Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mill: Cultivate similar passion

When the elegance becomes a way of life, the artists gather and greet him. That’s why Richard Mill again collaborated with the antique car contest Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mill.

Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mille’s retro and famous car races welcome more than 13,000 spectators on Sunday, September 6, 2015 (Sunday). The event has made incredible success, proving that enthusiasts really enjoy good car repair skills. However, this is a very special occasion, which includes the dress code that everyone needs to follow. This expression “like you”, which makes the fate of an American brand does not apply to celebrate the beauty, luxury and protection of this festival of art.



This event requires everyone’s equipment to pay tribute to the collectors who pursue the preservation of industrial and artistic heritage, a symbol of the evolution of the twentieth century.replica men watches brands

Richard Miller RM 011-FM in the wrist with the Ferrari 250 GT temporarily from 1959 in the background

This game is also the fans and historical forces to communicate the occasion, can bring them passion. Some of them are in their carefully maintained dream car with their family to celebrate the grand racing event.

In a campaign effort, others try to compete through the brand club, and it is possible to have a picnic in one of the dedicated parks. And those who wear seasonal clothes to choose their most beautiful watch, in the jury selected 15 classes in the race to move around the MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000108 watch replica



Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mill has all this: all day activities, horse riding games, steam boat activities on the pond, and access to the castle and its collection opportunities. Many visitors look around, just as children see beautiful gifts. In fact, this Sunday is dedicated to expressing passion while happily taking advantage of a unique place because many people like to travel in time machines.

Needless to say, this is Peter Auto’s expertise to describe Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mille as the sum of the perfect moments of coordination. In order to make this event make every effort, the organization ensures that the actors of the event, that is, take care of their car collectors, according to the smallest details, have the opportunity to find the area. It is on the eve of London, which will undoubtedly become an indispensable lover, which will undoubtedly be described as an “elegant rural weekend”. Also on Saturday, the British auction house Bonhams organized a famous auction of a large auction.replica JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES – ASTRONOMIA SKY watch



Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon skull

Those who wish to embrace this great car festival as much as possible are given the highest bid opportunities, perhaps an old car that can compete in one of the 15 categories. 2015, the fifteen categories of topics cover a wide range of car history. The superstar of the competition was “Racing Bugattis”, “Formula 1 of 1966-1972” and “Large Tours: Racing and City Car”. Sports but crazy original works are also found in the “famous women’s car”, “iconic interior”, “European chassis with the US engine” or “Aga Khan family car”.

Compared with the 2014 forecast, the weather in 2014 is particularly good. However, there was little rain on Saturday and the weather was nice on Sunday. As a watchmaking partner, Richard Mille says, “luck always plays a role in achieving success.” For Chantilly art and elegance, this proved to be almost predictive because good weather conditions enabled the event to achieve the smallest detail.

rm 008


Ryan Mille’s models are rare and affordable. However, the barrel design, easy to identify, has been marking the ideological and watch industry for many

Even if most of the Richard Mille references are limited edition, they are all starting from the RM, followed by numbers that are hardly remembered, if not never.

RM 07-01 is to remember

Once, sports cars and cigars are stolen … Knowing the high demands of women for women’s needs, Richard Mille himself makes the beautician serve the women for the technology and launches the ladies’ automation. RM 07-01’s main inspiration comes from the iconic barrel design, is the evolution of the original men’s style. Reduce and shrink, keep the length of the case, the whole watch remains energized with gold / rubber combination. There is a Mille woman on her wrist, an excellent connoisseur of her husband who likes high-end technical watches, or she works in the watch industry. Whether it is or that is a trap of men full of testosterone.

Woman with wild

Nothing is more pleasant than sitting on the terrace, a man reading the paper in the first spring sun. Until your neighbors – they should keep the meaning of their neighbors: their own business and keep the conversation private – begin to whisper, they should not set foot on their footsteps. Do not know if i like girls or watches ┬╗say alpha male


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