With Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horolum and Horograph hands practice

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Launched in 2005 – first as a larger BR 01, and then smaller BR 03 – signed Bell and Roth watches to model the analog clock mounted on the old aircraft dashboard. Daiwa Square, the original BR 01 and 03, are often uncompromising military style.

Ten years later, the design has developed into a better, less military and more wearable. The latest series is the BR 03-92 Horolum and BR 03-92 Horograph, all taking different ways to clean and clear the appearance.

cheap HYT SKULL VIDA 2017 NEW 151-DL-48-NF-BB watch.Horolum is more closely associated with its predecessor aircraft instrumental aesthetics, having the same dial design, but decorated on a smooth matte surface that makes it feel streamlined despite square cases. On the other hand, BR 03-92 GROHE is inspired by the airport and the train station without waste clock.


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These two watches share the same BR 03 watch case, steel and tetrahedron, the size of 42mm × 42mm (larger BR 01 case 46mm × 46mm), rated at 100m. Large and wear-resistant given short lugs, square case is BR03 the strongest feature. It has neat lines and edges – the lugs and the middle of the case are integral, and are precisely connected together, and have a consistent surface on all surfaces.

The tiny glass beads are sprayed onto the surface of the shell at high speed, making it a matte surface with fine lines. Smooth touch and no reflex, perfect function and gray, although vulnerable to scratches and traces, if the surface is sharply shining Franck Muller HEART Watches

After the dashboard clock is installed, a quarter of the screws on the baffle are modeled, but like the hexagonal screws on the Royal Oak baffle, they are not screws. In contrast, the four are tubular nuts with square contours and the top of the screw head, purely beautiful.




These nuts are inserted into the baffle and extend through the housing, secured to the housing by means of actual screws, holding the three-piece housing together. This unusual structure explains why the screw head on the baffle is always perfectly aligned, the slot is pointed to the inside and parallel to the hour mark.

It is worth noting that this construction is unique to BR 03; the larger BR 01 has a more conventional housing, with a function of the baffle screw and four screws to press the

The size and quality of the BR 03 is very different from the usual circular shape found on the watch within this price range. And this secret is G & FChâtelain, a specialized component manufacturer, producing MB & F case, Richard Mill’s buckle, as well as all Bell and Roth watches. G & FChâtelain is owned by Chanel, and Paris Fashion has amazing sales in the watch industry, with both Bell and Ross, as well as a large stake in Robain Gauthier, a high-end independent watchmaker.

Although the situation is very good, but the internal movement is more dull: BR-CAL.302 is actually Sellita SW300. It is an automatic 42-hour power reserve, which is the clone of the ETA 2892, and more importantly, the cost is relatively thin (3.6mm high) for easy best cheap watches



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In this pair, the BR 03-92 Horograph is more affordable and also more conventional, with its white black dial. Command indicators and hands are familiar with the style, but here is a detailed description of the five-minute number and the prudent date window. Vague military style, the appearance is the return of the original BR 01 watch. Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Horograph is suitable for black rubber strap and needle buckle, is part of the conventional series.

The BR 03-92 Horolum is a 500-piece limited, and more striking two. It is monochrome, with matte surfaces on the dial, case, and even hands – despite the different texture of each part, while retaining the BR 03’s trademark dialing. The surface finish is slightly smaller than this, the dial is rhodium-plated brass, and the composition of the same sandwich, composed of two superimposed dial. Bell & Ross for the first time using a sandwich dial, invented by the Panerai in the 1940s to enhance the brightness of the watch dial underwater.

The name comes from the two-sided dial: one above the flat, neat hour mark, underneath it is a board covered in the super Luminova. Specifically, the Super Luminova is the green yellow of C3, the bright green in the dark. Super Luminova mainly composed of strontium aluminate, absorb light, and then shine in the dark for several ZENITH EL PRIMERO 410 03.2092.410/91.C496 watches



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