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Movado means always moving

Replica Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer 1183-122/40 watch.Movado’s innovative watch design may be an indicator of its sudden financial accident. Movado has introduced new materials, reintroduced into the history of design, and for their female creation to add an elegant finishes. These watches are modern, and in some watches in the clever design of some art decoration.

Amorosa presents the classic Museum® dial with two-color or gold-plated stainless steel in size. The double bracelet design is open, similar to the decorative artwork, there are six styles. It is absolutely beautiful

Bella is simple to say, slender. It is a contemporary style of the family, has a round traditional museum ® dial, stainless steel bracelet bracelet, it has three styles. And even a watch with pink soles – very cute.

Belamoda is a polished open ring link bracelet design. It has a unique diamond accent, and it also shows a rounded traditional museum® dial. It has a fine and elegant performance.


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The red mark is Movado’s exquisite mechanical watch design. It is powered by the Swiss automatic movement, has a landmark museum ® dial, modified calendar dial from 1930 to watch. This is definitely a male watch.

Movado Master has a Bauhaus style design. It moves a large size case, gray matte dial. It has a gear borders. It has a Swiss automatic movement and has a chronograph model. It also has black PVD finished stainless steel case with black rubber strap. It is designed to be strong.

Concerto of course is the most luxurious and contemporary ladies watch (also available in men). It is made of two-color stainless steel bracelet, but really amazing is the mother of the pearl dial surrounded by diamonds, la la, la. Once such a beautiful celebrity Kerry Washington is this special watch brand ambassador.

These are just part of the Movado design that inspires its Replica Movado watches



The Movado Bold series is made in a modern fashion style with a variety of designs, colors and textures, composite / stainless steel or matte aluminum housing, leather or silicone tape, K1 crystal and Swiss quartz movement.

Luxury watchmakers have a long history of innovation and design related to art, support for the New York City Ballet, Kennedy Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Miami International Film Festival, Lincoln Center Jazz.Replica Richard Mille RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL watch

Movado means “always in motion”. Is there a nice ring? Many of you owners of Movado will be aware of the style, craftsmanship and quality. And since 1881, the Movado watch has been a 19-year-old entrepreneur Achilles Ditesheim opened his small Swiss workshop, which is obviously obvious. Its unique “Polyplan” was launched in 1912. This is a revolutionary watch because it is constructed on three aircraft to accommodate a bend to follow the natural contours of the wrist. excellence! Classic watch was born.

Movado’s rich history, innovation and design. In 1925, they created the Movado pocket watch. In 1926, they introduced a unique pillow-shaped watch that automatically wound when the situation was opened. 1930 led to the Movado digital watch, its time and minutes are displayed. Then in 1946, Movado launched the self-winding Calendomatic watch, this month and the day. Movado watches in 1947 began with its world famous Mofanto Museum Observatory signed “iconic dial”. Since then, Movado design has been expanding. Today many beautiful “collectibles” have a variety of dazzling


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Bracelets, polished bracelets, chronographs, leather belts and brushed metal chains, this list continues. Absolutely everyone’s watch!

If you want to confirm that Movado is first in technology and design, check out some popular magazines such as Marie Claire, Self, Bloomberg Businessweek, InStyle and GQ. Their fashionable design has celebrities such as Jarden Smith, John Stamos and Blair Andwood to show off their own Movado watches. Movado also has Derek Jeter, Amanda Seyfried and Wynton Marsalis and other ambassadors.

Like the color of your watch Be sure to visit the “Museum Color Dial” introduced in 2007 and feature a fine new palette. Movado BOLD is also available in 2010. It has bright colors and high intensity tones.wholesale Replica LONGINES SPORT WATCHES



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