Brave, bold, and retro style – Graham Chronofighter retro GMT

richard mille skull replica watches.Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT proved to be a bold and technical design method, directly inspired by the history of military time. On the left side of the situation, the sign bar allows the wearer to use the thumb to easily start and stop the chronograph, the fastest of all fingers – even with thick pilots.

The brand’s iconic model celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2016, still in many ways not obeying. The size of more than 47 mm shell, with a unique (slightly) luxury chronograph can be identified. The early success of Chronofighter led to the opening of the first Chronofighter GMT in 2004/05, a few years later. In 2016 the Chronofighter “Vintage” series debuted, and now Graham is adding another model for the lineup on your ordinary jets like me.nice replica watches

Like last year’s Chronofighter “Vintage”, Chronofighter GMT Vintage dropped to 44mm, more restrained and worn than its predecessors (relatively speaking). It has an elegant redesigned start-stop trigger, seen in the other “retro” models in the collection, a knurled onion crown and a mushroom-shaped reset pusher, subtle design elements, all of which are Work together, really re-execute the classic pilot watch design. The one-way rotating GMT panel is made of ceramic and has 24 positions.

Slightly dome sapphire crystal emphasizes the character of the watch. Dual Compax dial provides excellent readability. With a radial gradient of the sun drawing surface can capture a variety of colors, is indeed spectacular. It has a different color – green, brown, black or blue dial, with shiny graphics and indexes, as well as cool red accents.


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Chronofighter Vintage GMT is built around the movement G1733, which is a large date and time zone with automatic chronograph. This reliable work horse is a modified Valjoux 7750, running at 4Hz, powered for about 2 days. The back of the watch can see its traditional finishes (Geneva stripes, blue screws).

Straight cut calfskin leather strap with the color of the dial, and equipped with gray hand-sewn, to provide finishing. Closed with steel buckle.

graham silverstone endurance replica watches.Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT is a unique and stylish stopwatch. Of course, its unconventional design may not be the taste of everyone. I have always been a fan of the model, and I think the “retro” version is a good evolution. These are wearing better, more elegant, while still retaining their unspecified brothers and sisters’ clear character. The timing of the trigger function is still impressive while protecting the crown. GMT instructions are a practical addition. The legibility of a dial with a larger date is perfect. Last but not least, it’s price points lower than the previous Chronofighter GMT, which may give you the necessary excuse that you need to pull the trigger …

Technical Specifications – Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT

Housing: 44mm – Steel with unidirectional rotating bezel, ceramic with antireflective coating – Hemispherical sapphire crystal – Sapphire case back – Water resistant to 100 m
Movement: movement G1733 (modified Valjoux 7750) – mechanical automatic winding – 48h power reserve – 28,800 times vibration / h – 28 jewelry – hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, GMT, large date.
Strap: hand stitched calfskin, buckle buckle.URWERK ur-210 cp replica watches



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Rado original Diastar diver is automatically checked

My friend compared the Rado watch brand to the carmaker Saab. He felt that Rados was weird, not the same, running different drums while showing modern designs. As a man with Saab for more than 30 years, I agree that in addition to Rados should be compared with Saab General Motors, but this is a completely different topic, I will not enter this. Just say Rado watch is a unique watchmaking expertise.

Before I bought Rado Original Diastar, there was only one Rado in my collection, and a classic “Captain Cook” diver began in the late 1960s. A cool watch, but not well conveys the popularity of Rado. What I wanted was the classic Rado icon, the “Original Diastar” that was launched in 1962, and after Rado became a watchmaker in 1957, Rado was already part of Swatch after five years of Rado’s formal establishment The Since 1983.

Rado Original is the world’s first scratch watch, Rado has carried out this tradition, producing a variety of scratch-resistant watches, and still produce a variety of original style.

The secret of the original scratch-resistant feature is the use of Rado’s “high-tech carbide” bezel. Where the bezel refers to the watch around the crystal part, but in fact, the original cap on the carbide bezel is about half, for a lot of scratch protection.

nice Rado Original replica watches,Hard metal bezel is actually tungsten carbide, Vickers hardness of 1400-1700 Vickers hardness of the carbide. You can visit the Rado website to learn more about the formation of this border in the factory information, you will understand its strength, and understand the realization of this unique components involved in the technical and manufacturing steps.

Carbide bead height polished, due to the characteristics of tungsten carbide, I would like to point out some interesting facts. The bezel is signed on the left hand side and etched with the watch serial number near the lower surface. The actual color of the bezel is a cool, lighter gun metal gray, slightly contrasting with stainless steel case and bracelet. Contrast is subtle and will not damage the aesthetics of the watch.

Tungsten carbide is also heavier than steel, and when you handle Rado Original, the weight of the bezel is obvious. I know that there are watches on the market made entirely of tungsten carbide, and I have never dealt with or can not see the watch, I will imagine the weight will be extreme.

Because the bezel is smooth and highly polished, so it is also a fingerprint of the magnet, so if you have Rado Original and caress its beautiful carbide bezel, please prepare a lot of wiping the bezel to remove the skin oil and fingerprints.

Finally, due to the hardness of tungsten carbide, this metal, although highly resistant to scratch, but also brittle, if the impact is hard enough or fall to a hard surface with sufficient impact, it may be broken or broken into multiple pieces. I saw a picture of a Rado Carbide bezel divided into pieces. Although I do not know the details of the impact, it illustrates a negative aspect of the technology. But do not worry, in normal use, the carbide bezel should be able to withstand most of the abuse, you can throw it

Rado Original has three sizes: “S”, “L” and “XL”. The Rado Original diver adds 300 meters of water resistance in the second position, plus a second unscrew the crown to turn the internal rotary bezel to the standard Originals function. I like the overall appearance of this watch and the color of the dial combination, so I chose it.




Rado Original Diver’s case is stainless steel, hard metal bezel pressed in the upper half, a lot of very serious metal. The two parts are completely polished. Shell size 38.6mm, no crown, including 42.6mm. Even if the bezel makes the shell shape oval, from top to bottom is not too long (46mm), and well on the wrist. Case thickness of 12.6mm, bracelet semi-integrated earrings bracelet width of 24.2mm. I said “semi-integrated” because the earrings are actually slightly pivoted to better embrace the wrist, the bracelet hooks on the fixed center lug on the shell. I am usually not a fan of integrated headphones, but this design is better for me, and I call it a hybrid design.

The back of the case is polished stainless steel, screwed down, and marked with the famous Rado ‘water seal’ logo. Both crowns are signed with Rado anchors and are tightened. When I opened the watch, I found the main crown a little hard to use because it was polished, without a deep groove, so it was hard to catch.

The dial is covered with flat sapphire crystal without any anti-reflective coating. Flat crystal can clearly see the dial, without any twist.

Rado original diver’s overall fit and finish prototype diver is very good, especially considering this unique combination of materials at a relatively low price point. well-done.

The dial is another focus of the original diver. The center is a blue, almost vague purple, surrounded by a black second hand track, again surrounded by an internal rotating bezel. The bezel is black, except for the first 15 minutes, which is white. The hand is finished with dark blue and white illustrations, the second hand is pure white (easy to see), without any brightness. Lume quality is acceptable, but not super brightness, partly because the sequined part is quite small and narrow, so there is no big and bold Lume applied to Urwerk replica watches

Each five-minute mark is marked with a small round of applicable ink dots, while the bezel has a corresponding rectangular bar with a small ink dot from 1 to 15 minutes marked with a triangular shallow mouth at 12. It is a clear, clean, look at the dial demo.

A quick date window is located in three positions, and the date window is a trapezoidal shape with a black and white date wheel. Minimum dial print from “Rado”, “Automatic” and “300 M”

The final dial details are classic floating anchors, located on the sixth position. Sometimes I find myself looking at the anchor, that is the date window. Rado put the anchor on the end of the pin so that it moves or rotates as the wrist moves and rotates freely in any direction. I always thought that if the anchor was rotated with the second hand at the same time, then it would be cool, but alas, it was not.

In the original diver, I was sure to be an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, but I did not open the backup verification, Rado did not detail the origin of their automatic movement. Timing performance is very good, running time is +4/24 hours. I only watched 35 hours of power storage, however, ETA automatic production of the minimum time should not be less than 42 hours, so my watch movement may have a small problem, but in 35 hours, for me close enough not to chaos If you suddenly drop to less than 24 hours, then I will correct this situation, but now it seems that the watch is still the same.

The original diving bracelet is a solid connection with stainless steel oyster style with semi-circular links. The external link is polished and the center link is scrubbed. The semi-integrated end connection is firm. The size of the bracelet is 24.2mm, thinning on the buckle to 17.8mm.

The buttons are signed and polished, and there is a button close, like a standard deployer to open the same side, but the other side there is a one-third of the size of the deployment, you can pull it away. When opened, the clasp looks a bit like an unequal butterfly buckle, which is essentially it. The buckle is made of titanium, which makes this a third metal for the construction of this

Buttons are not fine-tuned, but the link is not too wide, so at least for me to achieve a good bracelet is not a problem.

The presentation is a nice, big black box, quite heavy, full of Swiss watches.

In general, Rado Original Diastar Diver is a unique watch that combines the iconic modern design elements with metal and Swiss quality triple boot.

Advantages: unique hard metal bezel, classic shape, Swiss automatic movement, cool dial, the price is relatively low Disadvantages: hard metal bezel fingerprint magnet, the crown is difficult to grasp the wind table, semi-integrated lug design excluded Use standard belt rulings: iconic watch design, where in any collection should be, scraping the bragging rights is good, strong overall value with unusual design combinations



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Ulysse Nardin produces 28 hour tables with rose gold and 28 platinum Erotica Jarretière watch

Pornography is one of the long traditions of the watch industry. LuxExposé introduces you to Richard Mille’s RM 69 Porn Tourbillon, which is expected to be available in December at $ 750,000. Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin is known for its tradition of continuing pornography and offers a sexy hour watch at prices of around $ 100,000 Erotica Jarretière.

Naturally, any conversation about Ulysse Nardin HourstrikerJarretière watches will start from the dial, a lovers tryst’s romantic scene engraved on a black agate dial, revealing a typical Venetian decoration. White handmade micro-painting contrasts with the smooth black dial, the balcony at the bottom of the dial and two characters engraved on a solid gold (platinum on the platinum and rose gold version of the rose gold). These numbers can be moved according to the requirements or time; all of this is simply pressing a pusher on the shell. Behind the couch is the spectacular appearance of the iconic Rialto Bridge of the Grand Canal of Venice. Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere is a classic case with a two-piece connector with a diameter of 42mm. (18+) Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker EroticaJarretière

In addition to the bold scenes, there are many watches to provide. Ulysse Nardin has introduced an elegant and highly sophisticated watch that includes two of the most traditional, hard-to-implement complications: automated machines and half-hour strikes. The self-winding movement (movement UN 611) consists of a mechanism that automatically prints for hours and half hours while the characters on the dial are moved (some automata are called Jaquemarts). This mechanism can also be activated as required, press the pusher 4 or disable it altogether, simply press the pusher 2 (the indicator on the dial will tell you whether to use the strike / automatic mechanism). The movement has 42 hours of power reserve.

The Hourstriker EroticaJarretière comes with a stylish black leather strap that works well with the case and is also nice with a black agate dial. This rose gold and platinum models are the same strap, they are completed with a folding Tag Heuer Monaco replica Watches



Watches: Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker EroticaJarretière

The eye-catching mechanism is one of Ulysse Nardin’s many majors, and manufacturers want to combine these already harsh complications with jaquemarts to create excellent watches. From Genghis Khan to Alexander the Great or Hannibal, small automals are tribute to the greatest warriors in history, the brand’s coveted “Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon”. The circus or Forgerons (Blacksmith) has provided a complex and animated ballet supplement “three questions” and unconventional sound pumps that have joined the wildlife for inspiring models such as tigers, dialing in “Hourstriker”.

Ulysse Nardin Complications Hourstriker replica watches.These themes seem to be varied, some people may find them, we should say a little “traditional” and desire more “alternative” creations. With its slight dry side, it is pornographic scenes that can bring high-level watches and clocks, a high degree of sophistication, and sturdy performance is indeed a long tradition of the watch industry. This year, Ulysse Nardin reviewed this sensual style with “Hourstriker Erotica Jarretière”.

Can be in platinum or rose gold in just 28 limited edition, these works offer with exotic pornographic white gold or rose gold jaquemarts full of vitality and half an hour of stunning gorgeous black onyx dial. Scene exposed to lovers, from the indoor balcony can enjoy each other to enjoy. In the traditional Venetian-style décor, naked men and women make love on the recliner every time they activate the body.

Through the suitcase on the back of the sapphire crystal can enjoy the automatic winding UN-611 movement, so that these watches animated. Both versions are mounted on black crocodile belts with folded clips of the same material. Despite the existence of a stirring mechanism, but these timekeeper waterproof depth of 30 RICHARD MILLE RM 056 Sapphire replica watches


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        Chinese economic network reporter at the scene learned that the Expo is scheduled for June 9th this year to 12 at the Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center held for a period of four days, this is the famous exhibition held for the first time since 2009 in the area to the northeast. This exhibition adopts a combination of fairs and exhibitions,

China economic network reporter at the scene learned that the Expo is scheduled for June 9th this year to 12 at the Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center held for a period of four days, this is the famous exhibition held for the first time since 2009 in the area to the northeast. The exhibition "exhibition,, exhibition with the combination of the office, the exhibition area will reach 53 thousand and 200 square meters,, a total of 13 galleries,replica watches, 2100 booths, will organize more than 800 enterprises, exhibitors more than 3000 exhibitors,replica watches, displaying more than 30 thousand kinds of goods.


news 2011 Liaoning (Shenyang) Trade Fair held a press conference, the Taiwan news of the Expo is an important project of the governor and signed in February this year to visit Taiwan, this year is at the first station to hold "goods fair, is held for the first time in the northeast of the session, of great significance for the Liaoji black three provinces and regions. This exhibition, to build a good communication platform for the communication and cooperation with the northeast region between enterprises, is a good opportunity to show the economic and social development of Liaoning Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and regions, but also a window of the Liaoning Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces and regions of the enterprises and consumers to understand the regional economic development. The expansion of cross-strait economic and trade exchanges, promote cross-strait economic development has important significance. (Editor: Yong Yue)

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        captain Jack set sail again, and his mysterious old lover and a pirate Blackbeard together the unpredictable future for the fountain of adventure, eventually, who first reached the "fountain of youth"? And this magical spring, hidden again?

captain Jack set sail again, and his mysterious old lover and a pirate Blackbeard together the unpredictable future for the fountain of adventure, eventually, who first reached the "fountain of youth"? And what secret does this magic spring have hidden? May 20th, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" wonderful show. And because of the busy and unable to go to the cinema friends,, a powerful video and audio

ASUS K series with GT 520M alone to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4? Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Mandarin version of DVD software, Intel, reduction of the latest SNB processor and ASUS exclusive IceCoolDesign cool technology, to enhance the user experience and HD, Captain Jack together to experience this thrilling adventure.

HD weapon wonderful lucidity

captain Jack funny funny,, exquisite luxury, magnificent scenery, mixed with the pirates, forces, zombies and mermaids journey, this piece of the fascinating charm. For the notebook, for a strong core of the show to make wonderful lucidity. ASUS K series laptop equipped with the latest NVIDIAGT520M single chip (1GB/512MBDR3 memory) (K43/K53SJ) in 3DMARK06, with more than 5000 points of the tough decoding ability, and in the compressed image rendering, mosaic,, coloration and texture are of great degree promotion, the perfect support for demanding DX11 technology, even then a large amount of image operation as well as instantaneous. At the same time, use 16:9 gold ratio of

ASUS K series

is also equipped with high quality speakers from LAN-STAR, which can perform various sound quality and sound fidelity, and create a full range of stereo sound effects. Allow users to enjoy the movie, enjoy enough shock entertainment results.

high efficiency core music enjoy speed experience

for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" such a wonderful story, the rhythm of the compact, continuous reading can breath, do not let people depressed? This series of models is powered by

Intel second >,replica watches;

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        THQ will launch the animated film "Kung Fu Panda 2" (KungFuPanda2) game version, "Kung Fu Panda 2" will be landing PS3, XBOX360, Wii and NDS, scheduled for 2011 05 months of sale,, corresponding somatosensory. "Kung Fu Panda 2" trailer for the film and the film version of the same, talk about

THQ will launch the animated version of "Kung Fu Panda 2" (KungFuPanda2) game version,, "Kung Fu Panda 2" will be landing PS3,, XBOX360, Wii and NDS, scheduled for 2011 05 months on sale, corresponding somatosensory.

"Kung Fu Panda 2" trailer for the same story and film version, tells the panda Bao and the matchless five will traverse all China to deal with the villain, peacock king and Kung Fu weapons.

Kung Fu Panda 2, the first paragraph trailer, clumsy and cute panda Bao, Kung Fu Panda 2 trailer, related information read:




Bell and Ross BR03-94 AeroGT Orange Skull Chronograph

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Aero GT Orange replica watches.Looking for a new source of inspiration and design, for the watch brand, both must be dangerous. Some Italian-born brands create diving watches that may be the best example of “unsuccessful” to keep true roots. Evolution is a coercive evil. It is also the reason for the existence of the AeroGT collection by Bell and Ross, moving in a different direction, from its military roots, but shifting the focus to the super car. Based on the Chronograph introduced in 2016, the Bell & Ross BR03-94 AeroGT Orange Skeleton Chronograph 2nd Edition is now available.

Back to 2016 models. Like the 2014 B-Rocket model, the AeroGT series is not just a sketch-based model. It looks really cool, very unique in the watch industry. There is no air or military DNA, but the super sports car. Instrument watch inspired by the instrument panel tool, will continue to be the cornerstone of the B & R series, the brand had to move in different directions, to prevent the collector boring, to find new opportunities. Do not stay in your laurel …Richard Mille RM 11-02 JAPAN BLUE Watch replica

The AeroGT is based on an internal design, not a watch, but a sports car (designed by Bell Bell and Ross, co-founder Bruno Belamich). The idea is to design a car that can explain the spirit of Bell and Ross. The AeroGT concept car is the starting point for creating a new watch inspired by the car world – BR 03 AeroGT. In 2017, cars and watches will be refurbished, and the use of new color scheme.

Super sports car The word is the same as lightweight, technical, mechanical, architectural, modern lines, of course, fuel power and engine taste, many watch enthusiasts can also enjoy regularly. Therefore, the super sports car watch usually means chronograph, because this chronograph is the best way to wear in this model, especially if the speed of one second or 0-60 miles / hour time to you The mind. Although the first AeroGT watch also includes a skeleton 3 hand, the main focus is the chronograph version, BR03-94 AeroGT, limited edition 500 pieces. This is a precise watch, and today it receives a powerful and bold color scheme with a bright metallic orange accent around it.Bomberg BOLT-68 Watches replica



In order to maintain consistency with the inspiration of the collection of cars, select the automatic chronograph movement skeleton version. Thus, Bell & Ross BR03-94 AeroGT Orange’s face proudly exposes its mechanics, with sharp and angled bridges, reminiscent of the chassis around the super sports car engine, with orange color. Movement BR-CAL.319 shows the indication in the layout of 6-9-12 (base movement is ETA 2894-2). In the dial speed around the dial can also see the orange, as well as the hands and tracks on the accent.

skeleton replica watches.For the case of Bo Lai Shi BR03-94 AeroGT orange is the traditional and iconic round of the party, my dear brand. Here, it uses 42mm x 42mm version, using steel, round drawing plane and slope on the polished accent. Again, some orange accents are found, such as on the initial pusher and perforated leather strap. As usual, the watch is wearing a fairly large (square shape) and exerts a certain presence on the wrist, making it quite noticeable.

Like the first version of 2016, this new Bell & Ross BR03-94 AeroGT Orange is a very cool watch that must be seen as a good evolution of brand design specifications. The addition of orange does not make it easier to wear, absolutely separate it. Is this a view of the masses? Of course not this is one thing that must bear.replica GREUBEL FORSEY WATCHES

Technical Specifications – Bell & Ross BR03-94 AeroGT Orange Skull Chronograph

Case: 42mm x 42mm square case – stainless steel, brushed and polished – dial side sapphire crystal – 100 meters waterproof
Movement: Movement BR-CAL.31 (ETA 2894-2 base) – Auto – 4Hz Frequency – 42h Power reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph and date
Strap: Striped leather strap with buckle
Reference: BR0394-SC-ORA / SCA
Usability: June 2017 Replica Hublot Watches

        "Cape of Good Hope" trading platform, is the "challenge" in order to let more fully enjoy the game player game, game player to provide more perfect service and special and unique designated formal trading platform. The sale of virtual goods is popular,
replica watches, but security is not available

"Cape of Good Hope" business platform is the "challenge", in order to allow players to more fully enjoy the game process,, to give players more perfect service, and special provision and the only designated official business platform. In the virtual goods trading business popular, but the security can not be guaranteed at this stage, the "Cape of Good Hope" business platform attached to itself…

fast swims online game accelerator breaks weiyuejiao19,, fast swims online game accelerator to break to stretch neck to look inside,, dream, Wei, Shu, Wu, download already became reality, they sometimes dive into the water, capture small fish, still have no homework. With the wrist, knee pads and helmets, they just took your leave before death the empty matchbox, yesterday, the heart could not help but think: Chiayi is so calm. Dance dream Wei Shuwu download heart gas, so this is the legendary

stone… Replica Hublot Watches

        the National Narcotics Awareness Month activities to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide to "youth and synthetic drugs" as the annual theme of propaganda by the press and publication units extensively reported taking synthetic drugs, symptoms of serious harm, how to prevent and to create.

the National Narcotics Awareness Month activities to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide to "youth and synthetic drugs" as the annual theme of propaganda by the press and publication units extensively reported taking synthetic drugs, symptoms of serious harm, how to prevent and the whole society, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of concern, support and participation in anti drug work, constantly to enhance people’s awareness of narcotics and drug resistance ability, to further promote the anti drug development.


of the people’s Republic of China General Administration of press and publication in June 1, 2011, according to the Inner Mongolia news,, through extensive national anti drug publicity and education, so that the masses know drugs, anti-virus ability Judu, significantly enhance the society to actively participate in anti drug anti drug,, the atmosphere more strong momentum; synthetic drugs and other drugs illegal activities have been effectively curbed to further enhance the national anti drug publicity and education; in the work, expanding the coverage of drug publicity and education,, to meet the knowledge needs of different groups of drugs, in order to further deepen the anti drug and create a more favorable social.

Author: Gao Jia source: Northern News Network release time: May 19, 2011 Replica Hublot Watches

        TV drama recommendation: energy-saving [] scatterbrain a plum [Fifth] [space] [peacock] Chinese Secret Garden: energy-saving, new Phoenix blood set the number: set of 35 types: romantic romantic affection energy-saving synopsis 18 years ago in a car

TV show recommended:

energy-saving [Fifth] [scatterbrain Iljimae] [peacock] [space] secret garden

Chinese Name: Battle of glass diamond, new Phoenix blood

set number: 35 episodes

type: romance, affection, romance,,,

glass diamond battle synopsis

18 years ago in a car accident, let the hotel rich girl Namphet and poor Kaewkao the newborn baby girl is in the hospital. After 18 years, Namphet has developed into a beautiful woman,yoga clothes for women, gentle and kind, and grew up to Kaewkao arrogant character,. Karma will, Namphet came to Kaewkao home as servants, two people’s life has also undergone an earthshaking change. Cheewin is a hotel management consultant experts, but also everyone in mind Kaewkao future husband, the first meeting, Cheewin and Namphet love at first sight, was Kaewkao found jealous, so constantly on the Namphet in every possible way. And Karn in ignorance, also fell in love with the gentle and kind sister Namphet, in the face of family, love and friendship between the tangled fate of all,, and will go from here?……

glass diamond battle, Mandarin edition,, complete Thai drama "diamond drill" Mandarin version of diversity plot (1-25 episodes) finale finale online watch, diamond drill diversity, plot introduced

glass diamond battle first episode

rich Mrs. Li and the poor women Suoyi each had a beautiful daughter. Suo Yi while helping to feed the machine, replaced two baby girls. After 22 years of growth in the rich people check arrogance, is for the beloved alienated his boyfriend and agony. In poor families grow up Nan Fung after graduation from the university has been unable to find work, and in every house fire, gambling father missing in the fire. The cable should be desperate, decided to go to Bangkok to do Mrs. LIS home cook, or 22 years not seen with her own daughter together. However, the sponsor of the day is not easy. Suo Hao tried every means to serve his own daughter, but always backfired. And the plain beautiful phoenix makes big and little