Baselworld 2017 | Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire Sapphire

cheap RICHARD MILLE RM 011 AMERICA 5 (BLACK TI) WATCH.Hublot works in recent years more and more bold, last year launched a sapphire crystal to create the watch, not only the mirror with sapphire crystal material, but the case are used sapphire crystal, to create a full transparent Hard timepieces. This year, Hublot was addicted and launched a new “sapphire crystal watch” in Baselworld Big Bang Unico Sapphire. Different styles, and diverse colors, and technology improved, proved that “exceptional” also speak strength.

It is necessary to know that sapphire has a hard wear and completely transparent characteristics, its hardness is almost in the diamond, so in the production is extremely difficult. Last year Hublot decided to produce sapphire watch watch, can be said that the first person in the watch sector, can also be said to “know the mountains and tigers, tend to Tiger Hill line.” But in the end Hublot successfully created a full transparent Big Bang Unico Sapphire sapphire crystal watch. This year, the brand make persistent efforts to tame the sapphire crystal skills to enhance the sapphire and metal fusion for the new Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch to create a unique blue and red two transparent sapphire case, which is the entire tabulation For the first time using color sapphire crystal to create watch!

buy cheap Ulysse Nardin Diver watches.In fact, synthetic color sapphire technology was born in 1902 was born by the French chemist Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil invented, but because the crystallization process is very unstable, even if it is difficult to produce the same sapphire color, the development of sapphire crystal so far Is still a complex and unpredictable process. This is why the watch industry in recent years the rise of the development of different chemical materials to create the watch, but no brand contact with color sapphire technology? The reason is that the difficulty is unattainable.

Even if the control of the color similarity, but there are still many problems, such as the production of Big Bang sapphire case in the process, the material will be prone to bubbles and cracks, the world has never produced more than two kilograms of color sapphire, so The brand will be difficult in the small raw materials for research and development. So, have to admire the spirit of Hublot research and development, not because of restrictions and give up, but at the merit of the local choose to find a new way, through continuous breakthroughs in engineering and chemical limits, developed a large size, crystal clear, uniform color sapphire crystal. The principle is that the brand of raw materials, alumina (Al2O3) and transitional chromium metal (Cr) together with the temperature of 2000 to 2050 degrees Celsius, and then crystallization of the perfect color sapphire, red case style by iron (Fe) and alumina Fusion, to create a red transparent sapphire case like flames. Both at the same time to retain the sapphire material that ultra-wear-resistant high hardness and completely transparent permeability of the original characteristics, so the brand in this year’s exhibition in the proud to show the finished products in front of everyone.

In fact, whether it is blue sapphire case or red sapphire case style, their color is quite uniform and charming, a little transparent visual effects, compared to last year’s pure and transparent design more layered and dynamic. Two models are equipped with brand-owned HUB1242 UNICO movement, with flyback timing function. Both are limited to 250, I believe that will cause some buy, after all, this matter, limited only look precious, understand. And this new two Big Bang Unico Sapphire sapphire crystal watch, Hublot seems to be bold in recent years, bold action to give the greatest affirmation, but also for Hublot show the brand development of new ways.wholesale cheap watches



Longines said old

Table altar of the retro trend to play for several years, came this year Baselworld, still see many brands launched re-engraved watch. This is a matter of course, because we are love to listen to the story of the people, so the scoring table will have its huge market and demand, but also the brand has the history of you can tell you old. And Longines is definitely one of the table sector has such qualifications and strength to do such a thing to see this year Longines in Baselworld in the complex scoring, is really a table a story.

Flagship Heritage

Longines this year, there are many stories to tell you that the first is the flagship watch series. Since its birth in 1957, has 60 years of history, and more than half a century of baptism, Flagship watch series is still one of the unprecedented series of brands. So, Longines launched this year’s Baselworld 60th Anniversary Edition to

Flagship watch watch with a diameter of 38.5mm case, no blind to follow today’s large table tide, but loyal to the original, in line with the design of small size case, plus watch with matte matte silver surface and lining gold Color or rose gold scale and the Arabic numerals and brown leather belt, so that the overall look of the watch feel more concentrated. In addition, the commemorative edition of the watch also retains the characteristics of the original model, engraved on the table back sailing flagship pattern. Do you say it’s the same as the original? Definitely not, 6 o’clock position of the small seconds on the standard can be seen at a glance, but that charm in place, nostalgic feeling very heavy, vintage fans love!

The new table with stainless steel, gold or rose gold three models, are limited to the global sale, gold and rose gold style limited to 60, while the stainless steel style is limited to 1957, each watch are engraved with a separate number.

Lindbergh Hour Angle

Longines side to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Flagship, the same time is also the Hour Angle watch the birth of the 90th anniversary. It was time to tell the story: New York time, May 20, 1927, at 7:52 am, “Spirit of St. Louis” (Spirit of St. Louis) from Roosevelt airport take off by a young American pilots Charles The (Charles A. Lindbergh) driving, after 34 hours of flight, even the first time to complete the first non-stop flying over the Atlantic and the aircraft landing near Paris, Le Bourget Airport, a flight history of the feat. And as the official timing of Longines for the flight of the flight to provide exceptional extraordinary timing technology, is also a history of aviation watches and clocks in a pioneering work. So, shortly afterwards, the company was working with Longines on the Hour Angle watch, a watch that was able to accurately determine the longitude in long haul flights, allowing pilots and navigators to quickly, efficiently and accurately determine their geographical HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-02 KEY OF TIME WATCH

This year is the birth of the professional flight table 90 years, the brand specially launched the 90th anniversary of the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch, the world only limited edition 90. The new table case diameter of 47.5mm, consistent with the flight table must be easy to read characteristics. It is not unreasonable to say that it is professional flying table, because the watch is equipped with a rotating bezel, can be adjusted to meet the different geographical changes in time. The simple dumb silver surface is provided with a 180 degree scale for calculating the longitude, while the rotatable black central dial makes the second hand synchronized with the radio signal, and then the black PVD steel rotating bezel can be adjusted daily at different times. position. With the original version of the most different place, is a new table with titanium metal for the case material, make it a stronger sense of stronger, matched with large stainless steel crown, if not accompanied by complex flavor is very thick brown flying leather strap, Really think it is a modern professional flying table is more than a re-engraved watch.

Heritage 1945

Longines Heritage 1945 has always been one of the main series of brand retro watch, this year simply, the use of a striking from 1945 to beige and bronze as the tone of the time as a reference, will be the essence and style of re-interpretation, Engraved in front of this classic elegant simple timepiece. It combines the rigidity of the steel case and seems to have experienced years of rinsing and yellowing dumb copper surface, and then lined with velvety retro belt, but with blue steel leaf shape, the minute hand and the small center of the Barton Second hand, and the arch on the surface of the scale to the Arabic numerals and silver round arch scale alternately display, so that timepieces in the mid-20th century classic watch the pure style and modern fashion aesthetics among the new and old fusion, quite Pretty.

Original style is used 12.68Z manual winding movement, and this new is selected L609.3 self-winding movement, can provide 42 hours power reserve, case diameter also increased to 40mm. No way, the times are always different, and always can not old tone to the story of the modern people, always in the current trend of packaging.VERSACE QUARTZ GMT 8176-1990 MEN WATCH cheap


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