Chopard classic racing super watch charm charm brings fashion burns classic racing SuperFast watch charm charming dizziness, and brought the racing out of fashion burns.

Chopard’s SuperFast watch will never be less attractive, as many classic racing fans still attract their sporty charm. Its racing inspired the dashboard dial and the exciting racquet ring, this “appeal” has been attracting people’s magnetic charm. Chopard’s mastery of retro and contemporary racing watches is reflected in its ultra-fast chronograph and ultra-fast chronograph design and style.

SuperFast Chrono Split Second reflects the spirit of the old car. The dial movement of the retro sports car counter and the minute mark on the flange is similar to the number displayed on the speed counter and the speedometer. SuperFast Chrono Split The second unique details include diamond-like carbon (DLC) blackened steel, which has been applied to rubber-molded screw-locking crowns, engraved on both sides of the lug, as well as cooling vents and hex Screws This bezel is inspired by those used on the rims – all of which reflect the noble competitive fake Rado Classics Sintra Chronograph watches


SuperFast Chrono Split Second is installed in a 45 mm diameter DLC black steel case. It has an anti-glare sapphire crystal and carries SuperFast Split Second on the vest. It also uses black rubber molded crowns in DLC black steel, using Chopard’s iconic steering wheel logo. The COSC-certified self-winding movement timer, hourly and hourly, 9 o’clock small seconds and indicator lights are displayed at the 3 o’clock sub-dial. However, its award-winning appeal is its second seconds chronograph, when activated, at 2 o’clock using the putter, red scanning the second hand and white minute hand at the same time. Can be used at 8 o’clock using the putter to stop in seconds. This feature shows Chopin’s grasp of harsh technical complications.



SuperFast Chrono watch is also equipped with a fancy tachometer instrument panel. The focus of this watch is on its black vulcanized rubber rectangular putter, as well as Chopard with a steering wheel logo marked the screw lock crown. SuperFast Chrono 2012 style with 18K rose gold case, and with a stainless steel case. SuperFast Chrono includes Chopard’s internal ETA Valjoux 7750 movement.fake HUBLOT KING POWER OCEANOGRAPHIC 4000 WATCH

SuperFast Chrono is housed in a 45mm diameter housing, which is self-winding by COSC and a certified timer. It has an impressive 42-hour reserve, with anti-glare sapphire crystal and open sapphire crystal case. It is sporty Dunlop tread design rubber strap (also available with black hand-sewn crocodile leather strap).

These are just a few of the many features of the Chopard SuperFast watch, which will surely burn on the wrist of the classic racing enthusiasts.



Chopard Mille Miglia GTS power control watch

For the “Basel New World” 2015, Chopin companies continue to launch a new sports watch. The latest Mille Miglia collection watch contains an in-house Chopin movement, and this enchanting Mille Miglia GTS power control system uses the new 01.08-C automatic movement. This is actually part of the larger new “Mille Miglia GTS” (GTS standard Grand Turismo Sport) watch, including Chopard Mille Miglia GTS automatic (three), Chopard Mille Miglia GTS power control and Chopard Mille Miglia GTS chronograph table.

In 2012, Chopin introduced a new line of action from a new plant called Chopard Fleurier Ebauches, a standalone facility with LUC manufacturing sites. At Fleurier Ebauches, Chopard produced more “volume” movement in the 2012 Chopard Classic Racing Super Express series (here hands). Of course, Chopin’s goal is to become more independent of third-party sports suppliers, and ultimately I believe that more and more internal movement will benefit consumers.


Over the years, I really enjoyed the design and details of Chopard’s racing watches, such as the classic racing driver, the Monaco Grand Prix history Masters and the Mille Miglia series. Chronograph version is the most popular, when people like them, some collectors complain that Chopin is for the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement of the product charged high prices. Really, even if Chopin offers a more advanced case and dial, the 7750 can be used with a cheaper watch.

I do not know when, or if all Chopard men’s sports watches will contain internal actions, but the overall trend of the brand is to increase the number of Chopin watches. I’m pretty sure this year in the Basel world in 2015, we will see Chopin own replacement 7750 – even if the in-house Chopin Chronograph movement has been available for a short period of time. So let’s talk about this action in Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control.

richard mille bubba watson WATCH replica.Movement 01.08-C automatic movement is Chopin proud watch dial. I think they believe that such efforts will convey to people that their new Chopard Mille Miglia GTS watch is not just the previously provided facial refresh. 01.08-C operation 4Hz (28,800 bph), welcome 60 hours of power reserve. The campaign is also certified by COSC Chronometer. On the dial, you have time to power the indicator at 9 o’clock, and date. The fuel phenotype power storage indicator is a nice touch, and I like Chopard to design it slightly into the dial.

From the point of view of completion, the 01.08-C movement was different from what had been seen before Fleurier Ebauches. Decoration and bridge design looks less industrial and modern, with more classic attraction, just as Chopin tries to provide a less complex and more entry-level version of their LUC range of sports. In my opinion, this is not necessarily a bad idea, the movement is visible through the sapphire crystal bottom cover.


In the past, I knew my appreciation for most of the Chopard watch. I like the bold appearance, the clear dial, the use of color and crisp detail. Here you will have a slightly updated 2015 Chopard Mille Miglia GTS series design theme, which includes 12 and 6 o’clock hours marked with updated numbers as well as other adjustments. We also see a thin bezel design, and its score indicator provides a more retro look. While the bezel design is nice, but Chopin continues to use aluminum as a plug-in, many of its other brands at this price point have moved to more durable materials such as ceramics.fake ZENITH DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 95.9000.9004/78.R582 WATCH





Hublot Big Bomb Unico Italian stand alone in Texalium hands of the new Hublot Big Bang Unico 45 watches in 2015 is the limited edition Italian standalone model. Hublot continues to work closely with other brands and events, with more limited edition watches and two lovers who want to attract Hulobt and Italia Independent products. What makes these two limited edition Hublot Big Bang Unico models the most unique of the blue and gray styles, as well as the “Texalium” material for most of the shell and bezel.

Visually, Hublot Big Bang Unico 45 Italian independent watch is very interesting, at first, although it looks like a visual erosive texture, but Texalium’s material is also unique. However, there is no doubt that they are very “fashion forward” facts, “Hublot Big Bang” watch for those looking for “it” products and “it” with the clothing. In spite of this, if you find yourself related to these visions, then in your life, this lovely blue or gray Yu ship superstar Unico Italian independent watch may be a good place.copy Patek Philippe Complications 5960/01 watches

Oh, if you are not familiar with the Italian independent company, then the company is mainly aimed at men and women wearing glasses. Many of their products are known for their traditional or iconic shapes and bold colors or patterns, making them more fashionable. Italian independent sunglasses are not super cheap.

I actually think that Hublot is very smart in using more affordable brands, but those who seek very modern cool things are meticulous. By working with brands such as Italia Independent, Hublot really has access to a wide range of viewers – many people may not understand Hublot or Hublot brands at all.copy HUBLOT KING POWER WATCHES



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So what is Texalium? In fact it is very close to the appearance and production of carbon fiber. However, the tightness of weaving and color can be controlled more. Popular Texium colors include red, black, yellow, blue, silver. You can see that Hublot chose these Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia independent watches for blue and silver / gray Texalium. The blue version of the picture on the wrist of our own James Stacey (always looks good blue) can show how beautiful and rich your color is.

Texalium is not a carbon fiber, but a fiberglass fabric with a thin aluminum coating on its surface. This coating is very thin and reflective, which brings the characteristics of the material. Yu ship table praised Texalium’s color and material, with color for the hand and mark, and cowboy style belt – with

On the paper, I do not know if I think the belt nails are necessary, they are in the blue watch on the bare titanium or gray watch on the black titanium looks cool. Talk about your interest in Yu-ship, you certainly do not like these “appearance”, but the overall performance of these watches are also very suitable for Hublot and Italia independent theme.


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Its core is the Hublot Big Bang Unico 45, which has a series of models, originally launched in 2013. We have already discussed this watch, this is a 45 mm wide version of Hublot Big Bang, built-in Hublot movement. This is probably the best all-in-one treasure hunt so far, unless you want to go with a similar large-scale giant bomb rally. Shell width 45mm, waterproof 100 meters. I continue to like the details of the timer putter and locking crown system, as well as the rapid release of the belt.copy DEVON TREAD 1D DEV9900004 watches

In this Hublot Big Bang Unico 45 Italy Independence and most other Yu Yu Giant Big Bang UNICO 45 watch is an internally manufactured Hublot movement HUB 1242 Unico automatic chronograph movement, 30 minutes chronograph and 72 hours power reserve, Work at 4Hz. This sport can be appreciated through an open dial and exhibition review.

Although not everyone is Hublot big bang watch series fans, I was. Some of the early Hublot Big Bang models were not classic, and the more modern 45mm wide models proved to be very popular, even if they were not cheap. Hublot continues to keep the collection of fresh and limited versions today, more interesting than they were a few years ago. Hublot is also doing better to ensure that each limited edition watch has a targeted, specific location and has nothing to do with Hublot Big Bang Unico 45 Italia Independent. Reference Gray 411.YT.1110.NR.ITI15 and references Blue 411.YL.5190.NR.ITI15 per piece limit.copy AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK 26331IP.OO.1220IP.01 WATCH



Chopard LUC Moon a watch by the watchmaker and founder Louis Ulysse Chopard (Louis-Ulysse Chopard), LUC series of acronym can be said that Chopard’s best contemporary works. Then this series is a new flagship of the LUC Lunar One, which is certified by the Geneva-based Indian – a white permanent calendar with a moon phase indicator. Launched in 2005, this year’s “Moon Star” will get a new dial design and platinum suit. But the watch looks very beautiful, but in addition to 100 people, the watch looks very beautiful, is another object of desire, they will make a phone call.

The new dial describes the application of the Roman numerals, one third of the decimal points at 3, 6 and 9 for moon phase and calendar complications, as well as from the earlier variants of the “big date” aperture. But even in all these activities, the dark blue sun dial may be the best canvas to compare all the polish elements and indicators to describe the information on each registry. Please note that the sunray texture is not from the center, but from the Chopard logo. The moon’s alternating brush and polished platinum case size is very wide by 43mm, squeezing this watch in a much smaller and almost impossible situation. The fact that the watch thickness is 11.47 mm may prevent the wrist from leaning on the wrist for smaller cases.

In my opinion, this small disk seems to be squeezing the numbers around them. It gave me the same feeling, as I unfortunately sat in the middle of the plane seat, between the two packed with their seats. These little plates feel a bit “blo swollen”, absolutely making the idea of a watch even narrower than one millimeter, seems to be a balloon outbreak Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK ORANGE Watch

Caliber 96.13-L beating the interior is considered to be Chopard’s crown gem, almost no small achievement in the stable and interesting caliber at both ends of the complex spectrum. Every 12 years need to be adjusted once (assuming), the calendar can be a good complement to the moon phase indicator, but not a typical moon phase indicator, with the current moon to show the shape of the fixed hole. This is a “astronomical phase” complication, which can be registered at 6 o’clock in accordance with their appropriate stages in the night sky and astronomical orbit.



Review Replica Chopard - L.U.C Lunar Big Date 161918-5002 Men Watch


From the finishing point of view, the movement through the sapphire crystal bottom cover can be seen dazzling, with generous Geneva stripes, contrasting circular and beveled motion bridges, and a 22-carat gold micro rotor – automatic permanent rare calendar 96.13 liters of running time of 28,800 vph, power reserve of 65 hours.

It is worth mentioning that the Lunar Year is COSC certified Observatory – some extra distinction, because this watch is also the seal of Geneva. Also known as Geneva’s Hole Mark or Geneva Geneva, according to the translation, this ultra-exclusive independent certification management manual finishing, assembly, sports casing and watch adjustments are usually retained to the best of the best.DEVON WATCHES cheap



Frank Muller Pioneer Glacier Watch

It is true that I have spent some time with the people of Franck Muller. Swiss watch manufacturer is a modern legend, and Franck Muller Group is a series of luxury brands, including Backes & Strauss and other brands. In the past, the group was even bigger, including brands such as Rodolphe, Pierre Kunz and Martin Braun. Now, Franck Muller himself and co-founder Vartan Sirmakes continue to produce watches at the headquarters of Switzerland’s “Watchland” outside Geneva. Today, I will look at the differences that represent the brand’s modern Franck Muller. This watch is from the new generation of Vanguard series of Franck Muller Vanguard Glacier.

Franck Muller Since 1991, well-known brands as brands include their popular CintréeCurvex case and some of the more complex watches. The brand often likes to call itself “the master of the complication.” This watch in the simpler side only provides time and date, but with a complex and exquisite design, I feel really attractive.

I will soon admit that the Franck Muller Vanguard series did not attract me until I really saw a man and put it on my wrist. In a computer rendered image, the vanguard looks overwhelming and likes to try too hard at the same time. In a sense, some people may say that on the Franck MullerCintréeCurvex series of watches. Put any of these models on your wrist and you will have a completely different experience – at least I have done it.



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The Franck MullerCintréeCurvex series uses a variety of shapes and examples, which may be one of the few cases I like on the market. The other will include those made by Richard Mill. It was an old design that dates back to the 1920s, but Franck Muller warmed up again. In fact, I would say that Franck Muller is the first “fashion” watch brand of modern clocks. Only (through some accounts) become the victims of their own success, and face the same problem, most other luxury brands today in the field of marketing and distribution. Compared with other people, I think Frank Muller (Franck Muller) relatively calm, choose to stay more low-key, and adhere to a solid strategy. At least they have a solid and stable timepiece.

I would not recommend reading the view of the Vanguard series on Franck Muller’s website because it will not tell you too much. In fact, this is a good example of the type of writing, which really can not explain a lot but occupy the space on the luxury brand website. My performance in the vanguard is that Franck Muller as a popular brand, which is completely modern design. Say some of the brand or brand awareness that wears this brand is not everyone who likes it, but at the heart of the “Franck Muller look” is perfect until now yet when their classic CintréeCurvex looks really caught by others Get better.

So, considering that the Franck Muller Vanguard series uses a classic decorative art style, it feels more modern. This includes cases and dials with Arabic numerals, as well as the dials you see on the more traditional Franck Muller watches. Then you have such a situation, but also the vanguard of the tonneau, more flat than Curvex, more ergonomic. It’s good to lean on the wrist, the right color and material choices produce a bold and elegant look that does not sacrifice style of readability. Note the compass mark on the inner flange ring – I will consider the style. Better than other speedometers – that’s for sure.

This special version of Franck Muller Vanguard is based on the V 45 SC DT AC.GL Vanguard Glacier because a special PVD coating is used on the steel shell and a white rubber strap with a matching dial face is used. Please note that this is one of the rare steel pioneer watches (due to the special PVD treatment), but the vast majority of non-gold are all titanium. This situation is steel, 44mm wide, high 53.70mm, thick 12.8mm. Curved Pioneer Case Comfortably sitting on the wrist with an integrated rubber band. Visually, the appearance of the strap will run through the clever appearance of the shell, making the shell looks like a sandwich strap. In order to allow more high-end appearance with linear rubber,


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The design is smart and has a modern “bold” overall look that will invite some and exclusion of others. It does not matter, because Franck Muller has done everything in order to have universal appeal. For those who like to show off, these watches are perfect watches, if you do not like to show off, their watches may not attract you. Again, do not put these watches completely on the wrist, until you put down your wrist. I am personally Franck Muller COLOR DREAMS Watches

These three-hand Franck Muller Vanguard series watch is their caliber FM 0800 automatic movement, running for 4 Hz (28,800 bph), power storage time of 42 hours. I do not believe that these are internal actions (Franck Muller confirmed that these are modified after the Swiss ETA movement), but in other Franck Muller watches, they certainly have their own actions. The movement provides time and date (shown at 6 o’clock). There is no exhibition reply, I think there should be a watch. It is more meaningful to write a “master of complications” than a mechanically complicated watch. Frank Muller Pioneer Glacier is not a limited edition, but a separate number of watches, serial number on the bottom cover.

Franck Muller (Franck Muller) each of the popular watches are not missing changes. In addition to offering a range of vanguard models (from these three-handed automatically to chronograph, and even several tourbillers), each model seems to offer a range of versions (most of which are not even on the Franck Muller website, by the way). This “cautious information” culture is part of the exclusive nature of the brand and is one of the reasons why Franck Muller has been unsuccessful in the era of information hungry.

The funny “sparkling metal” on the steel case using PVD finishing with white tones makes the Franck Muller Vanguard glacier a fun and interesting look, but there are many other versions. It is not cheap, but it is a good look, suitable for Franck Muller brand and the next generation of people will be interested in the brand. Again, this is not a conservative type of brand at all, but the brand’s talent range and its many technical achievements mean that Franck Muller may be just a brand again (or first).CORUM TI-BRIDGE WATCHES cheap



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Hublot Master MP-01 is purely chronograph art us, the difference between a timing masterpiece and an ordinary watch is as obvious as the difference between a top-of-the-line luxury car and a series of models, and the situation of a particular watch you will read is almost as follows from the Swiss manufacturer Hublot Masterpiece MP-01.

Given that MP-01 is part of the company’s masterpiece series (BornRich), it should not be surprising that this exquisite and attractive watch not only has a very special design and material, but also some impressive concurrent disease.

Created by Confrerie Horlogere Hengbao, a member of a group of 30 veteran watchmakers, MP-01 is the first bucket-shaped watch developed by Humboldt and sports titanium in the case of bent, designed to protect the very delicate interior mechanism.replica HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-03 watches






And because we have reached this problem, it is important to point out that Hublot watch with UB5100 movement, this 30-minute single-button wheel chronograph movement is also barrel-shaped, in order to follow the overall outline of the watch.

In addition, its three series of product lines offers an impressive 10-day power reserve for this watch, watch even a special indicator of movement, pointing out that the rest of the watch is time to go backwards.

We must also point out that the “open” design, the user can freely enjoy the watch through the dial padboard complications and mechanisms.

Since we are talking about a very advanced timing device, it will also be a limited series.



Fashionable luxury! Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis

Sale Tag Heuer CARRERA watches replica.Who knows the most extravagant watch brand or special and high quality works fans, you must have heard of Hengbao brandről. The brand was founded by Carlo Crowcock in 1976. They watched the most innovative and modern designs. First of all, it becomes well known that the impact on the environment is surprisingly good and the quality of long-term preservation of the popular, high quality szíjakról. At present, the company LVMH, Hublot watch, has one of the best-selling brands on the market. As the main production of high-end watches, it is not surprising that their product prices are also suitable for this.

Looking for updates to your favorite watch? Well, that looks no further because of our timing requirements, stunning new designs. Today we first look at Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon dual shaft. This beautiful and exquisite design reminiscent of a stylish and stylish approach, and in-depth details. Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon dual shaft with Hublot first multi-axis tourbillon, and HART9009.H1.RA movement placed five days power reserve.




The design swings a 49mm case and a huge window, and we see that the biaxial tourbillon is fully rotated every minute. We also found a power storage indicator and time display to two digital date arcs and date correction rods. Of course, this watch will not be cheap, and will find titanium version is limited to 50 works. The gold version will only have 20 versions, while the second titanium version, inlaid diamond diamonds finished the thing. Look at the new picture in the picture below and say your thoughts after jumping. Please note that Hublot is coming soon!

Live birthday from Basel: Hublot Novelties 2017

Ferrari Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph

The table was designed in Italy by the Ferrari Design Center and produced in Switzerland by Hublot, Ferrari Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. For racing fans, Techframe’s single-hull models are outstanding.

In racing, counts per gram. The design of the car requires as much power, acceleration and safety as possible at the lowest weight. The lightweight carbon fiber frame ensures the safety of the driver in extreme cases, because the frame is almost indestructible.


The Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph is designed according to these same principles, incorporating the earring and the box into a single skull and suspending the car. In this case, the diameter of 45mm, high 14.8mm, due to all the incision shell, Techframe comfortable to wear on the wrist. This situation can be used for titanium, PEEK carbon and King Gold, each of which is a limited edition of 70.

The dial is treated with ruthenium anthracite and washed vertically. Similar to the analog racing watch, the chronograph seconds are at 3 o’clock and are stacked in half. 0-30 seconds printed in white, with white instructions; 31-60 seconds to print in red and red hand instructions. Minute counter at 11 o’clock. The wheel is at 1 o’clock. The single-button flyback chronograph is entered, stopped and reset by a fader like a Ferrari lever. The pusher is red anodized aluminum, which is ergonomically located above the crown. Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph is equipped with Hublot new manufacturing aperture HUB6311 manual flyback chronograph movement, with a minute flight tourbillon. Power reserve is 5 days (115 hours).Porsche Design replica watches



MP-09 Tourbillon dual shaft
Another senior watch watch is MP-09 Tourbillon biaxial. As the first Hublot multi-axis tourbillon, the design is designed to maximize the visibility of the new manufacturing caliber HUB9009.H1.RA automatic movement. The biaxial tourbillon completes the rotation of the first axis every minute, and the second rotation rotates every 30 seconds. Power reserve for at least 5 days, about 120 hours.


Copy Hublot Masterpiece MP-03 - The Alternative Pocket 903.ND.1120.NX men Watch


Big Unique Sapphire
Hublot in the complex manufacturing process combines sapphire and metal, in the tabulation for the first time to create sapphire sapphire. The middle of the big bang box, bezel and case from the blue sapphire block in the grinding. Watch with Unico HUB124 proprietary movement, dial side of the wheel. Big Bang Unico sapphire blue is limited to version 250. Hublot also designed a sapphire sapphire series of sapphires. The red sapphire block is produced by melting iron (Fe) with alumina. Big Unique Sapphire Red.

Classic Fusion Chronograph Italian Independence
Announced after the Basel World in 2017, the classic fusion of the Italian independent collection is the latest Hublot project of the Italian independent Lapo Elkann and the famous Italian tailor Rubinacci. These classic fusion is tailored with genuine Rubinacci fabric on the dial and comes with a matching strap. Each Classic Fusion is equipped with caliber HUB1143 automatic chronograph movement.JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES WATCHES replica





From 2013 to MP-08

HUBLOT MP-07 907.JX.0001.RX 2017 NEW replica watch.However, we jumped back in 2013 this year, and Humboldt made a watch at first glance like MP-04. This MP-08 is called “Antioch Chelsea Day”. The crown is now at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The aufzuziehende hand-made movement HUB9008 has a tourbillon that has some special features. Even from the back, this watch can persuade! In addition, it shows the design features reminiscent of the discovery of the shipwreck from Antequera.

The time is also displayed in MP-08. However, the time display advances in the background. Further advance the sheet has a large pointer with a star image and moon phase display, which also shows the sign of the twelve constellations. So when you walk through, the relationship between them, how long each year, and how the phases can watch the wonderful.

In the background show smaller sundial things represent the relative position of the earth to the sun. In addition, you can read about every month about him. If you have good eyes, you can even read the date. Therefore, the clock also has a complex calendar display in addition to astronomical figures.

There are two variants of MP-08þ reference 908.NX.1010.GR is the watch’s 20 watch titanium version limit. In 2014 it was added to the reference 908.O.10.10.Gg gold case.Zenith EL PRIMERO watches replica

Currently, numbers MP-09, MP-10 and MP-11 are not issued. But Humboldt can come up with some cool stuff that is completely sure to close the blanks of the famous number.


Luxury Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis King Gold 2017 cheap Watch


In the MP-09 in 2017

2017 here the complex fans watch Hengbao some good treatment preparation. The MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis 5-day power reserve, full name, appears in three variants. Wang gold version is limited to 20 copies, titanium version of 50, you can see MP-09 titanium metal case with stone (387 diamonds, 2.56 karats).

Clearly in the optical focus is the beauty of the two axes you can enjoy from making a piece of sapphire crystal in the function. Shows the sight of this situation rarely observed. Here side by side two versions of the side. It reminds me of ballet me. The side of the dial clearly occupies the tourbillon. In addition, there is a time display, power reserve pointer and retrograde double-breasted date.Richard Mille RM 016 watches replica

The date of the MP-09 (there is a version of the glass cover that shows two different versions in Basel, which are shown above and the date indicator; it remains to be seen which option will prevail in the series …) May be forwarded and switched back by means of a switch 9 on the side of the housing, respectively. In MP-09 seamlessly one of the most advanced watch Yu-ship MP-family.

From 2013 to MP-12

In the MP-12, in principle two years of development described earlier in MP-02 “critical time”. Technically, MP-12 corresponds to reference to MP-02 912.ND.0123.RX. However, the MP-12 looks more technically. This may of course be due to hollow dial and movement.

A man, but her sister MP-02 is still common: they are thinking both on the watch, especially on the “time”, and how we handle it with the subject of significant excitement. Here, people can almost forget to implement the “normal time” by slowing down the implementation or accelerating through 4 times, and always jumping back to time to show the technical improvements. From the MP-12 20 watch made in black PVD coated titanium.

This is the most interesting story of Hublot table end of the force for the model. just now. I’m pretty sure that Humbold will continue to expand this collection and continue to inspire us with the house’s watch, but will also bring your smile and reflection.

Review HUBLOT masterpiece mp-05 ferrari 2013 NEW 905.ND.0001.RX men Watch


Hublot Launches MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire Tourbillon

In its latest limited edition masterpiece, Hublot combines the art of fusion into new heights. LaFerrari Sapphire is a vivid expression of decades of fine watch traditions and constant pursuit of innovation and development. Due to the transparent situation, Unico movement beautifully prominent, will Tourbillon models show the essence.

The unique feature of the watch is its powerful and gorgeous feature – Hublot’s sapphire model revolutionizes the fashion and jewelry world, as they cut directly from sapphires, retaining the precious and rare features of the material. Will create this highly acclaimed model, which includes Hublot’s famous Big Bang model and absolute design transparency, as well as the brand’s Unico movement.HYT SKULL watches replica

The middle of this case and the big bang Unico sapphire bezel and back are cut out from the scraper sapphire block. Only a small part of the spine of the watch is made of titanium. The skeleton dial shows all the gears of the exclusive Hublot Unico movement and its complex finish. Strap is also transparent to supplement the watch’s misty silhouette. LaFerrari sapphire waterproof depth of 50 meters, power storage up to 72 hours. A total of 637 components for the spectacular clock supply.

Designed with all the inherent beauty and complexity of the transparent movement of the ship – the new work balances the elegant and bold architecture in an excellent way. Its rigorous design evokes the beauty and aerodynamics of the Ferrari profile. 50 days of power reserve for the tourbillon watch to create a new world record. PVD Titanium and sapphire seamless fusion, and with a rubber





Watch found Bubba Watson wearing Richard Mille RM038 “Bubba Watson victory watch” because he won the master

cheap RICHARD MILLE RM 38-01 BUBBA WATSON WATCH.Earlier today, Bubba Watson won the Masters for the second time, again, wearing Richard Mille watches. As early as 2012, his wrist is RM038 (we are here to see you the actual watch), and this time Watson is modifying RM038 “Bubba Watson victory watch”. The original slightly different is the limited edition, Watson’s first Masters win prizes, Watson Charity Fund to raise funds.

Richard Mayr RM038 Bubba Watson Victory Watch is a very limited edition, with only four created to celebrate Watson’s 2012 Masters. The internal flange has become green, in order to meet the iconic master coat (from the original white change, you can see in Watson’s original RM038), Watson’s signature is decorated with a bottom cover. Watson’s wrist watch is No. 4 No. 4, and the other three sales proceeds support Bubba & Friends Drive to millions, Watson’s support for various charity funds.

RM038 is very lightweight, with manual wound tourbillon movement, very resistant to impact, similar to Rafael Nadal’s RM027. The movement was adjusted to Watson’s swing so that it could resist the G force in the right way, so Watson could wear a watch while playing without worrying. This situation is called alloy of magnesium WE 54, it is very inert, and the skeleton of the bridge is 5 titanium, for the combination of strength and brightness. Tourbillon with free spring balance, manual wounds, power reserve for 48 MB&F HM5 watches Price



Copy Richard Mille is not just looking for a place in the luxury watch world, but more attention to the carving of the brand itself. Brand efforts, do not take anything as a matter of course, but to make innovation and extreme technical strength to become his driving force.

Copy Rm52 skeleton watch completely shows the brand’s creative freedom, which is characterized by bold design, a symbol of Richard Mill skull. Skeleton watches are mainly used to select all materials: the bottom plate made of 5 titanium, skull is now made of 5N red gold or PVD or silver carved. This situation uses an unprecedented composite material, known as nano-ceramics. Each of the skulls in the series reflects the call of the watch revolution.

Replica RM 032 Watch and other Richard Mille design different round case. Skeleton dial has some interesting bridge work, there are different colors. The watch uses a unique, curved triangular box made of titanium, 18k white gold or 18k red gold, as a true diver watch, RM 032 waterproof 300 meters, and has a lockable rotary diver bezel. Like other people in this series, you need to press it at the top and bottom to turn Wholesale cheap watches

Replicas Richard Mille RM011 watch is an aesthetic, male watches, apparently the racing driver’s natural choice. Skeleton dials may be very busy at first glance, but because of their annual calendar window frames and super-LumiNova pointed back sweep chronograph hand, minute hand and reference markings of red and yellow details, reading time is very light. The finishing of the movement through the sapphire crystal is very noticeable. Hands have such a watch is an indescribable feeling.

Copy G sensor RM-036 watch Tourbillon Jean Todt limited edition recently announced to the public. Brand and Richard Mill (Richard Mille) close friend Jean Todt (Jean Todt), in the limited edition of 15 Titanium table released. The The watch is characterized by a tonneau shape, the brand’s repeated visual theme, Jean Todt’s special request for this special timepiece arc, ergonomic box equipped with RM036 caliber, entirely made of 5 titanium and ARCAP Tourbillon movement with carbon – nonwoven substrate. The combination of this material provides the best resistance and flatness of the movement, and with polishing, polishing, shot peening and satin brush par. Manual mechanical caliber with hours,cheap Breitling AVENGER BANDIT Watches

Replicas Richard Mill RM038 is part of the proceeds to charity and you will get a cool watch to start as a watch for golfer and athlete who specializes in high-tech watches, set to high-tech materials extreme conditions. The You will be noticed by the manual wounds of its 5 grade titanium components, hollow tourbillon movement. RM038 Tourbillon comes with an integrated white rubber strap that cuts excess material in the horizontal slot. Double spring titanium accessories buckle the watch comfortably fixed on the wrist.



Mark Blundell, who was in the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix campaign for Breitling Bentley copied watches. Mark Blundell is Formula One racing, sports car and CART racing driver who has won the 1992 Le Mans 24 hours. Bentley’s Bentley looks just right.

With Breitting Bentley Motors replicating the close-up of the watch, we can easily draw our attention, this watch with a unique design, bold and generous design. Duplex Bentley is equipped with a round, elegant and sporty rugged stainless steel case with a colorful lettering bezel and a stylish metal blue dial, black, brown and white. Watch the sword-shaped arms and hour markers are glowing, even at night show time gives us a unique sense of style. Bracelet can also be used with a stainless steel or leather strap for the wearer option and equipped with a buckle.

David Beckham is a former professional football player and is the first Premier League title in England, Spain, the United States and France. David Beckham is not only for his great football technology and his career in the football list of outstanding achievements left us a lot of impression. And he is also a very handsome man, charming watching every girl will be crazy.Sale cheap HUBLOT BIG BANG BLUE WATCH

Mr. Beckham is not just a football player, he has a strong sense of fashion. And his body is sexy, so we can see him as a model on the magazine cover. The watch is one of the ways to show his fashion. We often find that his movement is Breilting. Not because Beckham has served as Breitling’s global brand ambassador, because Breitling’s watch is his first love and choice.

The picture above can see Beckham’s Breitling copy Bentley car watch. The watch is just a magnificent watch, a stylish cross crossed dial. Polished stainless steel bracelet, single discount.

Copy all the timepieces of the Breitling Bentley series into its innovative watch production technology, so that it has excellent quality and ultimate fashion design. The car is Bentley’s iconic lineup, which is designed by car enthusiasts, its unique 30-second chronograph and variable tachometer, allowing the carrier to calculate the time, travel distance and speed. A variety of options are available in Bentley Flying Bibbere Collection, including black, brown, blue, white and brown. The watch is equipped with 46 large boxes with exquisite polished bracelets and clasps. You can find it also available leather




Hublot works with Tattooist Maxime Buchi Big Bang Sang Bleu

replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches.When the credit expires, Hublot knows how to find the trend and run it. Geometric works have been rampant in the tattoo industry, although the tattooist Maxime Buchi’s work is not the core, but it is a very good work. Fortunately, it is also a form, as you can see, this grid and Yu ship big bang geometry is very good.

From solid titanium 45mm, which is definitely not your average big bang. Its case has been etched to extend its dial / hand design, and its bezel is also carved into a hexagonal pattern. These details alone make Sambrele stand out from the balance of the big bang unit, but this only makes Bhopal a unique place for the Hapoor standard.


Cheap Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu All Black 415.CX.1114.VR.MXM17 men Watch for sale

It is said that the geometric flat panel shows the time, minutes and seconds of the core is from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vittorian people get the proportional relationship, or marketing terms as well. Rotate, you are looking at a group of clever prism combination, all from the center axis. As you can see in the video below, the smallest internal setting rotates to indicate seconds, the middle panel / ring represents the hour, and the outermost indicates the

The outer circumference of each group forms an octagon, which makes us wonder why the choice of hexagon as a bezel, rather than the fact that Hublot does not want to change the number of baffles in the bang case. Fortunately, the dial has a few hours and minutes of numbers, and minutes and hours of the two rings are equipped with two triangular superfine fibers, to the wearer at least a little idea. Then again, when this main concern is readability, such a thing is not what you buy.

Samburu is of course limited release of the brand, plans no more than 200 examples. Its heart will beat a non-chronograph of changes in the van-ship’s internal Unico movement with a special rotor movement further of the Samburu geometry.replica Michele SIGNATURE DECO watches



Basel World 2017: Zenith DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 watch

Wait, what? A wise Defy, are they nuts? Actually no, just like i like crazy Defy watches from the middle naughty not everyone feels the same way as they are. Most people see them as unruly monkeys ugly and cheaply designed. For the crazy Defy watch, I do have a little bit soft, but I think they are neat. In these difficult times, despite this, making crazy watches more difficult, because the 2008 financial crisis does not seem willing to spend money,replica HYT H1 ICEBERG2 148-TT-21-BF-RW watch

However, for this new design, you do not have to worry about the current CEO Jean Claude Biff (Jean-Claude Biver) for such a company is a very good personality, and Defy El Primero 21 watch is true Introduce his good way, when Range Rover Velar’s special edition watch was unveiled when rock and roll. These watches still have some odd twists and turns, my favorite is that skeleton dial, to maintain our understanding of El Primero watches and love the color and layout.

buy replica watches online.There are 1/100 second chronograph, in addition to the world in today’s a little fool, almost no meaning, is still a very cool idea, has not yet put into many watches. How do you use it correctly out of my range and absolutely need a hands-on practice, but your chronograph is better than all these “normal” Datographs ideas are still a fun, base price over $ 10,000 a real Bargain boot.

Chronograph skills are very high running speed. 360,000 vph accurate, or 50Hz. In fact, like the TAG Heuer Mikograph watch also has this complexity (and also owned by LVMH), the chronograph power reserve will be very short, only 50 minutes. The speed is achieved by LVMH, a method known as carbon-based carbon nanotubes, which is a fundamentally carbon fancy method. Interestingly, the speed of its operation means that it needs its own power storage indicator to tell you. Either way, it is not cool, automatic exercise should ensure that re-rolling again does not take too long.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 011 LE MANS CLASSIC watch



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        monk Taixu street in London (1928) of the party, some people learn from the doctrine of Buddhism, as the ideological weapon against the Qing Dynasty; some Buddhists, also actively participate in. There is a close relationship between the revolution of 1911 and Buddhism. Zhang Taiyan is the most studied in the period of the 1911

monk Taixu street in London (1928)

when the revolution, some of the people from the Buddhist teachings, as anti Qing ideological weapon; some Buddhists, but also actively participate in. There is a close relationship between the revolution of 1911 and Buddhism.

Zhang Taiyan is the period of the most learned thinker, has edited "Min Bao",, wrote many articles to Buddhism for the content of the article, in the theory of propaganda, the reason why Zhang Taiyan than others do well, play Buddhism function can not be ignored. The monks participated in 1911, mainly yellow, Su Manshu, Yang Zhiliang and week mentoring, Bi Yongnian and Lin, Qi Yun, iron Chan et al.

The role and status of

fast travel online accelerator is it useful in Buddhism in 1911, fast travel online accelerator is it useful in Hanyang in 1911 Guiyuan temple had logistics center, and when spread to Shanghai, Ningbo, the local monks organized monk participate in the army.

in the monks, Taixu is a special case, is called "he", in addition to participate in the activities, will be absorbed into the cause of buddhism. And Buddhism in the void, two things and not draw further apart. Void in the Buddhist Movement, the modern development of Buddhism had a far-reaching impact.

Buddhism provides theory

Buddhism in general, is one of the teaching, why the Buddhist people will participate in activities? The Dharma and praise the coexistence of the struggle,, indeed not advocate, not from the war description and beautiful, but it is a corner of the Buddha is not all it. The Buddhist ideal in the round of the king, and in the implementation of the coexistence of benevolent government. The king hath its "main wheel soldier ministers", which is to say: the left and the armed forces, to implement and coexistence of benevolent, not necessarily the battle. The implementation of benevolence, to have all sorts of conditions, the first is "in the sacring". In the first, but not pure, and also need to have lofty ideals, clean all the army. Fight for the armed forces, in order to ensure the harmonious coexistence of no more. Visible Buddha participation, but also the basis of Buddhist classics.


in short: in terms of the teachings of Buddhism, not entirely; in terms of historical experience in the past, there are armed cases. Grasp this point,, when it helps us to symplectic > sale cheap wholesale watch

        China Shandong network news recently, the bridge industry to become the focus of attention. A newspaper about Listed Companies in three industry profits, the bridge industry topped the list, more than oil and real estate. Once ran long-distance freight driver brother Zhao Yanming (a pseudonym) Master said: "shared

China Shandong Reuters recently, the bridge industry to become the focus of attention. A newspaper about Listed Companies in three industry profits, the bridge industry topped the list, more than oil and real estate. Once ran long-distance freight driver brother Zhao Yanming (a pseudonym) Master said: "deep feeling!" he exposes the perennial run freight driver, in order to make money, most will escape some toll "skills".

fast travel online accelerator it exposes the unspoken rule of freight driver bridge profiteering, illegal "skills" to drive down the cost of



day, reporters take a taxi to work,, found the brother out of the ordinary. His hands are rarely on the steering wheel, but on his knees. As long as you don’t turn big bend,, he usually lift right back at the top of the bottom of the steering wheel back and forth slowly, the action is very skilled, like a fish in the heavy traffic between taxi easily swim. Out of curiosity, reporters and brother chitchats. The brother said he called Zhao Yanming, who ran the long-distance transportation on the road. He is quite proud to say, the hand moves the wheel "skills", he is running for long distance freight when trained, however, than he opened more than and 20 tons truck on the road, this is a "token". Relying on this hand skills, he in the national highway, highway and toll station to play "hide and seek", save a lot of toll.

Zhao Yanming recalled last year, also in the 109 National Highway pull sand building materials. Once, when the car into the Wu Guantun toll station, he pretended to take the parking fee, the front fence is not completely fall, he suddenly stepped on the gas, a large truck rushed out like an arrow. In order to catch up to the toll of car, while he is stepping on the accelerator,, easily while playing with the steering wheel, the core set of 20 tons of large trucks like fish as vehicles to find the gap, and soon disappeared in the traffic.

"Bridge charges this line is fat, no point relationship can not enter. There is a new line of small girl, did less than a year to buy a villa on the." Zhao Yanming talked about everything he knew without complaining. He said: "run in the national highway transportation is really a chore!" last summer, he stuck a toll station in the National Road, saw the team blocked lined up several miles long, toll station or in a leisurely manner after non mistakenly blocked day and night, daytime exposure at night mosquito bite, is really


"sit in a toll booth, blowing air conditioning." sale cheap wholesale watch

        mobile phone movie Kung Fu Panda 2 Kung Fu Panda 2 "premiere of Peter with four baby behind Julie (figure,, May 22nd, local time Angelina · the voice of Julie’s new film" Kung Fu Panda 2 "held at the Hollywood premiere. Blatter · Peter at the absence of Cannes electric mobile phone film

mobile phone movie Kung Fu Panda 2 Kung Fu Panda 2 "premiere of Peter with four baby behind Julie (figure, May 22nd, local time Angelina · the voice of Julie’s new film" Kung Fu Panda 2 "held at the Hollywood premiere. Blatter Peter · at the absence of the Cannes electric mobile phone movie Kung Fu Panda 2 Film Festival Awards, with four children appeared behind his wife (right). Two days later, it was Julie’s turn to support Pete. Local time on May 24th,, just at the Cannes Film Festival won the "Golden Palm" film "the tree of life" premiere held at the art museum. The film actor Peter deliberately shaved off his beard on debut, he and Julie frequently communicate eyes,, very affectionate.