

The last element of the dial is the 8 o’clock date. I keep hearing people online complaining about not wanting some kind of watch the date function, I 100% agree in many cases. This happens to be one of these situations. do not get me wrong. This dial is arranged, it is easy to read the chronograph. However, it is difficult to deny that if there is no date window, the dial will not be more confusing. Personally, I like a mechanical watch that looks at the time of day, especially when I’m running. Using a timer to time any time I like is another luxury I like to have the ability to do. However, I do not use the date function on my mechanical watch. As submissions, as it sounds, I just use my cell Graham Chronofighter oversize GMT Watches

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