From 2013 to MP-08

HUBLOT MP-07 907.JX.0001.RX 2017 NEW replica watch.However, we jumped back in 2013 this year, and Humboldt made a watch at first glance like MP-04. This MP-08 is called “Antioch Chelsea Day”. The crown is now at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The aufzuziehende hand-made movement HUB9008 has a tourbillon that has some special features. Even from the back, this watch can persuade! In addition, it shows the design features reminiscent of the discovery of the shipwreck from Antequera.

The time is also displayed in MP-08. However, the time display advances in the background. Further advance the sheet has a large pointer with a star image and moon phase display, which also shows the sign of the twelve constellations. So when you walk through, the relationship between them, how long each year, and how the phases can watch the wonderful.

In the background show smaller sundial things represent the relative position of the earth to the sun. In addition, you can read about every month about him. If you have good eyes, you can even read the date. Therefore, the clock also has a complex calendar display in addition to astronomical figures.

There are two variants of MP-08รพ reference 908.NX.1010.GR is the watch’s 20 watch titanium version limit. In 2014 it was added to the reference 908.O.10.10.Gg gold case.Zenith EL PRIMERO watches replica

Currently, numbers MP-09, MP-10 and MP-11 are not issued. But Humboldt can come up with some cool stuff that is completely sure to close the blanks of the famous number.


Luxury Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis King Gold 2017 cheap Watch


In the MP-09 in 2017

2017 here the complex fans watch Hengbao some good treatment preparation. The MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis 5-day power reserve, full name, appears in three variants. Wang gold version is limited to 20 copies, titanium version of 50, you can see MP-09 titanium metal case with stone (387 diamonds, 2.56 karats).

Clearly in the optical focus is the beauty of the two axes you can enjoy from making a piece of sapphire crystal in the function. Shows the sight of this situation rarely observed. Here side by side two versions of the side. It reminds me of ballet me. The side of the dial clearly occupies the tourbillon. In addition, there is a time display, power reserve pointer and retrograde double-breasted date.Richard Mille RM 016 watches replica

The date of the MP-09 (there is a version of the glass cover that shows two different versions in Basel, which are shown above and the date indicator; it remains to be seen which option will prevail in the series …) May be forwarded and switched back by means of a switch 9 on the side of the housing, respectively. In MP-09 seamlessly one of the most advanced watch Yu-ship MP-family.

From 2013 to MP-12

In the MP-12, in principle two years of development described earlier in MP-02 “critical time”. Technically, MP-12 corresponds to reference to MP-02 912.ND.0123.RX. However, the MP-12 looks more technically. This may of course be due to hollow dial and movement.

A man, but her sister MP-02 is still common: they are thinking both on the watch, especially on the “time”, and how we handle it with the subject of significant excitement. Here, people can almost forget to implement the “normal time” by slowing down the implementation or accelerating through 4 times, and always jumping back to time to show the technical improvements. From the MP-12 20 watch made in black PVD coated titanium.

This is the most interesting story of Hublot table end of the force for the model. just now. I’m pretty sure that Humbold will continue to expand this collection and continue to inspire us with the house’s watch, but will also bring your smile and reflection.

Review HUBLOT masterpiece mp-05 ferrari 2013 NEW 905.ND.0001.RX men Watch


Hublot Launches MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire Tourbillon

In its latest limited edition masterpiece, Hublot combines the art of fusion into new heights. LaFerrari Sapphire is a vivid expression of decades of fine watch traditions and constant pursuit of innovation and development. Due to the transparent situation, Unico movement beautifully prominent, will Tourbillon models show the essence.

The unique feature of the watch is its powerful and gorgeous feature – Hublot’s sapphire model revolutionizes the fashion and jewelry world, as they cut directly from sapphires, retaining the precious and rare features of the material. Will create this highly acclaimed model, which includes Hublot’s famous Big Bang model and absolute design transparency, as well as the brand’s Unico movement.HYT SKULL watches replica

The middle of this case and the big bang Unico sapphire bezel and back are cut out from the scraper sapphire block. Only a small part of the spine of the watch is made of titanium. The skeleton dial shows all the gears of the exclusive Hublot Unico movement and its complex finish. Strap is also transparent to supplement the watch’s misty silhouette. LaFerrari sapphire waterproof depth of 50 meters, power storage up to 72 hours. A total of 637 components for the spectacular clock supply.

Designed with all the inherent beauty and complexity of the transparent movement of the ship – the new work balances the elegant and bold architecture in an excellent way. Its rigorous design evokes the beauty and aerodynamics of the Ferrari profile. 50 days of power reserve for the tourbillon watch to create a new world record. PVD Titanium and sapphire seamless fusion, and with a rubber




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