New DEFIN EL PRIMERO 21 – in the second time of the first EL PRIMERO LEGEND The zenith made a great contribution to the legendary pier of El Primero (meaning “the first in Esperanto”): an integrated automatic column-wheeling machine beats at frequencies up to 36,000 beats per hour (5 Hz) So that it can reach the timer – certified one-half second accuracy.

The new century brings new records based on the same DNA, because Zenith adds the performance of its speed machine. Defy El Primero 21 through the central hand shows one hundredth of a second, shooting at 50Hz, making it ten times faster than its outstanding predecessors, more accurate. The first successful star is updated.

Accuracy, speed and reliability

HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI 905.NX.0001.RX WATCH replica.The brand has a record 2, 333 chronograph award, the main difference is that this new generation from the outset to develop the industrialization. Diameter of 32 mm, its ancestors 30 mm; 7.9 mm thick instead of the original 6.50 mm; 203 part, not in 1969 278.

The new model introduces the new El Primero movement, enhanced performance, equipped with a new regulatory mechanism and a patented chronograph control mechanism. By the COSC recognized chronograph, this modern caliber is 100% proud to announce its ambition: positioning itself as the most accurate on the market. Modern technology and traditional expertise in the distillation of the zenith’s rich past with the forefront of the combination of watches and clocks.


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Double building
Representing the aesthetic, visual and audible signature of the new Defy El Primero 21, whose central chronograph completes the complete rotation of the turntable in one second. This simple, direct and intuitive one hundred percent offers the opportunity to seize the second measured reality.Graham Chronofighter Watches replica

The frequency reached an impressive 360,000 times / hour to ensure its accuracy of one hundredth of a second, energy consumption than the original ten times. Other unique features are derived from the risk of avoiding the chronograph to interfere with the smooth running of the watch: Defy El Primero 21 is therefore equipped with two separate “gearboxes”: one is the chronograph and the other is chronograph. Each with its own drive and escapement system, no coupling clutch.

To commemorate its historical roots, the balanced oscillation of the watch is already a high frequency of 5 Hz – since 1969, the famous 36,000 vibrations / hour characterizes the El Primero chronograph. Has been the precision instruments, automatic watch movement is certified by the astronomical clock by the COSC has 50 hours of power storage space, with a two-second chronograph 50 minutes of autonomy.


Carbon – based carbon nanotubes composite spring balance
RICHARD MILLE RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH BLACK WATCH replica.Developed by LVMH Group engineers, the new balance spring from the patented technology, is also the world’s first. The special physical and mechanical properties of this graphene-based balance spring are insensitive to the effects of temperature and magnetic fields, far exceeding the known 15,000 Gaussian standards, ensuring unparalleled accuracy for all conditions of use.

El Primero 21 movement in addition to the overall building, double-chain architecture and the new balance spring excellent timing performance, but also has a patented chronograph reset control mechanism, composed of three heart and exclusive start mechanism to ensure that the same time reset Sec, and one tenth of a second and one tenth of a second.

This new generation of binoculars El Primero drives the central time and minutes function at 9 o’clock in the small second hand, the 100th central chronograph hand surrounds a scale on the circumference, 30 minutes counter at 3 o ‘clock, six o’clock Seconds and tenths of a second, as well as a 12-point timer power reserve percentage

Through two positions (for winding and time setting), two-way manual winding work: chronograph clockwise, watch counterclockwise direction. 25-lap crown is enough to get 100% chronograph. With a star incision / A-type star hollow pendulum pendulum with a watch function of the one-way automatic winding.

Center signature

It proudly represents the tradition of manufacturing with long-term expertise, combined with the latest technological breakthroughs. This technology is expressed by an impressive design – a 44 mm diameter housing with a 5-stage titanium alloy inspired by the original El Primero model.

The hollow dial shows the surface of the new zenith series, showing an elegant modern decor. A star-sized second hand, a large light-emitting commander and an hour-hour mark: El Primero’s all key recognition features are there, the counter picks up two colors – blue and anthracite gray-legendary 1969 chronograph.

Defy El Primero 21: Real Swiss manufacturer’s signature, as well as new innovative promises.ZENITH DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 95.9000.9004/78.R582 WATCH replica

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