With hands-on practice with the newly launched, awesome Longines Rings watch A-7 1935

sale replica Tag Heuer Autavia Watches.Based on the chronograph of the pilots in the 1930s, the Longines A-7 was amazing, unusual, wearable and affordable. Longines won the 1935 new Avigation watch A-7 type.

Unmatched, Avira Watch A-7 1935 is remake (the first A-7 to 2012). But the latest A-7 is an improvement, significantly smaller, more wearable, and almost a third of the price is cheap.

The model of the A-7 Model 1935 Avigation watch was a chronograph designed for the US Army Air Force in the mid-1930s. In accordance with the military specifications of the type of watch named, A-7-type movement and dial off the vertical direction of 40 degrees. This unusual position allows the pilot to read the dial without having to give up the yoke, which is equivalent to the steering wheel on the plane.

replica Longines THE LONGINES AVIGATION Watches.The new A-7 is a very wearable 41mm. But despite the significantly smaller, but there are still many. For a watch it seems more than actually due to the white dial and narrow borders. Throwing eccentric dialing alignment and oversize Gothic numbers that are hard to miss. Finished the glossy white paint to imitate the appearance of the original porcelain dial, the dial has a honey-colored super Luminova in the hour figures and hands.

While the light brown shadows are designed to reproduce the appearance of the old-style radium on the old-fashioned watch, but a bit too much, although it can be forgiven. It is added to the attractive blue steel hand and the dial serif figure on the dial. Like all the Longines remodeled, the type A-7 was tortured at six o’clock by a date window, and this modern convenience was completely inconsistent with the old-fashioned design. Having said that, the date is not prominent.

It is a single button or a single button, chronograph, a button for starting, stopping and resetting chronographs. In addition, the conventional cam used to control the stopwatch function has been replaced by a gearbox, which is usually found in a more expensive chronograph. This is the same motion as the first generation A-7, and is also the nearest “single round single row” chronograph and pulse meter single time chronograph.www.reviewbestselling.com



TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm Watch 2017 years

For 2017, TAG Heuer has updated the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm watch with a hollow dial and some new color options to provide a great opportunity for a brief reflection on the complexity of this work.

You see, sometimes most of the major brands have little courage, resources, designers and / or any other needs, it is understandable that TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 debuted … just like two years ago. During this period, TAG Heuer also stepped up their game by delivering different iterations of Heuer-01 to retailers – it is reported that the supply of these places is limited – it is now only a solid version to create a newer version, TAG Heuer Carrera’s iteration is provided.wholesale watches replica

I have been wearing it for quite some time and extensively reviewed the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 chronograph in 2015, and I love this for a lot of reasons – its big 45mm situation is not one of them. When TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 was designed, the big watch boom was in full swing, but even such a strong trend would not make my wrist inflated to better adapt to Heuer-01 and its long-term “decisive Carrera” earrings. It is gratifying that TAG Heuer has realized that a smaller size of the Heuer-01 clearly has space (and demand), which neatly brings us where we are looking: Descriptive TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm.


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Now, when we first see these “reduced size” works in early 2016, they can only use a solid dial, perhaps (perhaps) to further emphasize how these are downsized. Now, in 2017, TAG Heuer launched three new black, blue and brown skeletons. If you like the name of the same name for some reason, it is strong black, deep navy blue and cognac brown.replica Breitling Professional Collection watches

Bezel for matte ceramic, case for drawing steel. TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 The front of the 43mm front is covered with a dome sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on both sides, and the crown is characterized by a rubber sheet wrapped on its drawn steel core. There were a lot of things happening on the dial, but all of these new pieces were outraged after 3:30, in the dark background of the prototype’s debut in public, to the invisible skull black figures.

If you want a better readability and a more stylish chronograph design (although still packed in more modern cases), you may want to use solid dialing to model. However, I would like to see these new 43mm version of the actual operation, because I have a feeling, skeleton, more cumbersome dial actually will work well, this little bit, I will venture to say that more proportionate design.buy GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES replica



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