Traditional Black Bay Bronze Blue – TUDOR is now part of BUCHERER’s Blue Gallery

Bucherer added two “B” numbers to the Black Bay bronze medal. B is blue, used for the production of special edition watches for B, such as Bucherer. This has a Tudor throne heritage model has attracted the share of enthusiasts.

The iconic blues … Tudor is already there. After all, as in 2015, the brand’s iconic Pelagos appears in a profound and pure color, an integral part of its history.

Bronze and blue, all on board

For Bucherer, strong contact with the blue is a time flaw. In fact, before the 130th birthday, Switzerland (and other regions) one of the most famous watches and jewelry accessories name, launched a life and original gallery, focused on the blue Bucherer corporate color, and with the people Impressive watch brand array. These exclusive models are called blue. They are part of a historic continuum because Bucherer has been able to rely on the privileged relationship with the brands it welcomes in the window.Longines Heritage watches replica

The Tudor dynasty has now added the model in its legacy series to the incredible “blue version” set by Bucherer, which is full of its history and ocean traditions. Unique material selection makes this 43mm watch a high-performance aluminum bronze on the high seas, like high-performance aluminum bronze used in naval engineering, especially all submerged parts such as propellers. This bronze is not only a reference to the brass used in ancient ships or diving equipment, but also the rapid development of a subtle, uniform and noble copper green, which for each wearer is unique. This is a watch you get and then tame as it is.

However, the most important thing is that this newborn “black sea bronze bronze blue” is a measure of time and presents the traditional Tudor throne of the device. All this started with Hans Wilsdorf’s founder, whose quality, precision, ruggedness and reliability concept attracted the French Navy in the 1950s. In the 1970s, seafarers began to favor a style with a blue dial and bezel. There are those square hand, deeply embedded in the brand history. Another special feature is quite prominent around the crown, recalling the 1958 release of the famous reference 7924, which is a legendary watch that continues to break the appetites of Tudor watches collectors and fans.reviewbestselling.com

The model was nicknamed “Grand Crown”, which is the first resistant to 200 meters waterproof watch. Finally, the Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue in 2017 also shows the genetics of the Tudor Kingdom, such as dial and dome crystals. Plus some new and subtle elements, for example, to highlight the sharp chamfer with its visible pinhole.

This traditional black bay bronze blue is driven by the mechanical movement MT5601, which is the caliber of the company watchmaker’s development and released in 2015. At that time no one thought Tudor would develop internal design and manufacturing caliber. This manual winding action hits at 4 Hz or 28800 rpm and is regulated by a variable inertia oscillator and a silicon balance spring. It has 70 hours of power reserve. In the end, the fifteen days of testing by the notorious Swiss Institute of Scientific Research (COSC) in Switzerland also ensure its accuracy.

Tudor re-launched the traditional line in 2010, launched the Chrono model, from the 20th century began to re-interpretation of its first chronograph. Using an interesting creative approach to designing this series: instead of copying the original watch, the past was just a little bit of hint of the most symbolic elements in the history of the company. These models seem to have survived in the past, present and future all the time in the focus, and now have a striking contemporary style. What is a good prospect, the most representative of the neoclassical style of the watchmaking! For Bucherer, this traditional Black Bay Bronze Blue is a chance to rediscover Tudor diving watches.http://www.greatwatcheshere.com




TUDOR’s ancient inspired bronze diving watch won the “Little Aiguille” award at the 2016 Geneva Grand Prix. This award is the third prize of TUDOR’s participation in the Geneva Memorial Day in four years.
Heritage Black Bay Bronze is a tribute to the long-standing relationship between TUDOR and some of the world’s largest navy (including France and the US Navy), which has been using TUDOR diving watches for many years.

HUBLOT BIG BANG DARK BLUE watches replica.Legacy The design of the Black Bay Bronze is derived from the history of TUDOR. It inherited the first TUDOR diving watch the general lines and dome dial and crystal. It features the famous 7924 reference (known as the “Grand Crown”) in 1958. It also borrowed the 1970s hand delivered to the French Navy’s watch character, known as Snowflakes.

The traditional black bay bronze character is a powerful bronze box, 43 mm in diameter, which is a reference to the use of bronze in historical ships and other diving equipment. This metal, the choice of high performance aluminum bronze alloy, ensures the development of a subtle and unique copper green to match its user’s habits.

Traditional black bay bronze is manufactured by TUDOR caliber MT5601. It has hours, minutes and seconds of functionality and is certified by an independent Swiss precision testing facility COSC. Other notable features include “weekend proof” 70 hours power reserve and anti-magnetic, high precision silicon balance spring.HYT H4 GOTHAM 3DTP CARBON 151-CB-03-RF-RN REPLICA WATCH


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