Item No.: 148-AB-52-GF-TB
Case Size: 48.80 mm
Case: Aluminium
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding


HYT H1: hydraulic independent

HYT H1 was launched in 2012 because in a somewhat inexplicable watchmaking climate, no doubt is the biggest buzz in the world of Basel, and may even be a year.
A bright yellow fluid tide drowned a blog circle and watch news. From this genius 20 liquid: Vincent Perriard and his team cleverly surf the waves of the century the moment is all the people talked about.

However, this yellow ocean slightly goes beyond the real technology and the concept of the journey, the HYT introduced: the presence of liquid inside the mechanical watch is many, the only noteworthy explanation of this

In fact, when faced with this “phenomenon”, the rules of the media to encourage the process of thinking fade, is conducive to emotional reactions, and this H1 affect the emotional distribution in several stages. At least a few good wear time, the watch opened its depth.

As for all three-dimensional watches, HYT H1 did not completely expose their official photos: Explain the article’s wristhots to help further clarify this project.

Many articles on HYT H1 refer to clepsydra (Wikipedia link): the connection appears to have a clear build. Until the 12th century, when creating the leaky of Tlemcen, time measurement of hydraulic pressure is a scientific and accurate way to calculate a specific time period. In those days, the water is the only carrier of the energy to spread and regulate, but gradually, the sand replaces the water. This is because, although the hourglass is not very accurate (due to changes in the size of sand), but they are easier to miniaturization.

These antique sports are technically the reverse of the tourbillon, because the mechanism relies on the relative stability of gravity to attract the material to flow.Wholesale HYT H1 CHRYSOBERYL DOME BLACK DLC TITANIUM watch

The 15th century saw the fusion of illusions, a “prehistoric” mechanical regulator. Increasing the diameter of the fuse makes it possible to compensate for the lack of tension toward the end of the mainspring unwinding. While still lacking precision, it is easier to miniaturize than a clepsydra, more solid than the hourglass. The invention of the balance spring will eventually adjust the entire system. Finally, L├ępine benefited from the development of the metalworking industry, invented the open caliber, a floating main spike to the barrel …

From Abraham-Louis Breguet to Edmond Jaeger, the watch progressed progressively in terms of accuracy and reliability, resulting in an industrial struggle between Swiss and American clocks and culminated in two world wars. A new stakeholder, Japanese watch, eventually appeared in the late sixties, quartz became the choice of energy regulator. American watches have never been restored, while the Swiss watch school will rely on the basis of: luxury watches. In the 1990s, Seiko returned home through a spring drive, mixing the energy of the spring with the precise adjustment of the quartz through a complex magnet system.

While this latest innovation does not have a classic balance of charm, it allows for strong precision.

Since then, despite the beautiful mechanical projects, Switzerland seems to have withdrawn from the forefront of technology, in recent years, this technology is limited to new materials produced by new technologies. So while the external parts have been ultra-modern, as the news kit generous extol, the content is still super-traditional.BREITLING B55 CONNECTED replica watch



Item No.: 248-TT-02-NF-BN
Case Size: 48.80 mm
Case: Titanium,Round
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding


HYT H1 is the opposite!

From the aesthetic point of view, this watch is full of paradox, contrary to the current trend. This is a harsh watch: the case (here shown as rose gold) has a diameter of 48.8 mm, although it is almost invisible when wearing 45, due to its short trumpet and the original visual effect glass produced by the protruding sapphire crystal. When it is on the wrist, the crystal rather than the bezel tends to guide the eye to evaluate the size of the watch.

Thus, although the subsequent diameter is affected by the size of the movement and the size of the capillary, the watch does not appear to be very large. This detail reveals a great watch with a successful design: it fits the wrist much more than its actual proportions you will believe. What better is, in the case of H1 rose gold, the comfort will not be reduced by weight: the watch is pleasant to wear. This should prove a better titanium version, which is expected to stay easier and more ventilated.

The choice of rose gold is controversial here. Some people may think that the traditional alloy in such a modern context is irrelevant. I personally think it is an extra, fun snook, classic material and cyberpunk design is a form of fusion between.

The dial also helps to visually reduce the size of the watch. The volume of the element is broken with a sense of space (a sense of space, which can also be very beautiful) that may appear on some larger dials.replica Porsche Design CHRONOTIMER COLLECTION watches

Three-dimensional effects are derived from four elements: hourly capillary, 12 hour dial, auxiliary counter (power reserve and work indicator), and finally bellows. Low-key style, can be compared to the Nataf era of the zenith Defy, lack of proof of my mind and watch back to nothing else in the watch: both the situation, movement, bellows, more unfortunately, flow … with pure elements , The concern for the three-dimensional may prove better in the taste. Hautlence uses some of the materials or designs here …

Put this detail aside, once the watch in hand, there are other things to consider, rather than the completion of the dial. See the time the car around the dial fascinating and play the watch to achieve the greatest effect. Here, time is the real excuse to observe the flow of time. So many people can imagine that the lucky master of this watch “forget” rewind H1, so the entertainment is just to set the time: fast, the liquid moves in the capillary with the charming inertia effect. You will not be able to set the fluid to the exact time, but the watch is carefully designed and the yellow liquid will move forward at a slower speed than the minute until it reaches the exact mark. The glass is tubular, the light is filtered from all sides, and the fluorescent liquid is illuminated in the smallest sunlight.

However, HYT is developing new fluid solutions as well as pipeline containers to obtain future light-emitting HYT models.

This is actually a matter of the plural form of liquid, because the capillary is actually filled with two fluids: one is transparent and the other is yellow. For the separation is impeccable, they are of course immiscible, such as water and oil. As in salad dressing, oil and vinegar will not mix without the addition of mustard in the role of tension active elements.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 056 Sapphire watches



Item No.: 515-CB-03-RF-RV
Case Size: 51.00 mm
Case: Carbon
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding

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