Richard Mill RM 039: Ultra-leaning chronograph

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Aero Ray replica watch.Basel World 2012: Look at Richard Meyer RM039 Air E6-B watch – one of three new models, today opened by super-exclusive watchmaker Richard Mill. This man is not only busy and very creative, and the RM039 aerial watch is actually a tourbillon flyback, plus a slideshow rule calculator! what? The The The Oh yeah, it’s the deal:

RM 039 Air E6-B shows the vast majority of the same information provided by the famous E6-B flight computer, which was invented by US Navy Lieutenant Philip Dalton in the United States in the 1930s. This sleek gauge is incorporated into a bidirectional rotating bezel that can be used to read and calculate fuel combustion, flight time, ground speed, density altitude or wind correction, and rapid conversion of measurement units (Naut / KM / gallon / l / ft / lb) /kilogram). RM 039 Tourbillon movement is also equipped with UTC hand, countdown mode, 12 o’clock large date and function selector. Tourbillon movement with a unique design of the flyback chronograph.

Now, I have always found Mille’s exposed dials to have a challenging reading, this watch really picked up the cake – people in this watch there are a lot of (visual) arrangement! I will give credibility to Mille, put an important pilots tool (E6B Slide Calculator) with the Tourbillon and Flyback Chronograph, but to be honest, this is not the average of your daily pilots watch.replica Richard Mille RM 039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B Flyback watch


The most complex Richard Mille (Richard Mille) So far, RM 039 is a watch monument, at first glance is obvious. With this very large models, the function has reached the highest level of micro-mechanical engineering. Diameter of 50mm, the thickness of 19.4mm movement has the most advanced Richard Mille movement. Several figures indicate the severity of this phenomenon. It has eight hands and three holes – not the calendar. It operates through five pushers and a crown, all of which are active faders, not just the corrector, but it is not a compelling model. Despite its 1000 components, the manual winding RM039 caliber does not have the possibility of 14 or 22 watch complications, but in fact only “eight”. So what is the reason for such a complex?

It certainly is not from the UTC function (commonly known as the official name of GMT), nor is it from its big day. The crux of the problem lies in the chronograph, not even because it is a retracement. The deterministic factor is the existence of a countdown mechanism, which is an extremely rare feature in mechanical timepieces. The 9 o’clock putter switches from the chronograph to the countdown mode by starting the 8 o’clock dial aperture. 4 o’clock fader to move the red stopwatch timer hand, and then you can start the countdown, stop and zero reset, such as chronograph has built-in flyback function. RM 039 is the only way to have such an operation mode, mainly responsible for a large number of components (and the price tag on the zero line)

In addition to this excellent chronograph, the RM 039 has the property of becoming Richard Mille Signature: Tourbillon, Function Selector, and excellent hand finishing, despite the appearance of mechanical technology. First, it has amazing degree of graphic skeleton work. Although they are numerous, all components have been hollowed out at least once in the center to create lighter results in terms of visual and weight. The floor is made of titanium to pursue the same goal while ensuring that the rigidity of the building is indispensable, this height is high, including so many openings.replica Chopard Mille Miglia watches


So what is the function of this machine dedicated to driving? RM 039 Tourbillon The evanescent full name of the E6-B flight chronograph clearly shows that its two features are designed specifically for pilots. The flight timer is invented for pilots using scheduled operations to perform flight calculations. Restoring to zero without first stopping the mechanism can save milliseconds so that all differences between safe arrival and loss when using the instrument are navigated. Having said that, RM 039 actually has an instrument designed for pilots with the E6-B slide rules. Also known as the Flight Calculator, it is a sophisticated slideshow rule that is found on some pilots’ watches. The seven scales on the watch – including a speed measuring instrument located in the vertical part of the bezel, provide a complete set of calculation options. Unit conversion, multiplication and partitioning, as well as determining ground speed, fuel consumption, rising speed and other important data can be calculated in the case of vehicle electronic equipment failure. All this still raises the inherent problems of every slide rule: even if you have mastered how they work, you have to use them regularly to remember how they work.replica B.R.M GP-44 watches


This situation conforms to this impressive complexity made by titanium to prevent this giant from dumping more than 400 grams of scales – a weight that will undoubtedly be reached if it is in steel, let alone gold. Its volume, curve, satin finish and ramps are very complex, in addition to hundreds of hours of processing, the individual case also requires a full day of quality control. The result is the price of more than one million Swiss francs. Fortunately, Richard Mille did not add other favorite complications, the second split mechanism, because it would make the movement 3mm thicker and further increase the cost. But the minutes chronograph is useless to the pilots, so there is no place here.



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