Rolex Submarine 114060 “No Date” Tudor Traditional Black Bay Black Compare Watch Comments

replica Tudor HERITAGE BLACK BAY Watches. This is a big thing that takes a long time to meet: Today, we review and compare the details of the Rolex Submarine 114060 “No Date” and the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blacks.

Today it sounds strange, but a few years ago, the Tudor dynasty could not be widely considered a viable alternative to Rolex. The time has changed, the table has been turned: Tudor has returned to the US market, more importantly, the development of a series of super impressive products, are in order to complement its parent company – Rolex varieties.

As a direct consequence, we are asked a lot of time: “Which one should I buy, Rolex or Tudor?” From pricing to execution and the quality of the movement, from history to prestige, from design to wear, there are many A lot of things need to be considered. We have done all the hard work for you and compared these two amazing brands in the detailed comparison of the Rolex submarine 114060 “No Date” and the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black Reference 79220N watch.

We really will try to look at all the obvious specifications and functions, basically every aspect you should consider, and then use these two parts to do it. They are all really amazing, so very popular watches – but, although they initially look very similar, but on the surface, they are actually more different than you think.

We should mention at the beginning that in the Basel World 2016 Tudor has launched an updated version of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay series, adding an internal movement. However, this watch until later this year to use, otherwise we are very similar here.

Yes, we start from history – just to get the basics and better understand the relationship between the two companies.

Rolex was formally incorporated in 1905 by Wilsdorf on July 2, 1905, moved to Geneva in 1919 and Montre Rolex SA in 1920. On the other hand, Tudor registered the watch maker “Veuve de PhilippeHüther” in 1926; Wilsdorf received the exclusive right to use Tudor from the dealer.

However, the Tudor began to slow. In 1932, they began to provide watches to Australia – all places and markets – but only on October 15, 1936, the house of “Veuve de PhilippeHüther” moved the brand The Tudor to Hans Wilsdorf. At this time, the Tudor rose on the dial.

Nevertheless, the company’s real start time can be traced back to this period, however, Tudor pointed out: “Just after the Second World War, Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) know now is to expand their own brand , March 6, 1946, he created the “MONTRES TUDOR SA” company, which specializes in model men and women. Rolex will assure in technology, aesthetic and functional characteristics, distributed together and after-sales service.

From 1947 onwards, the official release of Tudor after a year, the shield gradually disappeared from the mark, from only the company name and rose. In 1948, the first batch was dedicated to Tudor’s advertising release. Brand and Rolex in the text and signs have a clear link, while the copy is emphasized Tudor watches aesthetics, timing accuracy and water resistance.

For those who are fascinated by the history of the watch brand, all this is very interesting, but the reason why Walesdorf and Rolex to build a second brand is 70 years after the real importance of the two brands today positioning.Sale RICHARD MILLE RM 027 WATCHES replica



Tudor quoted Wilsdorf as saying: “Over the past few years, I have been thinking about the idea of the watch, our agents can be cheaper than our Rolex watches for sale, and those who will reach the reliability criteria of Rolex is famous, I decided Set up an independent company to create and sell the new watch object, which is the so – called Tudor watch company.

So you have it. Due to apparent economic and economic reasons, Tudor’s design relies heavily on Rolex, and cleverly positioned at more affordable price points without any significant sacrifices in terms of overall quality or reliability. The positioning of these two brands is still very applicable, but due to significant advances in manufacturing technology, and in the case of intense competition in the industry, the picture becomes more complex.

Some people, in general, have very limited exposure and understanding of the watch and the industries behind them, and repeatedly said that Rolex is not an innovative company, and that they do not make enough to further advance or modernize their products. The same person may also think that 911 Porsche is the same car as 50 years ago … but only because one person still tells the time that the other is still on the corner, which does not mean that there is no major improvement in their technology – hidden under their elaborate metal look.

There have been some great advances in manufacturing technology and quality of implementation, but the issue of product development has given us an interesting situation. When a brand is destined to permanently maintain “another” (pricing, technical features, exclusivity, etc.), it must perform an endless tight rope walk, cleverly balance the failure between competitors, and time does not step on big brother’s On the toes. In order to adhere to the Porsche metaphor, most car enthusiasts may be familiar with Cayman, baby 911, has developed into a fantastic sports car, it is undeniable to keep it not in performance and value to defeat replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches

Okay, go back to the watch. In the past few years, Tudor has been a great success, its sales have exceeded its relatively low competitiveness of the Swiss high-end watches in the price of 2,000 US dollars to 5,000 US dollars between. However, the Tudor dynasty must find a way to maintain this momentum, so it knows that it must be able to show more than a nice heritage-style watch. The following is the progress of Rolex and Tudor dynasties.

Rolex makes most of the components of the watch, including boxes, bracelets, buttons, actions and internal dialing. For more than a decade, they have been using 904L steel case and bracelet instead of the more common 316L. Last but not least, Rolex has been making progress in improving the movement slowly but steadily, all of which are now being tested, accurate to every day -2 / + 2 seconds, because we first provide you with news here More detail. So, the question is: how can Tudor dynasties through different competition to optimize competition, rather than destroy the territory of Rolex? Let the Rolex submarine “No-Date” refer to 114060 and the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black Reference 79220N side by side to see how they compare.

Rolex dive watches began in 1953, when it began with Rolex Oyster-style permanent submarine reference 6204. Tudor watch manufacturing industry in Rolex (Rolex) a year later began, in 1954, the watch and the design is similar to Its parent company: Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Ref 7922. In today’s commentary, both watches are tribute to the predecessors of the trend, but there is already enough history, let’s see how they measure each other.

Tudor traditional black bay black with 41 mm wide and 12.7 mm thick shell, waterproof depth of 200 meters, made of 316L stainless steel. This is an exquisite case, there are some more detailed details that make it no longer appear as over “tool-focused” or heavy. Highly polished sides, brushed or pretty satin earrings, and – my personal favorite design elements – the polished edges running along both sides, all make Tudor Black Bay a sturdy and exquisite watch.REPLICA BELL & ROSS BR 03-94 BLUE STEEL 2017 WATCH



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