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Frank Muller’s crazy time

We can not let 2013 pass, without a world-famous watch to celebrate its tenth anniversary of this year; the Frank Mahler crazy time. Franck Muller was born in 1958 and grew up at the center of the Swiss watchmaking community in La Chaux de Fonds. He is about to find out how the work of the watch and how to repair from a very young age and keen on his influence will inevitably rub.

In 1983, only 25 years old, Mueller for customers to provide their own Tourbillon watch. Tourbillon is a complex complication that can compensate for the effects of gravity on watches. It was a function of a gift that was reserved for such gifts such as Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe. Muller from Patek Philippe watches to learn a lot of his craft.

As one of the youngest companies in the luxury watch industry, Franck Muller has only worked for twenty years. When you think that Vacheron Constantin has been in this way since the 18th century, you can enjoy the dazzling talent, so that watchmakers become a key player in today’s watch market. As a child, Muller took his time to disassemble and reassemble any watches he could find. By 1992, Muller had completed 21 world premiers and applied for four patents. Since 1986, he has been submitted to the world premier every year based on the famous complications, which makes him a master’s degree in complications and watch the genius of the reputation. His clients include Elton John and many Hollywood stars.Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK ORANGE Watch replica

Franck Muller was noted several fine watches, but the Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch was launched in 2003 a decade ago and has developed into a complete watch series, perhaps more than any other watch that has become his signature watch The It is only in the mechanical tabulation acceptable and possible things to tear off the rules manual. Watch is not only clever and confusing, but also for the watch industry highly conservative and traditional art has brought a popular feeling.

When you learn the “crazy time” table, the first thing you will notice is that the order of numbers seems to be completely random. Unique exploding numbers can not start from 12 and then go to 1, 2, 3 … they can start with random numbers, such as 8 or 2. Although the numbers may be on the tonneau dial, but the hour clock from one hour to the next Correct for continuous hours, and immediately when new hours are replica watches

The complex jumping hours of movement and complexity used to implement this effect include 203 separate parts. The inspiration of the watch came to Frank, while staying in Mauritius’s exclusive resort. The luxurious Mauritius resort tends to run the hotel along the French line, where the French tend to prefer their days organized and somewhat united on a holiday.

Every evening, the restaurant will cook the food every night, the guests will have some fashion show, everyone has a new design clothing, whether men or women. At 9 pm, it’s like a shutter that has fallen. Guests check out to their room, the bustling dining area suddenly left. This strictly adhered to what should be a carefree holiday rule eventually got Frank, which made him want to create a watch that deliberately broke all the rules.

Crazy time watch may appear bright colors, almost the number of psychedelic explosion. The tenth anniversary of the digital ten completely mosaic in the diamond. The limited edition number was also



The Big Bang Broderie

Big bang blush skin Fluo is a new neon trend chart of the big bang series popular from Hublot, decorated with fluorescent lamps. It offers four glowing lace iterations decorated wrist. Eye-catching and confident, they are bright, bold colors wearing the best St. Gallen embroidery. Cobalt Blue, Sunflower, Hot Pink and Peacock Green is the choice of inspired and refreshed four tones.

For the spring of 2017, Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Fluo once again re-examined the traditional material again in the original modern style – this time Bischoff embroidery from St. Gallen. This ancestral technique is spread all over the world and takes root in the fashion world.replica HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP 05 LAFERRARI watches

In order to bring the fusion art into its peak and express the hope that the embroidery will be removed from the traditional application and challenge its identity, Hublot will naturally turn to the Swiss embroidery magician Bischoff. With its cutting-edge innovation, performance and creativity, the internationally renowned Swiss brand Bischoff is an important industry figure. Held at the St. Gallen facility near Zurich, Bischoff’s main craftsmen specially designed fluffy embroidery on the silk organ, beautifully embroidered with arabic pattern of flowers and a clever display of the “skull” design of the decorative dial.

This eye-catching fluorescent lace and black ceramic comparable to the original design of the depth of the watch. Its 41mm case reveals the electronic shadow of the “skull” pattern embroidery, made of 12 colored gemstones – blue, yellow or pink sapphires or tsavorites – and with a bright decal strap. Four colors are distributed in 100 pieces.HARRY WINSTON MIDNIGHT™ WATCHES replica

technical details
Model: Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Fluo

Reference material
343.CP.6590.NR.1233 – HOT PINK, limited edition 100 pieces
34.CY.6590.NR.1211 – SUNFLOWER, limited edition 100 pieces
343.CL. 6590.NR.1201 – cobalt blue, limited edition 100 pieces
343.CG.6590.NR.1222 – MALACHITE GREEN, limited edition 100 pieces

Diameter: 41 mm
Thickness: 13.20 mm
Polished black ceramic
Table back: polished black ceramic and sapphire crystal
Screw: Black Plated Titanium
Crystal: sapphire anti-reflective treatment

10 ATM or about 100 meters dial
Combine the above carbon fiber and black silk, embroidered for pink (with 12 pink sapphires), yellow (with 12 yellow sapphires), blue (inlaid 12 blue sapphire blue) or green set 12 tsavorites)

Polished black
– HOT pink – with 36 pink sapphires
– SUNFLOWER – with 36 yellow sapphires
– COBALT BLUE – with 36 blue sapphires
– MALACHITE GREEN – with 36 tsavorites
6 H-shaped black – titanium screws


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