Chopard LUC Moon a watch by the watchmaker and founder Louis Ulysse Chopard (Louis-Ulysse Chopard), LUC series of acronym can be said that Chopard’s best contemporary works. Then this series is a new flagship of the LUC Lunar One, which is certified by the Geneva-based Indian – a white permanent calendar with a moon phase indicator. Launched in 2005, this year’s “Moon Star” will get a new dial design and platinum suit. But the watch looks very beautiful, but in addition to 100 people, the watch looks very beautiful, is another object of desire, they will make a phone call.

The new dial describes the application of the Roman numerals, one third of the decimal points at 3, 6 and 9 for moon phase and calendar complications, as well as from the earlier variants of the “big date” aperture. But even in all these activities, the dark blue sun dial may be the best canvas to compare all the polish elements and indicators to describe the information on each registry. Please note that the sunray texture is not from the center, but from the Chopard logo. The moon’s alternating brush and polished platinum case size is very wide by 43mm, squeezing this watch in a much smaller and almost impossible situation. The fact that the watch thickness is 11.47 mm may prevent the wrist from leaning on the wrist for smaller cases.

In my opinion, this small disk seems to be squeezing the numbers around them. It gave me the same feeling, as I unfortunately sat in the middle of the plane seat, between the two packed with their seats. These little plates feel a bit “blo swollen”, absolutely making the idea of a watch even narrower than one millimeter, seems to be a balloon outbreak Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK ORANGE Watch

Caliber 96.13-L beating the interior is considered to be Chopard’s crown gem, almost no small achievement in the stable and interesting caliber at both ends of the complex spectrum. Every 12 years need to be adjusted once (assuming), the calendar can be a good complement to the moon phase indicator, but not a typical moon phase indicator, with the current moon to show the shape of the fixed hole. This is a “astronomical phase” complication, which can be registered at 6 o’clock in accordance with their appropriate stages in the night sky and astronomical orbit.



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From the finishing point of view, the movement through the sapphire crystal bottom cover can be seen dazzling, with generous Geneva stripes, contrasting circular and beveled motion bridges, and a 22-carat gold micro rotor – automatic permanent rare calendar 96.13 liters of running time of 28,800 vph, power reserve of 65 hours.

It is worth mentioning that the Lunar Year is COSC certified Observatory – some extra distinction, because this watch is also the seal of Geneva. Also known as Geneva’s Hole Mark or Geneva Geneva, according to the translation, this ultra-exclusive independent certification management manual finishing, assembly, sports casing and watch adjustments are usually retained to the best of the best.DEVON WATCHES cheap



Frank Muller Pioneer Glacier Watch

It is true that I have spent some time with the people of Franck Muller. Swiss watch manufacturer is a modern legend, and Franck Muller Group is a series of luxury brands, including Backes & Strauss and other brands. In the past, the group was even bigger, including brands such as Rodolphe, Pierre Kunz and Martin Braun. Now, Franck Muller himself and co-founder Vartan Sirmakes continue to produce watches at the headquarters of Switzerland’s “Watchland” outside Geneva. Today, I will look at the differences that represent the brand’s modern Franck Muller. This watch is from the new generation of Vanguard series of Franck Muller Vanguard Glacier.

Franck Muller Since 1991, well-known brands as brands include their popular CintréeCurvex case and some of the more complex watches. The brand often likes to call itself “the master of the complication.” This watch in the simpler side only provides time and date, but with a complex and exquisite design, I feel really attractive.

I will soon admit that the Franck Muller Vanguard series did not attract me until I really saw a man and put it on my wrist. In a computer rendered image, the vanguard looks overwhelming and likes to try too hard at the same time. In a sense, some people may say that on the Franck MullerCintréeCurvex series of watches. Put any of these models on your wrist and you will have a completely different experience – at least I have done it.



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The Franck MullerCintréeCurvex series uses a variety of shapes and examples, which may be one of the few cases I like on the market. The other will include those made by Richard Mill. It was an old design that dates back to the 1920s, but Franck Muller warmed up again. In fact, I would say that Franck Muller is the first “fashion” watch brand of modern clocks. Only (through some accounts) become the victims of their own success, and face the same problem, most other luxury brands today in the field of marketing and distribution. Compared with other people, I think Frank Muller (Franck Muller) relatively calm, choose to stay more low-key, and adhere to a solid strategy. At least they have a solid and stable timepiece.

I would not recommend reading the view of the Vanguard series on Franck Muller’s website because it will not tell you too much. In fact, this is a good example of the type of writing, which really can not explain a lot but occupy the space on the luxury brand website. My performance in the vanguard is that Franck Muller as a popular brand, which is completely modern design. Say some of the brand or brand awareness that wears this brand is not everyone who likes it, but at the heart of the “Franck Muller look” is perfect until now yet when their classic CintréeCurvex looks really caught by others Get better.

So, considering that the Franck Muller Vanguard series uses a classic decorative art style, it feels more modern. This includes cases and dials with Arabic numerals, as well as the dials you see on the more traditional Franck Muller watches. Then you have such a situation, but also the vanguard of the tonneau, more flat than Curvex, more ergonomic. It’s good to lean on the wrist, the right color and material choices produce a bold and elegant look that does not sacrifice style of readability. Note the compass mark on the inner flange ring – I will consider the style. Better than other speedometers – that’s for sure.

This special version of Franck Muller Vanguard is based on the V 45 SC DT AC.GL Vanguard Glacier because a special PVD coating is used on the steel shell and a white rubber strap with a matching dial face is used. Please note that this is one of the rare steel pioneer watches (due to the special PVD treatment), but the vast majority of non-gold are all titanium. This situation is steel, 44mm wide, high 53.70mm, thick 12.8mm. Curved Pioneer Case Comfortably sitting on the wrist with an integrated rubber band. Visually, the appearance of the strap will run through the clever appearance of the shell, making the shell looks like a sandwich strap. In order to allow more high-end appearance with linear rubber,


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The design is smart and has a modern “bold” overall look that will invite some and exclusion of others. It does not matter, because Franck Muller has done everything in order to have universal appeal. For those who like to show off, these watches are perfect watches, if you do not like to show off, their watches may not attract you. Again, do not put these watches completely on the wrist, until you put down your wrist. I am personally Franck Muller COLOR DREAMS Watches

These three-hand Franck Muller Vanguard series watch is their caliber FM 0800 automatic movement, running for 4 Hz (28,800 bph), power storage time of 42 hours. I do not believe that these are internal actions (Franck Muller confirmed that these are modified after the Swiss ETA movement), but in other Franck Muller watches, they certainly have their own actions. The movement provides time and date (shown at 6 o’clock). There is no exhibition reply, I think there should be a watch. It is more meaningful to write a “master of complications” than a mechanically complicated watch. Frank Muller Pioneer Glacier is not a limited edition, but a separate number of watches, serial number on the bottom cover.

Franck Muller (Franck Muller) each of the popular watches are not missing changes. In addition to offering a range of vanguard models (from these three-handed automatically to chronograph, and even several tourbillers), each model seems to offer a range of versions (most of which are not even on the Franck Muller website, by the way). This “cautious information” culture is part of the exclusive nature of the brand and is one of the reasons why Franck Muller has been unsuccessful in the era of information hungry.

The funny “sparkling metal” on the steel case using PVD finishing with white tones makes the Franck Muller Vanguard glacier a fun and interesting look, but there are many other versions. It is not cheap, but it is a good look, suitable for Franck Muller brand and the next generation of people will be interested in the brand. Again, this is not a conservative type of brand at all, but the brand’s talent range and its many technical achievements mean that Franck Muller may be just a brand again (or first).CORUM TI-BRIDGE WATCHES cheap



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