Richard Miller Gift $ 725,000 RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal

RICHARD MILLE TOURBILLON RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL REPLICA WATCH.Swiss luxury watchmaker Richard Mille and tennis star Rafael Nadal have released a novel watch that breaks the foundations of technological excellence.

Coveted Roland-Garros began to issue, RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) not only mastered the tabulation, but also to show the French Open nine strong championship confidence. Showing the color of red and yellow – Nadal native Spanish color, RM 27-03 RM through an innovative way to get the amber luster, this method is to use colored resin impregnated fine, ultra-thin layer of silicon dioxide , And then heated to 120 ° C. The process was developed in Switzerland, demonstrating Richard Mille and the partner North Thin Ply Technology’s unparalleled ability to develop new, biocompatible and durable quartz tones.



In addition to the flow of color, this situation has a water resistance of 50 meters, favorable strength / weight ratio, allergic capacity and high UV defense capability. However, a specification really established the RM 27-03 novelty – its ultra-light tourbillon movement capacity can withstand up to 10,000 G of the impact. Protect the watch from working in the form of Nadal’s powerful arm swing, which is the result of uninterrupted linear acceleration of the performance of the watch. The ingenious tourbillon is attached to a skeleton based on the individual carbon, showing the micron accuracy, while the winding barrel provides 70 hours of running time.

The technical perfection of the RM 27-03 is also impressive by hand polished design. With a highly stylized and streamlined satin, it produces almost imperceptible flash, watch and volume. The Tourbillon was beaten with 3 hertons, and the great wheels aroused a bull forward – another subtle Spanish reference.used replica watches for sale

And Richard Mille (Richard Mille) to develop several high-profile watches, Nadal will be Roland-Garros (Roland-Garros) during the ride on RM 27-03.



Sometimes it’s hard to know where the relationship between Richard Mill and Nadal is a shining star. Of course, the incredible Spanish tennis players are always in the first place, but today the new Richard Mille RM27-03 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon – Richard Mille announced in France. New watches, of which only 50, priced at $ 750,000. This price reflects the huge amount of research and development of high-tech segments, as well as the difficulty of making.JACOB & CO. Grand Complication Masterpieces – Astronomia TOURBILLON watch replica

Richard Mille insists that all brand ambassadors wear watches in designated sporting events. Therefore, the brand must provide a clock can be punished. In this case – the watch so shock, can withstand Nadal continuous racket swing. Will be in the upcoming game will Nadal’s wrist into a new piece, can withstand up to 10,000 grams. The watch is also a miracle of manufacturing and material. For more information about watches and their high technology, please click here.



It seems that this watch is designed to reflect Roland Garros’s clay court, and the French Open nine winners seem to be at the top of the game. Do not misunderstand, that color is not just pick the color. No, Richard Mill, as well as the North Thin Layer technology, had to overcome the challenge of bold red and yellow quartz TPT (R) cases.ZENITH PILOT COLLECTION REPLICA Watches

This new watch through rigorous testing, lighter than the previous weight, and with Tourbillon theme dial, you can recall the Bulls angle – Rafah’s choice mark.


RM 27-03 Tourbillon Raphael Nadal
Limited edition 50 pieces
Caliber RM27-03
Manual winding tourbillon movement
Power reserve: about 70 hours (+ 10%)
Carbon TPT® in a single substrate
Five bridges
Free spring balance and variable inertia
Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours per run instead of 7.5 hours)
A barrel with progressive recoil
Coil gear and center wheel pinion with centerline involute profile
Spline screw for 5 grade titanium for bridges and enclosures
Torque limit crown
New comfort zone



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