TAG Heuer Monaco luxury Monaco watch the latest product is “Ref.CAW2114, which is the first black Monaco red highlights -” Rye Quinn “.

The hands of this Monaco novice hand for the design of the original TAG Heuer Monaco is a clear idea, the hands of the red extension of a short period of time and minutes of red extension to meet the inflatable. The new Monaco can be on the traditional crocodile leather strap, and there is a rubber strap that seems more suitable for the appearance of this watch.

Like all the new Caliber 12 TAG Heuer Monaco, this watch has a 39mm shell (with the old movement 17 TAG Heuer Monaco in 38mm) and is equipped with sapphire crystal instead of plexiglass. While these seem like tiny changes, the contrast becomes more pronounced when you watch the watch side by side.Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH KOREA watches fake




All the new Monaco series has TAG Heuer called “Movement 12” movement and is described based on “Dubois Depraz 2008” – which is a bit confusing because it seems to be a reference to the chronograph module, not the base movement itself.

Caliber 17, which is registered in Monaco, is ETA 2894-A2, while the new Caliber 12 is actually an ETA 2892 with a Dubois Depraz chronograph module. Look closer, you will see that movement 17 is based on the 2892 ETA chronograph movement, so basically the only difference between movement 12 and movement 17 is that TAG Heuer has replaced ETA with Dubois Chronograph module TAG HEUER MONACO CALIBRE 12 watches fake




TAG Heuer Monaco LS caliber 12

For many collectors, TAG Heuer is the legacy of Monaco. It was about Steve McQueen and the iconic blue square dial, which issued a racing atmosphere of the 1970s. And since 2003, you have been able to buy the modern TAG Heuer version of “McQueen Monaco”, this watch is very faithful to the 20th century, 70’s original.

But the Monaco series is not just a retro design, since since 2004, TAG Heuer has the shape of Monaco into a modern modern style, such as 1969 TAG Heuer Monaco 1133B. “New Generation” Monaco series includes V4, twenty-four and this watch – TAG Heuer Monaco LS Caliber

LS Caliber 12 is completely divorced from the traditional Monaco style, with sophisticated technical dials, using various sub-dials and TAG Heuer’s innovative “Linear System” (“LS”). Combined with modern cases, reinterpreting the original square case, Monaco LS Caliber 12 is one of the most distinctive models in this year’s TAG Heuer lineup, although it has been on the market since 2009.




Monaco Caliber 360 LS Concept watch debut at the Basel Watch Fair in 2006, which is the third (after Vanquish and Carrera), won the TAG Heuer Caliber 360 movement, which is the world’s first A movement of 1/100 Porsche Design CHRONOTIMER COLLECTION watches fake

360 LS brings together three key elements of TAG Heuer’s work in the Caliber 360 movement, the LS system and the Monaco V4 “New Generation” Monaco case.

TAG Heuer Monaco LS is one of those watches that collectors polarize. Possibly, if you like the traditional retro style of Monaco, it will not be you – too cumbersome, too busy, a little over design. Those who find the standard Monaco are too old-fashioned will love modern designs and welcome larger sizes.




Personally, I prefer TAG Heuer’s modern interpretation of Monaco, rather than redesigning, mainly because my series has a retro Monaco, so “new generation” Monaco offers something different. But Monaco LS will not be my watch: although I like the design of this situation, but I think it is difficult to hook (and I like the 360 LS Concept dial).

TAG Heuer has only one version of Monaco LS, but I hope they continue to develop this series. Monaco series has a movement of 12 “new generation” model space, the ideal situation is slightly thinner, more traditional dial. In Monaco Caliber 12 Monaco with Caliber 36 Monaco Twenty-four pricing, it will be a seductive claim.





Richard Miller Gift $ 725,000 RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal

RICHARD MILLE TOURBILLON RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL REPLICA WATCH.Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Mille and tennis star Rafael Nadal have released a novel watch that breaks the foundations of technological excellence.

Coveted Roland-Garros began to issue, RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) not only mastered the tabulation, but also to show the French Open nine strong championship confidence. Showing the color of red and yellow – Nadal native Spanish color, RM 27-03 RM through an innovative way to get the amber luster, this method is to use colored resin impregnated fine, ultra-thin layer of silicon dioxide , And then heated to 120 ° C. The process was developed in Switzerland, demonstrating Richard Mille and the partner North Thin Ply Technology’s unparalleled ability to develop new, biocompatible and durable quartz tones.



In addition to the flow of color, this situation has a water resistance of 50 meters, favorable strength / weight ratio, allergic capacity and high UV defense capability. However, a specification really established the RM 27-03 novelty – its ultra-light tourbillon movement capacity can withstand up to 10,000 G of the impact. Protect the watch from working in the form of Nadal’s powerful arm swing, which is the result of uninterrupted linear acceleration of the performance of the watch. The ingenious tourbillon is attached to a skeleton based on the individual carbon, showing the micron accuracy, while the winding barrel provides 70 hours of running time.

The technical perfection of the RM 27-03 is also impressive by hand polished design. With a highly stylized and streamlined satin, it produces almost imperceptible flash, watch and volume. The Tourbillon was beaten with 3 hertons, and the great wheels aroused a bull forward – another subtle Spanish reference.used replica watches for sale

And Richard Mille (Richard Mille) to develop several high-profile watches, Nadal will be Roland-Garros (Roland-Garros) during the ride on RM 27-03.



Sometimes it’s hard to know where the relationship between Richard Mill and Nadal is a shining star. Of course, the incredible Spanish tennis players are always in the first place, but today the new Richard Mille RM27-03 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon – Richard Mille announced in France. New watches, of which only 50, priced at $ 750,000. This price reflects the huge amount of research and development of high-tech segments, as well as the difficulty of making.JACOB & CO. Grand Complication Masterpieces – Astronomia TOURBILLON watch replica

Richard Mille insists that all brand ambassadors wear watches in designated sporting events. Therefore, the brand must provide a clock can be punished. In this case – the watch so shock, can withstand Nadal continuous racket swing. Will be in the upcoming game will Nadal’s wrist into a new piece, can withstand up to 10,000 grams. The watch is also a miracle of manufacturing and material. For more information about watches and their high technology, please click here.



It seems that this watch is designed to reflect Roland Garros’s clay court, and the French Open nine winners seem to be at the top of the game. Do not misunderstand, that color is not just pick the color. No, Richard Mill, as well as the North Thin Layer technology, had to overcome the challenge of bold red and yellow quartz TPT (R) cases.ZENITH PILOT COLLECTION REPLICA Watches

This new watch through rigorous testing, lighter than the previous weight, and with Tourbillon theme dial, you can recall the Bulls angle – Rafah’s choice mark.


RM 27-03 Tourbillon Raphael Nadal
Limited edition 50 pieces
Caliber RM27-03
Manual winding tourbillon movement
Power reserve: about 70 hours (+ 10%)
Carbon TPT® in a single substrate
Five bridges
Free spring balance and variable inertia
Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours per run instead of 7.5 hours)
A barrel with progressive recoil
Coil gear and center wheel pinion with centerline involute profile
Spline screw for 5 grade titanium for bridges and enclosures
Torque limit crown
New comfort zone



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Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mill: Cultivate similar passion

When the elegance becomes a way of life, the artists gather and greet him. That’s why Richard Mill again collaborated with the antique car contest Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mill.

Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mille’s retro and famous car races welcome more than 13,000 spectators on Sunday, September 6, 2015 (Sunday). The event has made incredible success, proving that enthusiasts really enjoy good car repair skills. However, this is a very special occasion, which includes the dress code that everyone needs to follow. This expression “like you”, which makes the fate of an American brand does not apply to celebrate the beauty, luxury and protection of this festival of art.



This event requires everyone’s equipment to pay tribute to the collectors who pursue the preservation of industrial and artistic heritage, a symbol of the evolution of the twentieth century.replica men watches brands

Richard Miller RM 011-FM in the wrist with the Ferrari 250 GT temporarily from 1959 in the background

This game is also the fans and historical forces to communicate the occasion, can bring them passion. Some of them are in their carefully maintained dream car with their family to celebrate the grand racing event.

In a campaign effort, others try to compete through the brand club, and it is possible to have a picnic in one of the dedicated parks. And those who wear seasonal clothes to choose their most beautiful watch, in the jury selected 15 classes in the race to move around the MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000108 watch replica



Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mill has all this: all day activities, horse riding games, steam boat activities on the pond, and access to the castle and its collection opportunities. Many visitors look around, just as children see beautiful gifts. In fact, this Sunday is dedicated to expressing passion while happily taking advantage of a unique place because many people like to travel in time machines.

Needless to say, this is Peter Auto’s expertise to describe Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mille as the sum of the perfect moments of coordination. In order to make this event make every effort, the organization ensures that the actors of the event, that is, take care of their car collectors, according to the smallest details, have the opportunity to find the area. It is on the eve of London, which will undoubtedly become an indispensable lover, which will undoubtedly be described as an “elegant rural weekend”. Also on Saturday, the British auction house Bonhams organized a famous auction of a large auction.replica JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES – ASTRONOMIA SKY watch



Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon skull

Those who wish to embrace this great car festival as much as possible are given the highest bid opportunities, perhaps an old car that can compete in one of the 15 categories. 2015, the fifteen categories of topics cover a wide range of car history. The superstar of the competition was “Racing Bugattis”, “Formula 1 of 1966-1972” and “Large Tours: Racing and City Car”. Sports but crazy original works are also found in the “famous women’s car”, “iconic interior”, “European chassis with the US engine” or “Aga Khan family car”.

Compared with the 2014 forecast, the weather in 2014 is particularly good. However, there was little rain on Saturday and the weather was nice on Sunday. As a watchmaking partner, Richard Mille says, “luck always plays a role in achieving success.” For Chantilly art and elegance, this proved to be almost predictive because good weather conditions enabled the event to achieve the smallest detail.

rm 008


Ryan Mille’s models are rare and affordable. However, the barrel design, easy to identify, has been marking the ideological and watch industry for many

Even if most of the Richard Mille references are limited edition, they are all starting from the RM, followed by numbers that are hardly remembered, if not never.

RM 07-01 is to remember

Once, sports cars and cigars are stolen … Knowing the high demands of women for women’s needs, Richard Mille himself makes the beautician serve the women for the technology and launches the ladies’ automation. RM 07-01’s main inspiration comes from the iconic barrel design, is the evolution of the original men’s style. Reduce and shrink, keep the length of the case, the whole watch remains energized with gold / rubber combination. There is a Mille woman on her wrist, an excellent connoisseur of her husband who likes high-end technical watches, or she works in the watch industry. Whether it is or that is a trap of men full of testosterone.

Woman with wild

Nothing is more pleasant than sitting on the terrace, a man reading the paper in the first spring sun. Until your neighbors – they should keep the meaning of their neighbors: their own business and keep the conversation private – begin to whisper, they should not set foot on their footsteps. Do not know if i like girls or watches »say alpha male




buy RICHARD MILLE RM 055 BUBBA WATSON watches replica


Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson and Richard Mille Time Art

Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson watch the two major advantages is that you can literally see high quality and superb craftsmanship. Both the watch and the back surface are clear, so you can see the internal work of the tiny elements that make up the moving parts of the watch. Show the work part, and then enhance the part of the process is better seen as skeleton. A similar technique was used in the 2011 version of the watch, called RM 038 Bubba Watson. This is a look, this watch is a sturdy texture, when the 038 release became very popular.

greatwatcheshere.RM 055 Bubba Watson has a durable housing made of five grades of titanium. You can feel your fingers across its quality. Polished but still rough appearance for this watch adds a different degree of beauty. It is said that the watch can handle nearly 500G acceleration, and can also withstand the impact of climbing and hiking and other activities. This luxury watch has a power reserve that can hold up to 55 hours of energy, which means that any day before the watch, you will run out of energy.




The era of the art series is not only in line with Richard Mill (Richard Mille) high standards of watches, but also only to auction the best auction price of art. The “Time” series used in the case is the use of very special sapphire crystal technology manufacturers. They are unique and beautiful, very durable, take a few weeks to create. The factory previously produced these new cases owned by Richard Mill, and uniquely meets the needs of the era art series. It is apart just one thing Richard Mill watches stand out from the HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-05 FERRARI replica WATCH

The time in the Richard Mill Art series is used to help users see the time enhancements in action. But the design and beauty of the watch so that they stand out as a work of art and watches. These watches have a sense of elegance, so that it attracts a wide range of people. Fashion series of artistic performance has reached one million euros. When people are willing to pay a lot of price for the watch, the watch will be “art of the times” nickname.




Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson All Gray Premium Edition
Richard Mille created a new work dedicated to Bubba Watson

Richard Mill’s house offers another stunning timepiece dedicated to the famous American professional golfer Baba Watson. This time, Bubba Watson watch with a special all-gray version, and in the limited edition contains 50 (personal limited edition engraved on the back of the watch, 6 o’clock position).



replica watches at discount.The new Richard Mille RM055 All Gray Premium is made of shot peened titanium titanium carbide shell (TiC), which is actually titanium and carbon alloy, with its special hardness. This rare cutting-edge material has a hardness of not less than 1450 Vickers, which protects the watch from scratches, shocks and various environmental influences. Both the shell and the back shell are made of shot pills Titanium, using a 5-stage titanium alloy shell with a fine powder glass beads under low pressure shot peening. The result is a charming all-gray effect.

Richard Mill RM 055 Bouva Watson All Grayscale Premium Edition is made via manual upper diameter RMUL2, which is also powered from a 5 grade titanium alloy. Sports decoration luxury, extremely skeletons, PVD and Titalyt in the floor and bridge for processing. The campaign, developed in partnership with Bubba Watson, is able to withstand more than 500-G acceleration.


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        Sina entertainment news "Kung Fu Panda 2" in May 28th landed on the domestic film market,
replica watches, released 2 days later, the main file of the 61. "Kung Fu Panda" in 2008 worldwide $630 million at the box office, which makes DreamWorks determined choupai sequel. But the film director Mark ·

Sina entertainment news Kung Fu Panda 2 in May 28th, the domestic film market, later than 2 days of release, the main file 61. "Kung Fu Panda" in 2008 worldwide $630 million at the box office, which makes DreamWorks determined choupai sequel. But the film director Mark · and John · Osborn; Stephenson in the first after the success of the attitude,, instead by a little-known Korean female director Jennifer · more than in the guide tube, and she first served as a story planner.

Kung Fu Panda 2 "30 seconds Chinese subtitle Trailer -" Kung Fu Panda 2 "trailer," Kung Fu Panda 2 "trailer for this episode, in addition to retaining the tigress,replica watches, crane, monkey, mantis viper, five master villain," peacock king "and" Nostradamus, "goat Lei Xi cattle Kung Fu master kung fu master, gorillas, crocodiles, cattle and wolves boss will storm stage. And the first set is different, with the 3D technology continues to mature, Kung Fu Panda 2 will also be the same as other DreamWorks Animation, in order to view the effect of a better three-dimensional form of 3D show.


is worth mentioning is that a large number of Sichuan elements appear in the film, such as Qingchengshan, narrow lane, said, Mapo Tofu, people feel this is not only a Hollywood blockbuster animation, it is a great piece of propaganda to promote Sichuan culture.



Richard Milnadal with his RM 027 Tourbillon making history

richard mille rm 027 tourbillon watch fake.Richard Mill was pleased with Nadal Rafael’s brilliant victory at the French Open on Monday, June 11th.

By defeating the Serbian Norwalk Djokovic 6-4, 6-3, 6-6, 7-5, Nadal at the age of 26 in Roland Garros’s clay course to get his first Seven titles. This extraordinary performance gives him the lead in the legendary Bjorn Borg (6 titles) and ensures his legal status in the history books.

Unparalleled king of the king of Turkey to complete this feat – Steve Smith’s Steve Mill RM RM2 Tourbillon watch history unprecedented. Unusual In tennis and watchmaking circuits, Majorcan has played in every international event since 2010, and his wrist has been created by Richard Mille for him.

Tennis is an extreme, uncompromising movement. Richard Mille is constantly pursuing new test labs and decided to invest in the campaign in 2010 to meet the new technical challenges it offers and test new solutions for the world of high watchmaking. Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts, Pablo Mac Norton (Pablo Mac Donough) footsteps, Martin Brund Le and his son Alex, Romain Dumas, Charles Leclerc Rafael Nadal wear RM 027 Tourbillon during the tennis match. This watch is designed specifically for his technical excellence, performance and impact testing. Since 2010, RM 027 has been firmly resisted Rafa’s endless game, while allowing him to move freely, is the world’s lightest mechanical watch, weighing no more than 18 grams, including




Swiss RADO Table DiaMaster Drill Bars Series Plasma Table

The new RADO Swiss radar table DiaMaster drilling tyrants series plasma high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical watch is undoubtedly the series of shining star. The gray and brown leather strap highlights the warm texture of the plasma high-tech ceramic and makes the overall appearance soft and smooth. 33 mm diameter female models with 41 mm diameter male models constitute a perfect combination of heart.

Exquisite female models watch by the mother of pearl dial with 12 diamond scale, adding soft feelings. The watch both wear comfort, not easy to wear and fashion style in one, bringing touch and visual double enjoyment. Whether it is out of work, or enjoy the holidays or daily leisure, this wild watch can be perfect with your various dress style. Low-key, elegant, light and easy to wear, dripping show contemporary women Variety style.wholesale fake watches

Dark brown leather strap and plasma high-tech ceramic with the men’s watch to bring luxury masculine feeling, reminiscent of high-end men’s club in the dark and elegant decoration, for men to add self-confidence charm. Watch design simple and capable, eye-catching DiaMaster Drill tying series plasma high-tech ceramic automatic mechanical watch for day and night wear on different occasions, either with a business suit, can also easily set off holiday casual wear.

Different styles, but complement each other. DiaMaster Diamond Series, which is made of plasma high-tech ceramics, is different in size and design, but it is a perfect combination of material and material.



Plasma high-tech ceramics as the first application of plasma high-tech ceramic brand, RADO Swiss radar table with advanced modern material technology, do not add any metal elements, but it can make high-tech ceramic watch glowing metallic luster. High-tech ceramics are placed in special furnaces up to 20,000ºC, and the activated gas changes the molecular structure of the high-tech ceramic surface and gives it warm metallic luster. This color does not fade with time, and can maintain the original hardness of high-tech ceramics, easy to wear, light and low allergies and other excellent features.Glashuette Original Senator fake watches

RADO Swiss radar table firmly believe that the appearance of beauty and wear comfort can have both. Because of this, high-tech ceramic material is the best choice, so you enjoy shining confident and charming glory.

RADO Swiss Radar DiaMaster Drill Series Plasma Automatic Mechanical Watch

Ref: 580.0026.3.193

Movement: 8 ¾ ETA 2681, automatic mechanical movement, 25 stone, 3-pin, calendar display at six o’clock position, power storage up to 38 hours, black automatic Tuo

Case: plasma polishing high-tech ceramic material, one molded case, titanium bottom cover with sapphire mirror, plasma polishing high-tech ceramic crown, double-sided anti-dazzling arc sapphire crystal

Waterproof performance: Water resistance 5 bar (50 meters)

Dial: pearl frog dial, jubilé, 12 diamonds, 1.15-1.20, top Wesselton diamonds, clarity VS-SI, fully cut, 0.0780 carat white dial ring, swingable anchor logo, gray “Rado” and ” Automatic “logo

Pointer: Rose Gold Pointer


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Bracelet: gray leather strap, stainless steel folding clasp, hardened steel buckle surface

Case size 33.0 x 40.4 x 9.6 (width x length x height unit: mm)

Ref: 629.0074.3.408

Movement: Movement 11 ½ ETA 2892A2, automatic mechanical movement, 21 stone, 3 pin, calendar display at six o’clock position, power reserve up to 42 hours, black automatic rudder

Case: plasma polishing high-tech ceramic material, one molded case, titanium bottom cover with sapphire mirror, plasma polishing high-tech ceramic crown, double-sided anti-dazzling arc sapphire crystal

Waterproof: Waterproof 10 bar (100 meters)

Dial: white dial, rose gold scale, plasma color dial ring, swingable anchor logo, gray “Rado” and “Automatic” logo

Pointer: Rose Gold Pointer

Bracelet: brown leather strap; stainless steel folding clasp; hardened steel buckle surface

Case size 41.0 x 48.0 x 9.9 (width x length x height unit: mm)


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Introduction Richard Mille RM 022 Aerodyne Double Time Zone Tourbillon Asian Edition

swiss Richard Mille RM 022 watches replica.To commemorate Asia, Richard Mill later launched “022 Aerodyne Dual Time Zone Tourbillon” NTPT Carbon in Watches & Wonders earlier this month in Hong Kong. Since the watchmaker began in 2001, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) has been outside the space and supersonic shocked, the new RM 022 to continue to communicate. As the first paragraph will be dual time zone with titanium alloy with orthogonal titanium aluminum and carbon nanofibers combined with the external structure of the watch, RM 022 is certainly unique.

The use of these materials in the dial on the substrate to see the honeycomb geometry, which was originally studied by NASA theme, used as the core material of the supersonic aircraft wing.



At first glance, the RM 022 Aerodyne dual time zone Tourbillon is an unparalleled technology, innovative design and the latest technology into the exclusivity and traditions that are synonymous with the 21st century watches. The depth of the appearance of the transparent sapphire crystal disc exposed double time zone indicator, you can in about three o’clock on the light field hanging.

This watch is not only great on the wrist – it is comparable to the new Evil Eye RM 26-02 Tourbillon – the dual time zone can be adjusted by the putter at 9 o’clock. In aesthetics, it is still faithful to the Richard Mille brand.


Wholesale Swiss RICHARD MILLE RM 022 TOURBILLON AERODYNE DUAL TIME ZONE Replica Watch Ti 522.45.91


As found in the car gearbox, the buttons located in the middle of the crown can be easily selected for winding, neutral and manual settings. On the dial, at 4 o’clock to see a hand, display the selected function: W (winding) – N (neutral) – H (hand).

Richard Mille seems to pursue an endless surprise. The RM 022 Aerodyne dual time zone tourbillon is driven by an internal Caliber RM022, and the manual brackets have several hours, minutes and double time zones. The watch is equipped with a power reserve of 70 hours, indicating a power storage bucket between 11 and 12 points.Wholesale replica watches for women



Richard Mille RM 022 “Aerodyne” Tourbillon Marcus Unique Piece

Richard Mille’s RM 022 is designed around space and speed. The substrate has a unique honeycomb geometry and is made of an ortho titanium-aluminum compound. Consistent with the reputation of the manufacturing industry, the use of this material and model was originally the subject of NASA’s research on supersonic aircraft wings, which is critical to extreme temperatures and torsion.

RM 022 for those who like to travel to provide a dual time zone, the heart is manual wind tourbillon. Needless to say, it has a wheel-based time setting system located behind the movement, which allows a smooth time setting function. This is a modular mechanism, meaning that the disassembly during maintenance does not involve the disassembly of the dial and the hand. Richard Mille also introduced a function selector that eliminates the need for a pull-out crown that facilitates this gearbox button to select windings, neutral wires and hublot MP-02 KEY OF TIME watch replica



Wholesale Swiss RICHARD MILLE RM 022 TOURBILLON AERODYNE DUAL TIME ZONE Replica Watch RM 022 Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time Black Carbon


I can continue to focus on this watch, which contains features and watches first, but the main selling point of the painting is undoubtedly its unique: this feature of the platinum case with exquisite diamond rectangular bread, designed for the horse Kus boutique and set up. In a seemingly endless limited version of the world, this is a truly unique, this work is for those who want to really stand out and different people. This watch is not reserved: it is bold and brave, crazy – while elegant and beautiful. Who does not like the idea of having something without someone else?

Richard Mill Introduces Limited Edition RM 022 Tourbillon Aerodyne Double Times Black Carbon

F.P.Journe LINESPORT watches replica.Richard Mille has been working to advance the watchmaking art, and compared with the 2010 RM 022 Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time, the independent watchmaker will be aerospace engineering into the elaborate luxury watch The RM 022 uses a honeycomb patterned orthorhombic aluminum alloy originally developed for supersonic aircraft wings and used to increase the tourbillon’s strength and torsion resistance. Aircraft aesthetics also informs the body of the watch, RM 022 the shape of the bottom plate from the V-shaped wings to get inspiration.


Cheap swiss Richard Mille RM 022 2015 replica Watch RM 022 Aerodyne Dual Time Zone Tourbillon Asia Edition for sale


Now, the new RM 022 Tourbillon Aerodyne dual-era black carbon will make aerospace inspiration into the stratosphere. This new version of RM 022 is characterized by a triple case made of NTPT® carbon, which is currently used to make racing sail, F1 racing and aerospace technology. NTPT carbon is very strong and light, and is composed of multi-layer parallel filaments produced by dividing carbon fibers. These fibers are then filled with resin and knitted on a special machine, producing very strong and rigid products, but are also completely unique in the visual. The weaving process ensures that every watch is a completely unique URWERK UR-103T ALTIN WATCH replica




online RICHARD MILLE FELIPE MASSA replica watches.Richard Mille Richard Mill from the structural engineering of the suspension bridge structure to draw inspiration, applied to only tens of millimeters large watch world. RM 27-01 The Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch plate is connected to the case by four cables, and the braided braided cable thickness is only 0.35 mm. Combined with the rigidity and toughness, this structure protects the weight of only 3.5 grams of movement

Tourbillon since the date of birth is very “precious.” Because it’s “fine”, so the Tourbillon watch is generally very “squeamish”. No one will wear a tourbillon watch to exercise, will only shelter it carefully collection, or occasionally wear to enjoy. And maybe even no one imagined to wear a tourbillon watch to go to sports and wear it to go around the world and not afraid of it out of the problem (I have had three domestic Tourbillon watch, without exception, I wear them ” Take the world “out of the chain – even simply fly the screws …, bitter memories …).

best Longines Heritage Watches replica.Richard Mille Richard Mill’s Tourbillon What’s special? Where is the cow? Richard Mille Richard Mill from the date of birth, and racing, speed linked together. The car is Richard Mille Richard Mill brand of the fundamental and the source of life. Richard Mille Richard Mill’s first tourbillon watch, is the famous racer Massa before joining the Ferrari team, constantly try, after countless tests after many adjustments from the real stadium watch works. The final world has RM 001 Tourbillon watch, and with Richard Mille Richard Mill such a crazy brand was born, for the senior watch industry and the RM itself is concerned, is a milestone event.





Legendary driver, the original Ferrari famous racing driver Philip Massa (Felipe Massa) wearing Richard Mille Richard Mill watch

After the car, Richard Mille Richard Mill further and boldly will be the official game can be stretched tourbillon watch extended to the tennis, golf, polo and so elegant and highly competitive sports. In terms of R & D and investment in technology, Richard Mille Richard Mill has never costly, never hesitate to spend and wait, its tourbillon structure has also been constantly tried and adjusted. Now, Richard Mille Richard Mill’s Tourbillon are basically V-Tourbillon structures. This is Massa in the Ferrari team to try and try to wear 4.5 season after the test and adjust the best form of sporty tourbillon, you can withstand the collision and strong stretch, as well as a variety of shock and impact.Popular watches replica




The tourbillon device is very sophisticated. Generally contains sixty or seventy parts of the tourbillon device is only about 4 grams, it is difficult to imagine. And Richard Mille Richard Mill created something? RM 27-01 with the tourbillon device, including the whole movement weighs only 3.5 grams! This weighs only 3.5 grams of movement and has become tempted by Richard Mille Richard Mill users who spend millions of dollars to have its deadly weapons. Only to the construction field of suspended bridge structure as a source of inspiration, with four cables will be linked to the movement of the case of this amazing initiative and visual enjoyment, let everyone crazy! I believe that people in the field of watchmaking, no one to see this movement is not surprising. For the general watch lovers and those who love Richard Mille Richard Mill, this “goods” is even more



RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon wrist watch inside the hanging cable, through the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position of the tension device, and in the movement of the four ends of the tower bridge Pulley to achieve tightening. Each cable is fixed on the tensioning device, and through the upper pulley and movement, back to the lower pulley, and then into the lower inner ring in the watch. After the cable has been folded, the watchmaker will turn the center of the tensioning device with a special tool to tension the cable. The tension of the cable and the control of the tension are very difficult to operate. Zhang too tight, may at any time will be broken cable or fixed device, and damage to the movement; the contrary, if the cable is too loose, it may make the movement resonance, thereby affecting the timing performance. This remarkable movement, effective in the movement of the movement in the middle of the case, can withstand more than 5000 G acceleration.


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BELL & ROSS BR 03-92 BLACK CAMO FABRIC replica watch.When you hear RM 27-01 close to 5 million price, many people temporarily “retreat”, just “look” the. And some people, firmly put it, or Richard Mille Richard Mill’s watch as a goal. They are very clear that the table can meet them what, or “value for money.” More so sporadic people, has been very “low-key” to RM 27-01 worn on the wrist, the world has the most light of the most Hyun watch that one-tenth of the … …

This is not enough More shocking is: RM 27-01 this tourbillon watch, is the real can be used for daily wear, and high-intensity exercise Tourbillon watch!

RM 27-01 was the world’s No. 1 tennis player Nadal wearing an international competition, not an occasional catwalk, nor public relations picture. Nadal is really going to wear Richard Mille Richard Mill, training, to participate in the game, gains the trophy again and again.

Nadal also wore a particularly clear RM 027 watch. Can be seen that he is almost Richard Mille Richard Mill watch away from the Hublot masterpiece mp-05 ferrari watch replica






online CORUM BUBBLE 47 SQUELETTE 2017 Copy watches



Corum Bubble Ghost

Corum celebrates Halloween with three new Bubble Spooki watches.

First launched in 2000, “Bubble” is now Corum’s out of control bestseller. This iconic watch in the last year made a remarkable return. Corum through the introduction of Bubble Spookie, 2016 for the most strange night to launch three limited edition models: bubble head limited edition 88, bubble pirates limited to 188, bubble voodoo limited only 38, continue to celebrate its iconic watch The

These references are made of 47mm stainless steel, black PVD or stainless steel case from the top of a huge dome sapphire crystal. The new Corum Bubble Spookie is powered by the automatic motion CO 082, with a CO 082 vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour and 42 hours of power reserve. The watch is mounted on a rubber belt and sealed to a water inlet to a depth of 100 meters.Richard Mille RM 057 Copy watches


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Corum Bubble 47mm

Superstar’s bold contemporary accent in the heart of this man.

A few days ago the new lady “Heritage Bubble 42 mm” style, with a soft tone. Corum offers men a larger 47mm model with a sporty style and a large contemporary accent superluminova.

Bubble automatic men’s watch is a refreshing impression, the dial and leaf hand enhanced by the application of ultra-thin fluorescent light generated by the reflection. The watch offers red and black rebellious, exciting appearance, and can also be black. Waterproof to 100 meters, steel or black PVD treatment steel present, and with a black vulcanized rubber band, with a tongue buckle.


CORUM bubble

A week with new bubbles.

I recently went to La Chaux-de-Fonds to visit Corum’s museums and seminars. Once a week, the organizer visit to the Nassetal Tourist Board, which is an extremely rare event in the watch industry and an activity that the audience enthusiasts should be interested in. Kolum has agreed that at the end of the visit, I can go home with me and see for a week or so. I am so lucky to be able to choose my choice, and choose to prove much harder than I expected. Miss Jinqiao hesitated, which is one of the most representative watches watchmaker, which is characterized by linear rectangular movement, the famous bubble with a unique dome sapphire crystal. I finally solved the bubble, his strangeness attracted me.Sale HUBLOT MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS Copy watches

When the first time in 2000, the bubble is like a UFO like boarding the watch scene, no one knows how to make it unusual shape and luxury size. In 2015, after 10 years of rest (2005 – 2015), the watch reappears in the Corum directory, with plenty of new references.

I chose the version, Bubble Clown, this year in the Basel World unveiled, there are five other opportunities for the game. The curve profile of the watch contributes to its extensive measurement: depth of 18.5 mm, including dome glass, 47 mm in diameter. To be honest, I initially felt quite contradictory to these impressive proportions. However, in the event of a watch, the watch does not look too big, or not on a woman’s wrist. My conclusion is that its soft rounded lines make it less cumbersome than its life statistics show. In addition, the black PVD treated stainless steel case and short curved earrings make it very comfortable to wear. Thick sapphire crystal acts as a magnifying glass when you move your wrist when you magnify and distract the appearance of the dial,

Under the dome, the bubbles are driven by the automatic movement. Brand engraved on the rotor, visible through the back of the sapphire case. Finally, the Swiss-made movement offers traditional 42-hour power reserve.nice copy watches for sale



Prehistoric information

Some luxury brands will make their products more unique by using unusual materials that are measured over millions of years.

For the watch fans and collectors, the concept of exclusivity is very important. Watching others are personal pride, and in some cases your watch will always be more valuable than standard models. However, the extra cost of the brand itself may be limited to a one-time production of special dials or special engraving on the back. If you are looking for a unique choice, although it has an unusual feeling and gives you the ultimate boast of the right, why not consider the brand as much as possible from (and off) the most unusual material on the planet for its product.

Rock from the beginning of time brands have used meteorite debris to make dials, including Jaquet Droz, Parmigiani and Corum. However, many of the inspiration from the world of astronomy comes from Louis Moinet, whose Sideralis Evo model is even better. This watch has the world’s only double tourbillon, can provide special and complex functions, in the same dial drive reverse rotation of the disc. The following discs depict the moon, Mars and Mercury, using rock fragments from outer space.

Petrochemical wood is the next big thing
With the luxury brands continue to seek new inspiration, art technology has been re-invented, because craftsmen looking for new materials, in different forms inlaid together. In recent years, we have seen wood mosaic, feather mosaic, and even egg shell mosaic. However, for its latest watch rewinder model, RDI Charles Kaeser is further using 225 million years ago petrochemical wood!

This rock is created because the whole forest is preserved as a fossil, preserving a unique combination of metal and minerals, giving it a unique color and pattern. It is unique in the RDI “Mémoire” series, with a solid weight of 3K, its soft black metal column and open Ulysse Nardin Triple Jack Minute Repeater copy watches