swiss replica watches.Play the polygon to confirm the graphic identity Tattoo art reinterprets the iconic big bang

Harmony and proportions, HUBLOT table and Sambrele created an original interesting and compelling piece. Its architecture reminiscent of the symbolic meaning of Sang Bleu’s geometry. It evokes a harmonious and proportional relationship from the Leonard de Vinci. From the beginning to guide the symmetry of human nature, creating the world’s greatest architectural projects. The shape depicts MaximeB├╝chi’s tattoo design and responds to the pursuit of perfection and worship symbols that make his work life.

The cooperation between Hublot and Sang Bleu was held in the London Fashion Week in February, in the form of glass and metal sculptures. A piece of work consisting of a single shape spatially transfers the visual code that creates the watch structure. A unique theme, drawn from subtle plays and superimposed rings and squares, not only evokes the round of orthogonality, but also tells the time in bold ways. Aesthetics portrays a new graphic identity in our iconic big bang.


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replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches.A brand new, completely redesigned big bang, its lines are chamfered, weakened by geometric effects. The bang of the big bang sees its round into a hexagon. These aspects give it three-dimensional effects. The dull black dial presents an extensive black satin round flange, covered with an hour. Maxime’s font design company SwissTypefaces SARL creates numbers for this work. As for the second counter, engraved on the engraved metal carved carefully. Compared with the whole curve. As if to strengthen its mysterious spirit, giving time to another dimension, no hand appeared on the dial. Time is displayed by three rhodium-plated octagonal disks. The largest disc represents the number of hours, while the trumpet indicates minutes. One of the one-eighth of the tips to tell time, hour and minute is white Superluminova. For the second, these engraved on the center of a black disc engraved with Haprog’s H and Samburu-style hourglass.


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Titanium Big Bulb Bulu with Unico manufacturing movement rhythm, completely modified, no chronograph, redesigned, in order to distinguish the time through three discs. As for the weight of the pendulum, its outline is the triangular code of the Samburu logo.

The dial pattern extends to a 45mm titanium case, engraved with a sculptural-like geometry. Big Blow Bleu was placed on a black calfskin strap. Sewn on the rubber, black to gray gradient hot stamping. As a reminder of cooperation, the Sang Bleu logo engraves on the back of the strap.replica Breitling AVENGER BLACKBIRD watches


HUBLOT star pops up the big bangs of the tattoo salon

To celebrate the debut of the Big Bang Sang Bleu limited series developed by talented tattoo artist Maxime Buchi, the watchmaker presented the idea of a pop-up tattoo salon that focused on Hublot boutiques.

Inside the salon, Buchi, founder of Sang Bleu Studios in London, selected the media from the customer’s list. However, fans can also enjoy the process of tattooing, met the famous artists, and stroll around the boutique, watch the watch, many of which are exclusive, not anywhere in Miami. One of these exclusive watches is the new big bang Bleu, which seems to be a reinterpretation of Buchi’s HUBLOT superstar’s famous Big Bang’s vision.

The roundness of the previous model vanished, the new Titanium Breath Bleu has a hexagonal bezel, with a black matte dial, and with the artist’s signature, looks like a geometric figure, to remind the Vittorian people by the Vinci. Hours are placed on a circular whistle flange. Minutes sitting on the discrete counter below the metal Sambretti. There is no hand on the dial.

The time is represented by three rhodium octets. One corner of each disk is painted with a white Superluminova to display the time (maximum disk) and minutes (medium disk). The smallest disk has an H-tag (H-Hublot) count



Wrist on the week of The Heuer Monaco

Monaco is probably one of the most famous watches of the twentieth century, and there is no doubt that TAG Heuer spent a lot of money in celebrating his connection with Steve McQueen, shooting the worst movies of the 1970s When, LeMans. But what did Monaco like to wear and who would live with? We see this watch too much, this watch is often very easy to look from the personal point of view, and I have old-fashioned Carreras and self-winding Autavia, I have never used an original wrist time Monaco until recently Spent a whole week, with the retro on the wrist TAG Heuer Monaco 1133 (G). This is what I thought of. But first, there is a point of view

The first self-winding chronograph (?)
It is generally believed that Heuer specializes in Monaco to launch its caliber 11 chronograph – the world’s first self-winding chronograph. That is not the case, it was with Monaco at the same time in Carrera and Ottawa launched.

Now there is debate about Seiko or Zen is really the first in TAG Heuer before the launch of the self-winding chronograph debate, as well as in Jack Howell’s autobiography (coming soon)! He solved the problem. Movement 11 did cooperate with Breitling and Blen, and the three companies agreed to announce the revolutionary movement at a joint press conference on March 3, 1969. TAG Heuer has more than 100 kinds of working prototypes show the same day. But Jack mentioned that he opened the newspaper on January 10, 1969, and saw a little news about the zenith El Primero movement. He was shocked Finally, Jack and his team decided to ignore the story, and in two months after the launch of the movement 11, and in New York and Geneva held a joint press conference by the President of the Time Foundation and other relevant dignitaries attended the meeting The Jack said that the press conference did not journalists questioned him, Breitling or Buren on the zenith movement, and the problem later in the Basel world vacation, when TAG Heuer has hundreds of work watches, zenith only one or two. The announcement of the zenith movement is carried only by local newspapers, while TAG Heuer is worldwide.replica Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 watches

As for Seiko, Jack revealed that in the 1969 Basel world, he was visited by President Ichiro Hattori, who praised Hall’s technological innovation. However, he did not reveal his own self-winding chronograph movement. Although the whole of 1969, the watch was sold exclusively in Japan. So, while Zenith undoubtedly announced El Primero before Heuer introduced his movement 11, Seiko had a similar movement in the same calendar year, but Heuer was best prepared to launch the product on a global scale, which is why it was usually Think it is the first one. However, if you compare the movement 11 with El Primero, you can see that the zenith movement is indeed more advanced. It is a high frequency integrated (non-modular) movement, even with a quick set date!

Self-winding movement 11 rarely mentioned, launched in 1969 is not accidental. In addition to developing the concept for several years, Heuer also intends to market at the end of 1969 or early 1970, Jack wants a new product to break up to attract potential investors. Movement 11 is, April 24, 1970, Heuer became the second Swiss watchmaker listed (after Girard-Perregaux), its movement includes Monaco, including the movement of the chronograph table 11 height.replica Richard Mille RM 052 skull watches


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