Historical view SIHH’s fast history, and how different from the Basel world

swiss watches for men.We published a story, our editor looked at Sharon International De La High Time Watch (SIHH) watch and discussed the watch we personally wore was “everyday” watch. Picks some advice, which presents a lot of interesting ideas – what is the daily watch, why we choose the watch (relative) expensive, and so on. After passing them (and answering one or two), I think it would be useful to put the choice in a small context where it was chosen where the watch was seen. Let’s talk about SIHH.

SIHH began in 1991, when Cartier and four other brands – Pomeran and Christie’s, GĂ©raldGenta, Daniel Ross and Piaget chose to show privately at the Palexpo Center in Geneva, trying to create a very unique and luxurious atmosphere. This is still the atmosphere of SIHH today – until this year, this event is a strict invitation; the public can not attend (this year, Friday has a public day in the salon).

Hublot BIG BANG watches replica.SIHH is the whole watch industry is a very special part; it is easy to become the watch industry held the most undemocratic activities. Unlike the Basel world, it is absolutely possible to see everything and everyone, from a hall of the spring bar supplier dealing with a folding card on a table, Jacob’s millions of dollars in astronomical complications, SIHH is straight high end Luxury watchmaking. SIHH is also a relatively new person, and the Basel world has been traced back to 1917, when it began as Schweizer Mustermesse Basel (the first only in 1931 opening of the watch exhibition hall).

So when you go as a SIHH reporter, who would you see? Very high-end luxury watch brand. All Richemont maisons perform as well as some high-end, non-Richemont and independent brands including Greubel Forsey, Richard Mille, H. Moser, Laurent Ferrier and other companies (you can see the full list of exhibits here). A total of 17 brands in the main hall of Palexpo (distance from the airport walking distance) and another 13 small independent brands show in the recently established “CarrĂ©des Horlogeres” (watchmaker square). Who is the same funny who is not there? No LVMH brand, for example; obviously no Rolex, no Tudor dynasty, no Seiko and so on.

In contrast, the Basel world is stupid. About 1,500 exhibitors attended last year about 15 million news, buyers, industry professionals, hawkers, rubber boats, dogs and baby carriages (I’m not kidding). You can meet with Casio, see G-Shocks, half an hour later, you in a four-story “booth” in the latest Patek Philippe.Richard Mille RM 027 replica watches

This is not to say that more affordable watches are not at SIHH; IWC, Baume & Mercier, Panerai and other companies offer more convenience prices. However, the origin of SIHH is more unique than the new world of Basel, and today’s watch type and the general atmosphere compared to today is still very limited.

Participating in the show is also a very different experience that you can imagine. All SIHH is a trade show, it is a great planner, because the facts happen in a single coherent overall design environment, the whole thing usually feels very harmonious. On the other hand, in the Basel world, there are more rugby styles, however, watch expert editors and publications have to have eight hundred to one hundred appointments. If you are a serious watch enthusiast, I can not strongly recommend at least two times if you can find time when the program is running, arriving in Geneva and / or Basel; really nothing to feel, not only Only the industry looks like an industry, and on the whole,

Introducing Richard Miller RM 50-03, the lightest second chronograph

RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Stopwatch Chronograph Ultra Light McLaren F1 is two things: the world’s lightest seconds seconds chronograph and the longest name of the stopwatch chronograph. We referred to as RM 50-03, here is what you need to

RM 50-03 is the latest in a series of incredible technologies and powerful endurance watches, dedicated to the Formula One world, where Richard Mill is now a longtime member.

The sport is a very good stage for Richard Mille, and is the ultimate test of some of its most technical parts, many of which are the introduction of high-performance materials into the collection. Since taking part in this campaign, independent watch companies have approved a number of F1 teams and have signed several drivers as official ambassadors, and last year the company announced a 10-year partnership with McLaren-Honda, promising A relationship will go beyond the watchmaker’s name kicked to the team’s car.

Their first common brand of watches is 50-03, a manual wound tourbillon for a few minutes, minutes chronograph, 30 minutes of accumulator, power reserve, plus torque control by the crown and functional indicators The Oh, it’s a brand new case material called TPT.Franck Muller BLACK CROCO Watches replica

Behind the scenes, the two manufacturers have been working on this limited edition to create a new ultra-light and ultra-durable case, turned to the National University of Manchester Institute of graphene and North Thin Layer Technology (NTPT) to get professional knowledge. RM 50-03 is the first watch made by Graph TPT, a patented composite material obtained by injecting graphene-containing resin into the carbon fiber layer.

Watch weight is only 40 grams, all including the belt – it is very light. Which makes it officially become the lightest seconds seconds chronograph, let alone Tourbillon. On the wrist, its presence still felt in a major way. The size of the watch is 44.5mm x 49.65mm, from top to bottom for 16.1mm, so although the weight is not shrinking purple – you will not expect, though, will you?

RM lovers will be excited about this new material, which in the past case is so similar to the look and feel? It’s still to be seen, but it sounds like a good bet.Breitling Navitimer Watches replica



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