replica Richard Mille RM 17-01 2017 new watch



Case: Titanium and green ceramic-coated titanium steel,Uncommon
Case diameter : 43.00mm x 51.00mm
Movement: MOVEMENT
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
Dial: Black
STRAP: Alligator
Buckle: Pin Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 15.8 mm



SIHH 2016: Urwerk EMC Time Hunter

Urwerk EMC enables its wearer to monitor the actual magnitude of the balance of the escapement and its rate as a function of the time spent on the wrist. Then you can easily adjust the accuracy of each owner’s lifestyle …

Sounds like science fiction, is not it?

replica URWERK EMC TIME HUNTER WATCHES.EMC “Time Hunter” is still a fully 100% mechanical watch, but with electronic enhancement instructions. Urwerk is characterized by time display, central hour and minute expressed with high contrast black hand enhanced with bright white super LumiNova. The revolving disc showing the second at 1 o’clock is visually balanced by the power reserve indicator at the 7 o’clock of the antenna position. 10 o’clock in the upper left corner of the dial shows two EMC electronic instructions: timing accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per day and the amplitude of the balance. The transition to the full internal movement of the EMC, the integrated circuit board (EMC’s brain), the top of one of the two main barrels near the crown, and the balance wheel on the winding handle side and the top of the optical sensor.

The foldable handle is first wound to produce electricity for the EMC indication, and of course there is no battery and is then stored in the supercapacitor. After winding, the hand indicates δ (in progress) or P (not enough power). EMC hands will first indicate the accuracy of the movement, +/- 15 seconds per day, then the balance of the range, which is a good indication of the health of the movement and if needed for repair. In addition to these two instructions, the LEDs on the precision display between -5 and -15 seconds will emit green “everything normal” or red if one or both of the EMC indications exceed the acceptable parameters. Then, by turning the screws on the back of the watch, you can adjust the accuracy of motion faster or slower. This allows the user to adjust the time to fit their own watches replica

Are you impressed? The balance is almost every movement of the mechanical watch “heart”. Like our own heart, its heartbeat (amplitude) and its heartbeat (precise) regularity are good indicators of health.


Urwerks co-founder of the watchmaker Felix Baumgartner concluded:

“As a watchmaker, I am very proud of our development, manufacture and adjustment of our own EMC balance wheel, because few brands are able to make and adjust their balance, and they are really the core of the mechanical movement. EMC allows you to obtain reliable and accurate data on your watch by touching a button – information until now you have retained a professional watchmaker. With this information, you can fine tune yourself to invent the most exciting and most exciting One of the mechanisms – mechanical watches. “Urwerk’s designer and co-founder
Martin Frei is responsible for bringing together all the technical elements of EMC to visually appeal and wear comfortable

“The starting point of our creation is usually the completion of the watch sketch, which reflects the idea of me and Felix, before the micro-mechanics are fully developed, but with EMC, the technical characteristics of this watch have been established, which makes my task more So we have miniaturized EMC components to the extreme, which gives me some space in design.I am the method of pragmatism – from folding the crank to the case belt so that the energy storage capacitor becomes part of the shell. Design, you can find the impact of my dear object: crank reverb old SLR camera; and balance wheel design reminiscent of an old 1/4 inch tape reel.

replica Harry Winston MIDNIGHT watches.In order to monitor and evaluate the mechanical movement, the need for “electronic brain”. Olivier Evalet is a software developer who is keen on software and computer engineering to help this bold project succeed:

“The idea is to use precision optics, that is, to measure the accuracy of mechanical motion.We are trying to achieve better accuracy than 10 microseconds.We have created a reliable system designed for long-term work.EMC’s electronic” brain ” Not from a simple battery, but a super capacitor, even after 100,000 to 200,000 charge / discharge cycles, with little performance. We also chose a high-frequency oscillator with extremely long life – it’s unstable Sex is only one in three parts per year.

Through the display back to the movement, we can see the balance on the balance covers the precise oscillation rate of the measurement of the optical device, which tiny cable through the right side of the grid can see the electronic devices. The vertical stacking of the double main barrel is also evident next to the electronic circuit board.replica HYT H4 ALINGHI 515-CB-03-RF-RV WATCH




Case: AlTiN,Rectangular
Case diameter : 43.00mm x 51.00mm
Movement: MOVEMENT
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
Dial: Skeletonized
STRAP: Alligator
Buckle: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 14.8 mm

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