online RICHARD MILLE FELIPE MASSA replica watches.Richard Mille Richard Mill from the structural engineering of the suspension bridge structure to draw inspiration, applied to only tens of millimeters large watch world. RM 27-01 The Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch plate is connected to the case by four cables, and the braided braided cable thickness is only 0.35 mm. Combined with the rigidity and toughness, this structure protects the weight of only 3.5 grams of movement

Tourbillon since the date of birth is very “precious.” Because it’s “fine”, so the Tourbillon watch is generally very “squeamish”. No one will wear a tourbillon watch to exercise, will only shelter it carefully collection, or occasionally wear to enjoy. And maybe even no one imagined to wear a tourbillon watch to go to sports and wear it to go around the world and not afraid of it out of the problem (I have had three domestic Tourbillon watch, without exception, I wear them ” Take the world “out of the chain – even simply fly the screws …, bitter memories …).

best Longines Heritage Watches replica.Richard Mille Richard Mill’s Tourbillon What’s special? Where is the cow? Richard Mille Richard Mill from the date of birth, and racing, speed linked together. The car is Richard Mille Richard Mill brand of the fundamental and the source of life. Richard Mille Richard Mill’s first tourbillon watch, is the famous racer Massa before joining the Ferrari team, constantly try, after countless tests after many adjustments from the real stadium watch works. The final world has RM 001 Tourbillon watch, and with Richard Mille Richard Mill such a crazy brand was born, for the senior watch industry and the RM itself is concerned, is a milestone event.





Legendary driver, the original Ferrari famous racing driver Philip Massa (Felipe Massa) wearing Richard Mille Richard Mill watch

After the car, Richard Mille Richard Mill further and boldly will be the official game can be stretched tourbillon watch extended to the tennis, golf, polo and so elegant and highly competitive sports. In terms of R & D and investment in technology, Richard Mille Richard Mill has never costly, never hesitate to spend and wait, its tourbillon structure has also been constantly tried and adjusted. Now, Richard Mille Richard Mill’s Tourbillon are basically V-Tourbillon structures. This is Massa in the Ferrari team to try and try to wear 4.5 season after the test and adjust the best form of sporty tourbillon, you can withstand the collision and strong stretch, as well as a variety of shock and impact.Popular watches replica




The tourbillon device is very sophisticated. Generally contains sixty or seventy parts of the tourbillon device is only about 4 grams, it is difficult to imagine. And Richard Mille Richard Mill created something? RM 27-01 with the tourbillon device, including the whole movement weighs only 3.5 grams! This weighs only 3.5 grams of movement and has become tempted by Richard Mille Richard Mill users who spend millions of dollars to have its deadly weapons. Only to the construction field of suspended bridge structure as a source of inspiration, with four cables will be linked to the movement of the case of this amazing initiative and visual enjoyment, let everyone crazy! I believe that people in the field of watchmaking, no one to see this movement is not surprising. For the general watch lovers and those who love Richard Mille Richard Mill, this “goods” is even more



RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon wrist watch inside the hanging cable, through the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position of the tension device, and in the movement of the four ends of the tower bridge Pulley to achieve tightening. Each cable is fixed on the tensioning device, and through the upper pulley and movement, back to the lower pulley, and then into the lower inner ring in the watch. After the cable has been folded, the watchmaker will turn the center of the tensioning device with a special tool to tension the cable. The tension of the cable and the control of the tension are very difficult to operate. Zhang too tight, may at any time will be broken cable or fixed device, and damage to the movement; the contrary, if the cable is too loose, it may make the movement resonance, thereby affecting the timing performance. This remarkable movement, effective in the movement of the movement in the middle of the case, can withstand more than 5000 G acceleration.


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BELL & ROSS BR 03-92 BLACK CAMO FABRIC replica watch.When you hear RM 27-01 close to 5 million price, many people temporarily “retreat”, just “look” the. And some people, firmly put it, or Richard Mille Richard Mill’s watch as a goal. They are very clear that the table can meet them what, or “value for money.” More so sporadic people, has been very “low-key” to RM 27-01 worn on the wrist, the world has the most light of the most Hyun watch that one-tenth of the … …

This is not enough More shocking is: RM 27-01 this tourbillon watch, is the real can be used for daily wear, and high-intensity exercise Tourbillon watch!

RM 27-01 was the world’s No. 1 tennis player Nadal wearing an international competition, not an occasional catwalk, nor public relations picture. Nadal is really going to wear Richard Mille Richard Mill, training, to participate in the game, gains the trophy again and again.

Nadal also wore a particularly clear RM 027 watch. Can be seen that he is almost Richard Mille Richard Mill watch away from the Hublot masterpiece mp-05 ferrari watch replica




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