HUBLOT together with a hundred years of Paris shoes family redefine the extraordinary style release classic fusion BERLUTI watch

HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION CHRONOGRAPH BERLUTI SCRITTO watches replica.Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT avatar to carry the art and time of the messenger, connecting the past and the future, the integration of traditional and modern skills, together with the Paris century footwear family Berluti glory release classic fusion Berluti watch, cross-border interpretation of “fusion art”. Two co-watch in the use of exquisite watchmaking process at the same time the combination of Berluti classic Venezia leather and the world famous Patina craft, with talented art skills will be the two traditional craft essence of integration into a refined elegance to create a gentleman elegant.

Hublot table with a hundred years of footwear family Berluti this time cooperation is Hublot table in the heritage of the classic, the courage to challenge, to explore the unique watch material of another art trip, effort to create elegant soul watch. Although carrying their own different brand story, classic innovation and superb skills at the same time Hublot table and Berluti brand features an indispensable part. Since 1895, Berluti has always insisted on high-grade men to provide high-end footwear services. As the soul of Berluti, Olga Berluti (Olga Berluti) inherited the profound knowledge and tradition of shoe-making, its innovative skills for the Berluti noble Venezia leather has brought difficult to copy the elegant tones, and brought a Vitality of footwear works of art. And Hublot table has never stopped the pursuit of high-end lifestyle footsteps, for its dial and strap “put on” the Venezia this noble natural material, the complex and sophisticated technology into the leather of organic matter, creatively create The leather dial, the material art flow in the wrist.Richard Mille RM 27-02 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL Watch replica




In Berluti Beijing International Trade flagship store and Berluti Shanghai State Gold Center flagship store were staged a Swiss watchmaking process and France 100 years of superb shoe-making process distinguished display. Exposure to the spacious and translucent shop, guests can feel the brand in the heritage of classical and modern modern interpretation of the unique feelings between the shop design and display are all glow with classic elegance and simple luxury extravagance. The birth of the classic is the collision of wisdom and inspiration and sublimation, is also the extraordinary skills of the bearer and convey, full of mysterious colors. Hublot table and Berluti will be the legendary art of production to the scene, by the most professional watchmakers and shoe makers were two brands of classic skills to share the scene to the guests, the interpretation of the art of the wonderful process, experience the integration of two brands The unique charm.

“We are looking forward to working with the century-old Berluti,” said Loic Biver, general manager of Yuhua Table Greater China. “There is no fashion, The innovative application of the strap material is different from our goal.Pevelopment is the common material for making the strap, but what we want is beyond the traditional leather, so the cooperation with the world’s most iconic Berluti leather has become The inevitable choice “. Berthut Asia Asia and China Managing Director Yves Coppin said, “We are honored to cooperate with Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand, and we are committed to creating a perfect gentleman watch to enrich Berluti’s Brand image. Because we have the same rigorous professionalism and the relentless pursuit of excellence, which contributed to this Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Black camouflage 2017 Watches replica




Classic Fusion Berluti Full Black Watch
The new series of watches have a distinctive black style, all black Venezia hand strap inspired by the “scratches art” and carved with Berluti’s “Gaspard” words. 45mm black ceramic case equipped with HUB1100 automatic winding mechanical movement, all black leather dial engraved Berluti words. This watch limited edition collection of 500.

Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto watch
Limited edition of 250 classic fusion Berluti Scritto watch strap made of Venezia Scritto calfskin, engraved text fusion of the 18th century calligraphy art, superb skills totally natural. Artist Olga Bertrith adds love to the calligraphy art of the period and engages it on the leather to honor this great art. Tobacco tones of the leather decorated on the dial above, and Hublot table Wang Jin warm tone complement each other.

Classic fusion series watch strap and Berluti footwear manufacturing precision technology exactly the same: from the plate, shaping, cutting, leather combination to the strap installation and polishing, each watch strap are unique. Watch to the collection box carrying, with Berluti travel table box and leather maintenance equipment. Carved leather at the same time record time, like a sacred ceremony, led us to embark on a witnessed journey of




BR 03-92 Black camouflage

Bell and Rose’s watch has been moving over time, the benchmark instrument watch. Since the establishment of the company, the brand with its excellent models in the performance and excellence of the pursuit of commitment. This study makes the military field, referring to one of its fields. Bell and Ross are often available with professional elites such as GIGN, RAID … … their quests often require a very strict timing. Phantom concept appeared in 2007 and 2009 to collect the commandos perfectly suited to this industry, the military field. In their first inspiration from aeronautical instruments, these watches are pioneers of a new field. These watch pioneers are one of the pioneers of using paint camouflage watches. The new BR03-92 Black Camouflage (camouflage) is registered as another link in the series of Bell and Roth watches camouflage. The BR03-92 Black Camouflage completes the “home camouflage pattern” Bell and Ross camouflage during the First World War appeared in the army. It is intentionally concealed or made it invisible to people or objects. Green, khaki, brown, but gray or black is the most commonly used color. The matte treatment of these colors is imposed by the military.

Bell and Ross BR03-92 Mirage

Phantom monochrome camouflage
The history of the iconic Bell and Ross collection, the phantom concept celebrates the tenth anniversary of the founding. According to his presentation in 2007 it was one of the first watches, using the complete military black coating during the sign of the spirit. This pattern is evenly covered with black matte anti-reflection and stealth way. In order to maintain readability, even at night, his data, indexes and hands are covered in the photoluminescent skeleton watches replica


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Bell and Ross BR03-92 Commando

For the commando two-color camouflage
The collection of commandos appeared in 2009, two years after the phantom. It belongs to the same line in the instrument watch to develop the camouflage coating. From the military inspiration, he is two colors. Shell, digital and dress in deep dull black, and dial covered with Matt Gray. This series is the elite army, the famous “commando” military, these intervention groups work in the shadows. They asked their equipment to be undetectable or almost.

Bell and Ross BR03-92 Black Camouflage

Three-color camouflage black camouflage
New BR 03-92 black camouflage complement Bell and Ross tassel camouflage watch. Watchmaker for her development, three-color original coating guide.

The dial is covered with Matt Greyon’s patchwork of its Matt Bracket strap. This high-tech watch is almost undetectable especially at night. Its color matte treatment also eliminates the risk of unnecessary re-credits. This watch is not possible to sell military commandos to launch hostile terrain tasks spinning or intervening.

The BR 03-92 black camouflage keeps its technical quality. It’s autofocus Chuck special, completely keepable day and night with wrapping his hands, indexing and digital fluorescent coating. Elite forces must be able to read the time easily and accurately when performing their own tasks.


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The BR 03-92 black camouflage uses the advanced clock timepiece function. It is very equipped with automatic winding up in a very accurate Swiss mechanical movement. It sets the function of the date in the window between 4 and 5 hours. Autofocus drying time, although very simple based on the visual characteristics of the house: in order to facilitate reading with the stick index large numbers. The specific needle is well designed: for minutes and hours of slender maximum, to prevent any confusion. There are 4 major figures (3,6,9,12) depicting and impressive size, typically Bell and Ross. In the BR 03-92 black camouflage shell with ceramic coloring quality. Durable and immutable, this material is in the back of the diamond hardness terms. Quasi-crystal, ceramic is stronger and lighter than steel It guarantees a period of impressive performance. An indispensable tool for participating in dangerous military missions. Finally, the ceramic is also hypoallergenic. It heats it small, which makes it very comfortable to wear, including hot weather. The sandwich dial consists of two superimposed plates. The lower board covers which host Superluminova® digital and indexed black coating. The upper panel receives the camouflage pattern. In the figures and indicators cut, it reveals the black Superluminova®. This ensures excellent readability during the day or night. The new BR 03-92 black camouflage is the third prominent link in the home camouflage watch Bell and Ross. It brings clean air and military references to the house’s DNA. Contemporary paint shows that the military is now the most avant-garde watch ranks. The BR 03-92 black camouflage is also very suitable for extreme work environments and great adventures every day.

Bell and Ross BR 03-92 Black camouflage

Movement: BR-CAL.302 caliber
Automatic machinery
Function: hours, minutes, seconds and dates
Housing: Matt Blake Ceramics
Diameter: 42 mm
Dial: Two stacks
The top plate pattern is black and gray camouflage, cut off the index number position and expose the black Superluminova® cover
Covered with a black Superluminova® needle
Glass: anti-reflective sapphire
Seal: 100 meters
Bracelet: Black rubber and black heavy synthetic fabric
Ring: pin
Steelfinish Black PVD


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