Wrist Week Richard Mille RM033 Ultra Plane Auto

buy replica watches online.Mastered Richard Mille RM 033, which is an unusual, ultra-flat, only time watch, since the launch in 2011 has been flying under the radar. Within a week, I was lucky and very honored to wear it. Before sharing my impressions (front line: I like the watch), let me first give me some background about how I found the Richard Miller brand, and why I became a big fan.

In 2002, when my unusual advertising caught my attention, I was looking at magazines. “The rider on the wrist” is the title. This is Richard Mille’s first watch, RM 001 Tourbillon’s ad. Completely exposed three-dimensional movement and curved skeleton-shaped shell, and other watches have been seen before. When I see the aesthetic inspiration behind the sports and case design – the Ferrari F1 racing found the structure – I knew I was looking at some revolutionary things.

I will soon find that this RM 001 is made by Audemars Piguet’s Renaud et Papi department, and Richard Mille’s specifications combine the highest level of watchmaking, traditional hand-decoration and finishes, and Richard Mille pioneered the use of new materials, titanium, in a sport. It offers amazing style and the highest level of substance. This is an immediate success. laser-centric vision – “unparalleled high performance” – the development of brand watches is supported by seven technical principles, including excellent ergonomics, modular construction and built-in damping capabilities, listing only three. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) almost magic structure is reflected in the F1 car and luxury yacht like a watch, as in extreme conditions to wear the watch.

Therefore, Richard Mill (Richard Mille) one hand broke the luxury watch must be a heavy concept, the introduction of luxury “light” concept. Similar to the design concept used in sports and cycling, Mille focuses on lightweight and improves impact resistance to achieve the best timing in a stressful environment.



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This method is not deep in the skin. Almost all the brands recommend not to wear any mechanical watches, let alone the complex tourbillon, when playing sports – especially tennis and golf. Not Richard Mill. We have seen them on the wrist of Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson, each wearing world-class tennis and golf tournaments. A RM 006 Tourbillon survived the Fridipe Massa wrist during the 2004 Canadian Grand Prix, survived the surprise Formula One racing crash. Massa survived one of the highest deceleration in history, 0000, and continued to remain accurate after the accident. Really good.

Richard Mille, with relentless efforts, continues to advance the state-of-the-art technology, widely recognized as a revolutionary modern watchmaking and defining the future. As a result, since its inception in 2001, the young brand has achieved impressive expertise in the field of high-level watches and clocks, including:

– A unique watch designed in partnership with Philippe Starck for the world record price of 320,000 euros at the 2005 auction.

– 2005 to create the world’s most lightweight mechanical men’s watches (RM 009), only 28 grams, no strap, and then in 2010 to RM 027 speed soared, weighing less than 20 grams, with with!

– Obtained the 2007 annual “Aiguille d’Or” or Golden Glove Award, the highest honor in the annual Grand Prix Grand Prix, RM 012.


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From 2001 to 2006, Richard Mille’s watches were all in their signature “skull” form. In 2007, a new curved rectangular case was introduced, including RM 016. Two years later, two extraordinary diving watches were introduced, RM 025 chronograph and RM 028 diver. Five years of development results, they are Richard Mill’s first round of watches, as well as the brand’s first real diving watch, with a depth rating of 300 meters. Each is equipped with a delicate bezel system, through the 24 spline screws fixed on the shell. Both are muscle, huge, not so versatile, how to wear them. For example, RM 025 is measured with a diameter of 50.7 mm and a thickness of 19.2 mm. Although of course not dressed as a watch,

Last year, Richard Mille introduced a more practical, more versatile round watch, Extra Flat RM 033. Their thinnest watch, 457 mm in diameter, only 6.3 mm in thickness, the next thinest look at Mille, RM 016. Frankly, before trying RM 033, I believe it will be too big on my wrist It looks funny. I like the watch with a diameter of about 38mm and think that my eyeballs up to 42.5mm Audemars Piguet Offshore reach the limit.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 011 FELIPE MASSA watches

To my surprise, I was concerned about this size, the watch is very suitable for my 6.75 inch wrist. Richard Mille’s case design features are their senses, the curvature of the wrist. On RM 033, the curvature found on the back and back of the ear shell is dramatic, which is the biggest feature of the case. It is designed to comfortably fit as much wrist size as possible and is really good enough to be better than what I expected on my wrist. It is a soft, elaborate rubber strap that is fastened by a spring-loaded deployment and is actually one of the best in the world. Combining ultra-light titanium shells and movement, RM 033 is always happy to wear.

The huge titanium alloy earrings are connected to the housing using eight highly polished titanium spline screws. According to Richard Mille, these modular junction boxes are easy to replace to avoid damage. You can see eight high-polished spline screws on the baffle. Compared with the traditional screws (according to Richard Mille), there are eight on the bottom cover, they are fixed three parts of the shell, and provides better torque control. Use spline screws throughout the enclosure and movement, also fasten the belt to the housing and bridge to the substrate. The highly polished screws capture and reflect the light, like a small mirror, giving the watch an expensive appearance that can be seen from a distance.

In the case, the bottom cover and the top of the case can be seen at the top of the vertical brush, decorated almost all the surface. The outer surface of the bezel, bottom cover and lug edge has the highest quality of hand-cut and mirror polished.

One thing that bothers me is the sharp edges found on the narrow side of the frame and the top of the bottom cover, both extending beyond the middle of the shell. I look forward to these surface finishing, tilting the edges, especially taking into account the high retail price of RM 033. Otherwise, the finishing found on all the other surfaces is irrelevant to my eyes.

A simple watch that shows only time and minutes, RM 033 has an excellent platinum hand. They have a flat lobby shape, each painted with two staggered ladder areas of the luminescent material. The top surface has a drawn surface and the outer edge is a sharp slope and is mirror polished on all faces so that the incident light can emit light. When the light shoots in the right angle, they look like mini lightsaber – I like the effects that are often observed.replica HYT SKULL watches


Sapphire crystal dial in its center has a large, sloping oval opening, surrounded by stylized, translucent Roman numerals. At first, I did not like the oval of this offset, but as time went by, it grew up on me. I still do not like, but the investigation of others, especially women, I am in a few. The dial is coated with anti-glare treatment to reduce the reflection, like above and below the sapphire crystal and bottom cover. As a result, the sporty F1 inspired building can be clearly appreciated at any time when the watch is worn.

RM 033 ultra-thin shell by Richard Mille movement RMXP1 enabled, which is a platinum micro-rotor 2.6 mm thick self-winding movement. The world’s thinnest movement was made by Vaucher for Richard Mille. Vaucher was formerly part of the brand Parmigiani Fleurier and is now an independent manufacturer of many luxury brands upscale sports. Like all of Richard Mille’s movements, the underlying movement was completely transformed into Mille’s vision and design specifications. The only remaining from the base caliber is the gear train and escapement. Speaking of the escapement, I am pleased to see the use of high quality, variable inertia free spring balance wheel and adjuster-based escapement, such as Mille’s other Vaucher-based movements. Free spring escapement implements higher cost, but usually allows for better timing accuracy. Bravo

Solid platinum rotor two-way winding winding – no matter what way of rotation, the rotor will be wrapped around the mainspring. Exquisite styling, interesting viewing, a major annoyance is its voice. When you move your wrist all the time, you can hear it’s spinning – it sounds pretty cheap, just like the small metal sounds of the Valjoux 7750 chronograph rotor. Not Valjoux 7750 what is the problem, but this movement in the watch retail price is only $ 2,000 … RM 033 is a $ 80,000 watch. If this will be very noisy, I think it should sound very practical and beautiful.replica Hublot BIG BANG watches

The ribs found throughout the movement are actually functional structural elements, such as those used in Formula 1 racing engines. They increase the stiffness and strength of the movement to improve the impact resistance (remember the seven technical principles that I mentioned earlier). Similar to the engine in the F1 car, the four large spline screws connect the movement to the rubber O-ring to the housing, improving the seismic performance using a more traditional retaining ring.

Richard Mille took the lead in using titanium as the main structural component of the movement – the chassis and the bridge, all the gears, trains, levers and escapements were installed on it. In the caliber RMXP1, the titanium substrate and bridge are first sandblasted and then polished. The bottom plate is coated with Titalyt┬«, a titanium protective layer that increases hardness and improves corrosion resistance. The result is a smooth, dull surface, gray brown. This contrasts with the black PVD coating on the drawn titanium bridge (for increased corrosion resistance), which fixes the gear train to the base plate. Contrast enhances the depth and dimension of the movement – especially the slim movement is difficult to do. well done.

Unusually, all visible jewels, except anchor pallets are synthetic sapphires, rather than more traditional synthetic rubies. Their clear colors cleverly blend the color of the sport.

Do not misunderstand: I like RM 033. After wearing a week, my envy of Richard Mille brand has grown. Watches are unique, with ultra-modern industrial aesthetics. It is also very good, perfect and comfortable. I regret to give a reply, and hope that the retail price significantly reduced to my eyes. If so, I will buy it with heartbeat.replica Breitling Avenger Hurricane watches


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