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URWERK black glasses watches: can be sold for luxury luxury watches?

Although it is difficult to give a proper reputation, Linde Werdelin is the first luxury watch brand I know about selling high-end watches using comics (ahem, graphic novels). They still do so, of course, will put this idea into the future. Update: I just knew I was wrong. Linde Werdelin (Linde Werdelin) may be the first online communication marketing cartoon (as far as I know), but Urwerk as early as 2008 published comic content.



replica Urwerk 103T Collection UR103T AITIN watch.Now the luxury brand Urwerk offers a new comic (see below). I think this idea is brilliant. Why did you do this until now? Because the luxury company’s hot people afraid to use dirty cartoons to dilute the brand’s “reputation.” Psh … what is this? 1986? The comic art defines most of the previous generation. Do you think the rich under the age of 35 will be more active to contact what. New watch cool graphics novel, or sponsor polo tournament?

This is the beginning of a futuristic comic series to help Urwerk launch a new linear era black glasses watch. This is the black suit version of UR-CC1 King Cobra I am discussing here. So what do you think? Is this comic cool? I think so. Will people let the brand and watches slowly excited? we will see. Click on the thumb nails below.



Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Watch

wholesale replica watches.I would like to say UR-CC1 “Cobra Kingdom” is one of the Urwerk watches, but it is like a man with 3 arms than a man with five arms more unfamiliar. Urwerk watches the style and appearance has been very different, but also provocative. Last year, the brand developed a UR-CC1 watch, through two linear dialing that time. According to some old car dashboards, the watch tries to offer luxury, where there was once only available. Urwerk not only knows that UR-CC1 is unique, and if you mix luxury watches and comics to sell collectibles (including King Cobra and Black Edition – Black Cobra), they will even use unusual methods.

This is my second cover of the Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra watch – technical specifications, internal and other details, see my previous post. Tell the neon green linear scale of the time feels like the game with Playstation racing and Platinum best match things. Although once you see the beginning of the time from the beginning of the bar, the watch is not so bad. The second is expressed in two respects at the top of the case. One, a spiral and a scale fit Fibonacci, and the other through a docked digital disk adjacent to it.



The watch looks like the Kukri blade – Nepal’s “cutting-edge”. I would like to know whether the Nepalese must deal with any cobra snake. Probably not any Urwerk King Cobras. UR-CC1 is limited to 5o, so the model shown is unlikely. The strange shape of the watch does help its wrist rest. Its gold is actually quite large and heavy. Can be gray or black gold alloy, this situation looks like a curved rectangle – although it has ergonomic charm.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon replica watches.For UR-CC1 Urwerk, experiments were conducted on the cellular design of the moving part. Through the case side of the sapphire crystal, you can see this. Urwerk is the same as the previous sports design, engineering and finishing. While Cobra is nice, it does not look like a traditional luxury watch. It is weird because it is so good, complicated and gold. So what is the problem? It is hard to point out. I have a feeling that the watch looks too much like the golden calculator of the early 1980s – at least the theme. If he is the emperor’s micro contradiction, that is what Bill Gates said.




What you really have is a real luxury instrument. Luxury in the sense of excess and lack of necessity is luxurious, but it is the same as an instrument. Very useful, but it still has its purpose. For those who like expensive toys, this is a toy. No one will find “men”, will choose one of them. When I met Urwerk, I thought they told me the price of this limited edition UR-CC1. To tell the truth I forgot the price, but at the same time there is no difference. In the healthy six numbers, most people can not afford the watch, almost summed up a bit. I like Urwerk doing this thing and trying to make their dreams real. The real micro-mechanical genius, they create amazing things – may be deliberately limited




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