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Case:White gold,Round
Movement:Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS:Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Tourbillon
BUCKLE:Pin Buckle


Basel World 2017: Combination Tourbillon 8

Harry Winston House to continue to explore the most advanced Tourbillon watch the universe, and the introduction of the “traditional Tourbillon 8”.

Using dual-axis tourbillon design, the use of spherical differential uniform, the new watch to achieve the highest timing and movement of magic height. As a result of the high watch world inspired by the two large Tourbillon cage can be superb speed of the slow ballet. These tourbillers are shown together by using two eccentric cones, which are located in a large white gold case dedicated to large complications. The exclusivity of the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 matches only the details of its details, finishes and works.

As the name suggests, Tourbillon watch 8 is the first tourbillon watch the extraordinary technical strength of the story. In a huge space, which includes half of the watch, two large Tourbillon cages are constantly dancing. Every 25 seconds, each Tourbillon rotates on a 30 degree tilt axis. Nested in this movement, the second cage automatically rotates every 45 seconds to complete a rotation. In the latter, the balance wheel keeps the speed at 21,600 vibrations per hour.CHOPARD LUC WATCHES copy

Tourbillon design behind the principle is to enable it to achieve the maximum position, to minimize the impact of gravity on the balance wheel. The use of two biaxial tourbillers, which adjust the movement of the trajectory is engraved in the sphere of the disk trajectory. The size product gives the histoire de Tourbillon 8 the highest level of chronological performance that can be imagined in the mechanical watch.

Given the rigorous and unique environment for the development of the traditional Tourbillon 8, this precision must be pursued in all feasible ways. This is why the clock HW4503 movement is equipped with two fast-rotating overlapping barrels, one of which is equipped with a sliding spring. With the latter component, the feeling of rupture does not occur when the barrel is rolled up. In addition, the possibility of applying excessive tension may compromise the possibility of one of the three bombs being neutralized. These components together to ensure that the watch’s continuous running time of 55 hours, more importantly, to ensure that the correctness of the watch movement is strictly calculated. This quasi-constant flux keeps the rotation of the tourbillon and the balance wheel.RICHARD MILLE skull WATCHES copy



Replica Harry Winston HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON 8 watch HCOMDT51WW003

Each biaxial tourbillon consists of 117 components and weighs no more than 0.76 grams. Each of their two adjustment movements runs independently of each. However, they must be united so that their intentionally independent mechanical operations can be made for a single measurement. To achieve this, the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 uses a spherical differential. The special complexity of the system makes it possible to obtain averages from two biaxial tourbillers to elicit the highest level of accuracy to determine the element information known as time.

Histoire de Tourbillon 8 is also a story about the material. The materials used in the watch are selected for their technical performance and exclusivity and their design potential, using only the most special advanced watch surface treatments. The 51mm shell consists entirely of platinum. It has alternately polished mirrors and satin surfaces, highlighting its various details, such as the three Harry Winston arches at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. The dial with its chamfer shows the huge space that surrounds the great revolution of the tourbillon. The entire surface of the dial is actually a component consisting of 13 different elements. Its unique texture varieties are realized by manufacturing techniques characterized by unparalleled precision, including sanding, texture and satin texture, varnish components, honeycomb patterns and scripts produced by unique engraving techniques. There are two colors to choose from, each version is exclusive 10 limited edition. The first color change is pure anthracite. The second version has a dark gray, strong red accent, appears in the dial around the minute hand pointer cone and bracelet thimble embroidery line.http://www.chrono4uprice.com

HW4503 caliber movement is located in the “Tourbillon Legend” 8 center, almost entirely made of titanium. This lightweight, rigid, non-magnetic material is difficult to process, and requires a unique professional level in accordance with the HW4503 movement required by the high level of complexity design. The titanium used for assembly boards and bridges was first subjected to extensive surface treatment, which had been matte or polished according to the function, and the edges of each component were hand-chamfered, which was time-consuming and required a high level of expertise The Titanium is also used to form a three-dimensional bridge for holding time and minute indicators.

The two cones that hold the hour and minute displays are made of aluminum. Each Tourbillon cage consists of titanium, with its excellent weight and strength ratio selection. According to the most innovative watch making technology, the upper, lower, outer and beveled cage surfaces have been manually modified. Finally, the bracelet is made of hand-sewn crocodile skin, which is characterized by a red or black needle thread matching the color of the watch dial.

HARRY WINSTON HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON WATCHES copy.Histoire de Tourbillon 8 is a design story: a design, the first impression is the technical strength, exclusivity and modernity. The clock symmetry of the rest clock is almost perfect. On the left, two large and overlapping biaxial tourbillers mirror each other. On the right side, the two groups of different two pyramids offset this harmonious effect. Finally, the power reserve indicator restores the overall balance of the watch in the form of a slotted roller at 6 o’clock. When the tourbillon starts to rotate, their static equilibrium is transformed into mechanical dynamics. The resulting hypnotic interaction led to ballet performances only on the surface of the dial, and only for the owner of the watch and invited to witness the performance of their dance. This is because the tourbillon background is composed of white opaque panels. This special function, contrary to the transparent sapphire crystal case, reveals the range of motion surfaces.

When worn on the wrist, only the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 index exceeded the sleeves. Although the readability is enhanced, the watch remains the same. Its design is not only technical considerations, but also by the wearer’s needs. The abnormal size of the movement (43.5 mm in diameter) requires a large case. However, although the case diameter is 51.0 mm, it is quite thin (only 17.30 mm). These proportions give the watch a more delicate and harmonious appearance.

Pay special attention to lug design, especially for lugs downhill. The geometric vertical drop of the watch is almost perfect, with a clasp that even has the most slender wrist. This advanced ergonomic study shows that the “traditional Tourbillon 8” does not intend to modify a window display, or in the luxury watch series to maintain a locked state. This means wearing, envy and displaying on one of the 20 men’s wrist, enough to choose it.GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES copy





Technical Specifications
sapphire crystal
45 mm
15.06 mm
Manual Winding
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Perpetual Calendar, Day, Date, Month, Moon Phase, Chronograph
Pin Buckle


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