Richard Mille launches two watches at TimeCrafters

cheap RICHARD MILLE RM 38-01 TOURBILLON G-SENSOR BUBBA WATSON WATCH.Ramp Rise in Excitement this year’s TimeCrafters, held on May 15 in New York City on May 13th, Richard Mill introduced with PGA Golfer and Masters champion Bouva Watson collaborated to produce two new limits Version of the collection. The current Richard Mille Bubba Watson series includes RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson, RM 38-01 Tourbillon G-Sensor and RM 055 Bubba Watson. Two new watches named RM 055 Bubba Watson “White Legend” and “Dark Legend”.

The triangular three-piece sets of these new watches have NTPT carbon top and bottom baffles and sandblasted titanium belts; the situation is 49.90mm by 42.70mm. The white legend features its white inner bezel, hand and crown protector, while the black legend is black and black with a protective cover and detail. Every one inside defeated the movement RMUL2, which is a manual chain skeleton movement, can withstand more than 5000 Gs acceleration, which in the wrist on the outstanding performance – especially in the strong golf swing Graham Chronofighter oversize GMT Blue Watch


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Luxury watch inspired by “Star Trek”

As Star Trek goes beyond the present theater, we take into account the huge cultural heritage of popular science fiction and its influence – especially the watch industry. The best watch manufacturers are engineers and mechanics, which also means having a good chance that they also like science fiction. With the modern design of high-end watches in the past 15 years, we have seen many watches that inspired the production of industrial designers and watchmakers.

Star Trek happens to be a popular subject, and in some cases, the watch design goes directly to the visual theme in the Star Trek universe, which is obvious to most fans. In addition, considering that these watchmaker’s customers must also be “Star Trek” fans, and at the highest level, they are very happy to add Star Trek for their collection, because it just makes them love the watch much better. ABlogtoWatch will refer to the recent history of the main “Star Trek” watches that may not always be granted the franchise under the name, but in terms of aesthetic, they will definitely do. Oh, even if there are some fantastic bells to the “Star Trek” respect, as popular science Michele SIGNATURE DECO watches

MB & F HM4
If you are reading about the inspiration from the high-end watch Star Trek, some out of the wrist art should be expected. Ultra-advanced Swiss watches and clocks are almost symbolic (at least in my mind) is MB & F HM4, which promotes the 2010 release of the watch can even achieve the boundaries. MB & F HM4 is worth mentioning, looks a bit like USS Enterprise Edition, but its overall design looks like it might be something on the USS Enterprise. Although MB & F stopped HM4 production after the all-round HM4 “Final Edition” watch, it was still famous or notorious for the design, which was appropriate for science fiction, although apparently by the A-10 aircraft’s jet engine Inspired. Starting “lightning”.


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MB & F Starfleet machine

Almost like Super Vinoney Halter (Vianney Halter) to the “Star Trek Deep Space 9” space station tribute, MB & F Starfleet machine as “reference”, and as space station as more obvious. It is a 32 cm wide and 21 cm high table clock made by Swiss watch maker L’Epée. There is a Light version (all stainless steel) and a Dark version (dark gray ruthenium coated stainless steel), referring to its color, not the side of Force (and so on, is the right science fiction professional?). This size of the thing so that all exposed, beautiful watches and a variety of finishing easier to appreciate, and the link in the article in the hands-on picture will be any watch fans of the visual feast, even if you are “Star Trek” no Know.

MB & F MusicMachine 2
Of course, this is not a watch, or even a clock, but for those who are watches and sci-fi, especially those who will be interested in Star Trek. MB & F MusicMachine 2 is actually the second spacecraft-style music box (and Star Wars theme song and other songs) that MB & F releases “Star Trek” music. The first MB & F MusicMachine is shaped like a general science fiction imaginative spacecraft. On the other hand, MB & F MusicMachine 2 undoubtedly forms some variations of the Star Trek series and similar parts of Starship Enterprise in the movie. Interesting Facts: For the best resonance, MB & F uses 350 years of spruce, descends on the moon, and is selected by an old locals who are familiar with the locals to determine the correct Hublot King Power F1 watches


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De Bethune DB28 GS
Bethune if you do not know, you can according to “Star Trek” in the design language of the universe to develop a complete high-end brands. The shape of the “Union” logo occupies a prominent position in many brands of dials and movements, and it is usually very elegant and can not stand out like a fool – you do not have to be Trekkie to enjoy Bethune. De Bethune DB28 GS “Grand Sport” is the DB28 series “sports watch”. On a rubber strap, there is a tightened crown, 300 meters of watertight means that you can actually take this dive, although unfortunately, also need a solid bottom cover – so there is no reply to the motion view. De Bethune DB28 GS is surprisingly worn on the 44mm width of the titanium alloy.

De Bethune DB28 figures
The above DB28GS is the brand of “Star Trek” many direct reference to an example, it seems that their design is usually more generally in the sense of this external aesthetic inspiration. In the dial is still very unique, the De Bethune DB28 Digitale need to flip to see Star Trek Federation logo shape. De Bethune DB28 Digitale combines hollow “floating” lugs from the case center found in the DB27 and other parts of the DB28 series. Shell with titanium polishing, frame width of 45mm, the dial shows the brand know some of the metal blue. Time at 12 o’clock using the disc to display “digitized”, the center of the circle is the 3D moon phase


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