Richard Mill Blue Blue 07-01 Women’s Polo Club de Saint-Tropez celebrates the Swiss watchmaker’s third year of cooperation with the famous French Polo Club.

As Richard Mille said, 2015 is really a year for women’s watches. Witnessed limited edition RM 07-01 ladies polo club de Saint Tropez, the first female watch in the Saint Tropez Polo Club de Saint-Tropez series. With a white ceramic case, the same shade at the rubber crown and with blue inner ring bezel green gold dial, watch absolutely embodies the Saint Tropez where the French blue coast of the famous color.

RM 07-01 is driven by a hollow self-winding movement that provides 50 hours of power storage – this is an extraordinary figure that is very unusual on ladies’ watches. Combined with mechanical properties and modern design, this model has to attract today’s women all the qualities required. RM 07-01 Ms. Polo Club de Saint-Tropez Issued 30 limited edition to celebrate the third year of the Swiss watchmaker’s cooperation with the most famous polo club in Riviera, France.RICHARD MILLE RM 036 MONTRE CAPTEUR DE G TOURBILLON Watch cheap

Richard Mill RM 67-01 Automatic Flattening

The new RM 67-01 case represents the first time to create a tonneau shape in a more flat form.

There is a series of special difficulties in creating mechanical aspects of thin automatic machinery, but one of the double challenges is to combine this type of motion design with the creation of visual depth in motion – the central principle of Richard Mill’s theory. The extreme use of skeleton in RM 67-01 has many clues in this regard, but a new way of dialing structures will be to move the glasses from the triangular edge to the central area of the hour and minute hands.

The automatic movement created for RM 67-01 CRMA6 is a new caliber with a thickness of only 3.6mm, designed internally. The backplane and bridge are made of 5 grade titanium and are made of a combination of gray and black plating, where the rotor weighs platinum. The back of the movement continues to pay special attention to creating a deep feeling, including the extensive skeleton of large open-ended windings, rotors, reciprocating trains and self-winding mechanisms. The modern architecture of movement itself is the mechanical story;HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI ALL BLACK Watch cheap



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The core of the structural design of the movement is the use of involute contours of the entire journey, rather than the standard cycloidal teeth commonly used for tabulation. This profile can be found in the car’s transmissions and many high-efficiency motors; however, their use in the watchmaking field is rare and special. This tooth profile allows more efficient transmission of energy by running trains, providing superior timing results.

Between 1 and 2, you can see the function of the winding, date and hand settings. When the crown is pulled out, the indicator moves, so the function can only be selected by touch or “click” to select the function because it can move the crown out and out.

Exquisite size than other similar situations in the collection takes more time, plus nearly 6 hours of pure processing time, no need for a few weeks of preliminary preparation, such as baffle, strap and back panel required 68 Different stamping operations. Machine tool processing needs to adjust the baffle machine for 8 days, the shell with 5 days, rear baffle for 5 days. Prior to this process, the development of a series of methods of operation took 145 hours, tool drawings 130 hours, the implementation of 180 hours. Each case represents more than 215 separate machining

After the processing phase is completed, the case will be brushed and polished, all by hand, and then assembled with sapphire glass and sealant, the initial waterproof test, and then disassemble and final quality control. Only in this way can the movement be installed in its subtle lines. All of these operations have a total of eight hours of work, making the Richard Mille tonneau case one of the most time-consuming and complex cases in Switzerland today.



Breitling Montbrillant 01 limited

Breitling is writing a new chapter in the history of Montbrillant chronographs, with limited series dedicated to style and achievement.

Breitling Navitimer Heritage Watches cheap.Inspired by the appearance of the 1940s and 1950s, and provided the pilots with a circular slide rule, the Montbrillant chronograph was named after the Montbrillant Street building, at the height of La Chaux-de-Fonds, starting in 1892 , The Breitling workshop was housed in 1979, where the brand developed the invention and improvement of the watch chronograph, including the first independent putter (1915), the second independent fader (1934) and the first automatic Timing Chronograph (1969). It was also the first airborne chronograph produced by Breitling during the boom of propeller power and subsequent jet flights, which was the status of “world aviation official supplier”.

Today, Montbrillant associates its name with another milestone in the history of the brand, and by presiding over Breitling’s Caliber 01, which is the most reliable and efficient of all the automatic chronographs used in the revolutionary assembly process The Montbrillant 01 Co., Ltd. released two versions of 2000 steel and red gold 200, personal number engraved in the middle of the 9 o’clock. Mercury Silver dial with elegant hand, traditional central 20 percent counter, and 18K gold version B style B, as brand symbol until the mid-20th century. Transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover provides Breitling Caliber 01, through the COSC (Swiss official observatory test institute) certified chronograph, its wheel and its original structure. All those who love the history of sports are collectors’ works.HYT H1 BLUE2 TITANIUM AND PINK GOLD Watches cheap



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