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        monk Taixu street in London (1928) of the party, some people learn from the doctrine of Buddhism, as the ideological weapon against the Qing Dynasty; some Buddhists, also actively participate in. There is a close relationship between the revolution of 1911 and Buddhism. Zhang Taiyan is the most studied in the period of the 1911

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when the revolution, some of the people from the Buddhist teachings, as anti Qing ideological weapon; some Buddhists, but also actively participate in. There is a close relationship between the revolution of 1911 and Buddhism.


Zhang Taiyan is the period of the most learned thinker, has edited "Min Bao",www.cheapsalewatch.com, wrote many articles to Buddhism for the content of the article, in the theory of propaganda, the reason why Zhang Taiyan than others do well, play Buddhism function can not be ignored. The monks participated in 1911, mainly yellow, Su Manshu, Yang Zhiliang and week mentoring, Bi Yongnian and Lin, Qi Yun, iron Chan et al.


The role and status of

fast travel online accelerator is it useful in Buddhism in 1911, fast travel online accelerator is it useful in Hanyang in 1911 Guiyuan temple had logistics center, and when spread to Shanghai, Ningbo, the local monks organized monk participate in the army.


in the monks, Taixu is a special case, is called "he", in addition to participate in the activities, will be absorbed into the cause of buddhism. And Buddhism in the void, two things and not draw further apart. Void in the Buddhist Movement, the modern development of Buddhism had a far-reaching impact.


Buddhism provides theory


Buddhism in general, is one of the teaching, why the Buddhist people will participate in activities? The Dharma and praise the coexistence of the struggle,www.luxuryrelogio.com, indeed not advocate, not from the war description and beautiful, but it is a corner of the Buddha is not all it. The Buddhist ideal in the round of the king, and in the implementation of the coexistence of benevolent government. The king hath its "main wheel soldier ministers", which is to say: the left and the armed forces, to implement and coexistence of benevolent, not necessarily the battle. The implementation of benevolence, to have all sorts of conditions, the first is "in the sacring". In the first, but not pure, and also need to have lofty ideals, clean all the army. Fight for the armed forces, in order to ensure the harmonious coexistence of no more. Visible Buddha participation, but also the basis of Buddhist classics.


in short: in terms of the teachings of Buddhism, not entirely; in terms of historical experience in the past, there are armed cases. Grasp this point,www.greatwatcheshere.com, when it helps us to symplectic >

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