replica ARNOLD & SON Tourbillon Chronometer No.36 watches



Item Type Replica ROYAL COLLECTION Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Red Gold,Round
Bracelet leather
Dial Inner bezel NAC treated with rhodium indexes,Skeletonized
Diameter 46 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Tourbillon
Boxes common box
Model Number 1ETAR.G01A.C112A


Arnold & Son CTB Chronograph “Central True Beat” watch

Last year at the Basel Watch Fair in 2014, the Swiss Arnold and son released a cute new chronograph called Arnold and son CTB Chronograph. As far as I know, this is the complexity of the traditional chronograph with the “first beat” second hand pair. A debut Arnold & Son CTB chronograph watch in March this year with more technical specifications, but read to continue to learn this fun and attractive clock.

Arnold & Son CTB Chronograph is one of those watches that are difficult to understand when they can not see it. In fact, it is not clear that the watch is a chronograph, when you see the picture, it is not clear how everything works. To this end, I am pleased that we can provide an Arnold & Son CTB chronograph for hands-on video. What you need to know first is that there is a double center hand, a time that indicates the time, a chronograph that records the stopwatch.

Indicating the time seconds “seconds” of the hand (even if the watch is purely mechanical) because it is a dead shot (“real slap”, such as Arnold and son like to call it) second hand. This is inherited from the traditional regulator clock for high-precision instruments used to adjust other clocks. The central chronograph moves normally as much as most other chronograph pointers in the 4Hz motion. It was interesting to have them work together because of a tick and a sweep. The combination is unique, at least.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 LE MANS CLASSIC WATCH

The 12 o’clock indicator on the dial below is an eccentric dial for reading the current time. Although the dial is very small, it is very clear and attractive. We are very grateful to this design, Arnold and his son continue many of them. Note that the time is to use the Roman numerals, while the timer elements on the dial are marked with Arabic numerals. The 6 o’clock on the dial is a 60 minute timer, while the mark is small and it is still clear. Blue steel pointer works well on high contrast non-reflective dial textures and colors.

You will notice that the Arnold & Son CTB Chronograph’s steel and gold models have slightly different dial colors. The dial is more white (“silver white and silver opal”) in the 18k rose gold version, and it is a more gray steel version. Having said that, we really like Arnold and son decided to offer a piano version of this funny watch bat. They have been one of these aggressive high-end brands, in addition to the gold model, they also provide many high-end watch steel version. This is part of a larger trend of collectors who are eager to get a cool sport and design a watch, but do not want to spend a lot of premiums on precious metals that many brands need. We have responded to the kind of mood in here, asking the brand to ensure that more watches come from steel or titanium versions in addition to the precious metal case. Oh, please do not try to simply charge precious metal prices for precious metals (though, sadly, this is too much).swiss replica watches





Urwerk UR-110 cillection
Item No.: URWERK UR-110 ST
Case Size: 47mm X 51mm X 16mm
Case: Grade 5 titanium with bezel in 316L stainless steel
Strap: leather
Movement: Automatic


Arnold & Son did provide them with smaller watches, but their sweet spots were about 44mm, Arnold and son CTB chronograph sizes. The brand is aware that these designs are intended to show, and I think they personally prefer the larger size of their wrist. Though, if you want 40mm wide watch, you can get from their brand. Otherwise, the case is quite classic proportions and handsome wrist.

Even if Arnold and his son like to use a round arched sapphire crystal on the dial, you can see that there is no ton of reflex because they use a healthy AR coating. This is particularly important in classic watches because too much glare on the dials often leads to an ugly, cheap look, or a big look of the watch. I have said before, I will say it again, through the high-end watch the ideal viewing experience is a sapphire crystal, you can not even see. You should think you can put your fingers on the dial.

Arnold & Son CTB Chronograph is a true watch nerd watch that will lead to a very brief conversation in explaining the functionality to anyone other than watching people. “Do you want to see my new watch? It has an automatic movement, a dead knock second hand, and a chronograph, all less than $ 30,000! It’s funny because as an experienced watch guy, I’m excited about this stuff, but I have to respond to my feelings and know that most of the world believes that I have my priorities. It does not matter, we all have our little fantasy world, we experience the perfect, we found in the real world lack of.replica Hublot Big Bang Unico watches

The internal Arnold & Son CTB chronograph is a self-made movement A & S7103 automatic movement. Automatic rotor in the ceramic ball bearings on the rotation, power storage about 50 hours, work at 4Hz (28,800). The movement is further slightly darker in its finish, which is attractive. Arnold & Son still lacks some of the most sophisticated handmade look of competitors, but offers some more mechanically decorated movements. But there are still a lot of manual finishing, of course, there are assembly.

The chronograph part of the 7103 movement uses a cylindrical wheel and has a good response to the action with the pusher’s start and stop timer complexity. I appreciate Arnold & Son’s symmetrical layout on the dial, but in the future they can be more, but put both hands on the chronograph and allow it to measure minutes and hours – which seems to be an appropriate Arnold & Son type of concurrency The disease is offered and will give the dial a total of six hands, which will be interesting.

Although the Arnold & Son CTB chronograph is not part of the limited edition, I’m sure it will remain a niche product in the Arnold & Son lineup. Even if it’s cool, it does combine a sober dial with a high price. At this level, there are many options. If you just want a chronograph, you can spend less if you just use a dead shot second hand and you can spend less money. Of course, there is no other choice if you want two, so for those people, Arnold and son are here for your service.

One thing about Arnold & Son Central True Beat Chronograph is to use it, it is a visual appeal. The dial is very dynamic, especially when the chronograph is activated. This means that the Arnold & Son CTB chronograph is the type of watch that you can easily fall on in your watch – of course, you need to find a person to personally check. All this all you know i love watch watches because i think everyone should have at least a few watches unique to them, except for watch with lots of mainstream attraction.replica URWERK UR-110 TECHN ICAL DETAILS WATCH




Richard Mille RM 011
Item No.: RM 011 Le Mans Classic Rose Gold
Case Size: 50 x 40 x 16.15 mm
Case: titanium
Strap: rubber
Movement: Automatic


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