Case: titanium,Round
Case diameter : 40 mm
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve
Dial: —
STRAP: Calfskin
Buckle: Pin Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 16 mm


MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition watch

Six completely different Horological Machines, three Legacy Machines and six “performance art” iterations: this is where MB & F is in early 2015. While we are waiting for their tenth full new creations, time is the proper review – say again to see them so far is their most successful machine: HM3. Now, with 25 limited edition MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition, MaxBüsser and his friends are completing Horological Machine No. 3 and its sports series. We have the opportunity to practice MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition, so let’s look at this proper dark machine what kind of metal … but only in a quick summary why HM3 is important and what it is for the brand.

Most people know that at this point, MB & F begins by creating their so-called Horological Machines. However, while the first two versions, HM1 and HM2 (two of them here) are bold in their own way, the solid foundation for the MB & F brand is really attracted by the attention of enthusiasts HM3, collectors and industry professionals. HM3, due to its true, truly unique and inspiring design, will be MB & F on the clock map and point to the brand spotlight. This is 2008 –

Since then, HM3 has been (not) quietly kept in production, which is one of the few very unusual, but wearable creations that represent the stand-alone stand. So, HM3 is still very a statement of the watch – owned and worn it to make a bold statement, a person’s independent watchmaking interest (especially the kind of think of the box), and maybe an observer in more Rebellion and exposure.

Like the MB & F itself, the HM3 has many unique details that make people like it or hate it – the extreme feeling, driven by the same reason. However, HM3 has been a huge success: Overall, the original HM3, MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition and limited edition, since its first launch in 2008, has about 400 HM3 caliber (hence watches). In all case material options are included, there are 19 different variations that we bring you to actually cover most of all these years. In order to prevent you from remembering some nostalgia, please refer to our comments on the original version here and the actual operation of MoonMachine with Frog Zr and with Stepan Sarpaneva.

With this little flash, let’s take a look at the MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition. Of course, all the trademarks HM3 design elements are very complete; a unique shape case with two large, very three-dimensional towers – accommodates two cone-made thin paper of aluminum, used to display hours and minutes – and a large Semi-circular opening exposure movement and huge winding rotor. The 47 x 50 x 17 mm large box is black PVD treated with 18k white gold and titanium; the result is no doubt that the most stealthy HM3 ever – even if it does not say a lot.Replica Urwerk UR-203 men watches

MegaWind debuted in 2013, not just as a new version of HM3, but also as a complete replacement for the original. Although the “first generation” HM3 has smaller and less visible hours and minute marks, it also has a smaller winding rotor, giving the date display space, set on the side of the dial, the semicircular opening. MegaWind did not eliminate this sign, on the contrary, it provided a larger “Tomahawk” winding rotor – another clear MB & F design element.

The date wheel is used to cover the space in the previous MegaWind version to keep it free – but here it offers a very cool and new purpose. You see that the final version of the invisible look and the extreme number of lume drawn on the index of the time display cone and the extra space on the upper open arch form a strong contrast open after taking out the date disc. In order to make Lume truly stand out, MB & F uses what they call “the latest high-performance Super-LumiNova” called GL C3 Grade A.

We saw this new work at the MAD Gallery in Geneva, and I would say that I took this watch to a dark room and spent some time alone. I was curious to see how the rotor was spinning when I was charging the light and the upper peripheral LED on my cell phone, so I shook my watch a little and got a large shaft-shaped rotor movement. The result is that every bit is as calm as I expected: when the rotor rotates around its non-winding rotation, it is periodically covered and exposed dozens of times every second again and again. Of course, you have to love licking and automatically on the chain, just like we stick to it – but it’s really a unique and cool sight, one I do not know why no one ever thought about it before. You really will never have enough lice.Replica MB&F MOONMACHINE watches

Taking into account the complex shapes of the cones, their angular and circular surfaces need to be manually drawn by the expert, which can draw the exponential and numerals in a manner that allows the amount of ume to be applied, while also maintaining a uniform font for all numbers The Her effort is worth it: the cone protrudes from the plane of the case high and bold, and the readability of numbers and rods is in fact quite good. One thing about C3 Super-LumiNova is that it is full when it comes to providing the brightest light, but in my experience it falls behind the BG W9 in the “glow reserve”, which means it’s faster than the blue W9. However, C3 green work beautifully with stealth black PVD coating.

Each MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition movement from the last batch of HM3 movement; when the end of this operation, there will be no HM3s. The movement is designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, which is built in a gear train and automatic winding layout from Sowind. The movement consists of 270 parts, including two large (15 mm wide) ceramic bearings, shown on the back of the chassis, responsible for transferring the drive from the mainspring to the top of the timing cone.

This design is chosen because it has very low friction compared to standard pinions set in jewelry, as seen in conventional movements, and because they require support at the base, they also allow for thinner movement The While the double-circular sapphire display on the back of the case is a very subtle and pretty horrible tip at MB & F HM1, at least for MB & F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition, I think it would be nice to see a bigger opening, revealing A larger part of the movement back.replica Harry Winston watches

However, as Mark tells us in one of our conversations, all MB & F machines are designed to wear, and HM3 is no exception; when you have it on your wrist, you immediately forget the case. Although the housing is as large as desired, the lug does not protrude away from the edge of the wrist because the lug is mounted below it and is more or less located inside the edge. This, in turn, allows the straps to fit the hand well and comfortably, giving a safe wearing experience.

When HM3 is on the wrist, the cone keeps every year as amazing as they were seven years ago: it was just never old when their hands moved when they worked beautifully. The high cones and how they cover from one of the more steep views of each other and the rest of the watch is a fascinating sight. Many brands have invested a lot of energy in this area to create a dial that has a visible depth for them. The reason is simple: in some cases, flat, boring dials may look smooth and bound, but tend to be more After a while it becomes boring. In contrast, the watch with the depth of the dial and the movement provides enough eye candy to help this piece to keep a visually interesting item to watch and appreciate – we can say that a watch with two tapered towers stretched out it The To this day it is still fascinating and unusual as it is when I first saw it – and just like a bright and attention to seize as always.

This may be because of its unusual design – on behalf of what – never old, HM3 can be in the brand mix to maintain such a powerful model. It has gone far beyond its successor, HM4, which saw its Final Edition (hands here) two years ago and has been living much less than HM3. Whether you like or hate its design, use HM3, MaxBüsser, Eric Giroud, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and other teams behind MB & F to create an iconic, instantly recognizable watch.

Although it has been said that it is actually a timely retired HM3. While the major brands can continue to produce exactly the same model – with or without small updates and different versions – for decades, this option is not possible for a small brand that wants to keep its exclusivity. Stopping HM3 is not just about the past seven years or so to see about 400 HM3 caliber for 19 different variants, and because MB & F needs to reduce the number of currently produced movements. With HM3, HM5, HM6, LM1, LM2 and LM101, they have been doing six very different sports – keeping this variety of production efficiency and after-sales service under control needs some rationalization.

Began to quickly browse its past and present importance, then a hands-on look at its last hurray, we have packed No. 3 Horological machine. While it will be an appropriate end to say goodbye, I believe we will see it many of its long versions in the wild, worn by collectors and lovers.replica HYT H1 FULL GOLD 148-PG-15-NF-AG WATCH





Case: White gold,Uncommon
Case diameter : 47.00mm x 50.00mm
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Day & Night Indicator
Dial: Skeletonized
STRAP: Alligator
Buckle: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 16 mm

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