HUBLOT watch launched a new classic fusion timing Berluti watch to the fusion of the art of the definition of classical style new classic fusion timing Berluti watch will HUBLOT table unlimited creative watchmaking and Berluti originality Patina ancient art of the perfect fusion of art.
“For decades, Berluti has been making progress and craftsmanship and craftsmanship to create the ultimate Patina Antique Dyeing Process Leather.” The combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology has led us to combine it with the exquisite machinery of HUBLOT table. Full of harmony under the style, creating a modern gentleman eternal elegance!

In 1895, Alessandro Berluti from Italy founded the Berluti brand in France. Today, Berluti has become a century-old Paris shoes family, men’s shoes, accessories and clothing series known. Among them, Berluti shoes for the most elegant style of men’s first choice, and its bold and innovative Patina ancient art of dyeing is more impressive.

fashion cheap BRM Gulf watches.2016, Switzerland’s top watch brand HUBLOT HUBLOT table and Berluti first hand in hand, the introduction of the classic fusion Berluti series watch. Cum Berluti 120 anniversary of the occasion, the series watch in the history of the first perfect capture of the essence of shoe-making process, and its form of watch to give. The series of watch strap and dial with Berluti classic Venezia leather to create, which by the Alessandro descendants Olga Berluti developed an exclusive tanning process put forward higher requirements – leather to go through a very sophisticated process, can only be suitable for watch The For example, the leather on the dial must be completely dehydrated to ensure that the case is absolutely dry.

A year later, HUBLOT table further clever use of Berluti iconic leather, will be so noble natural material and classic fusion timing watch together. This is obviously a more difficult and complex creation. In the classic fusion chronograph watch on the dial, 3 o’clock position and 9 o’clock position by the two chronograph dial, for this, the watchmaker must re-create the design, the development of new technology to ensure that leather can be stable Running on such a complex dial.

The new classic integration timing Berluti watch was born, with a proud 45 mm diameter dial, and Scritto Wang Jin and Scritto all black to choose from. Two watches each limited edition 250, are used with hand strap, Berluti custom table box and the whole set of Berluti leather care products.

HUBLOT table, so that Berluti’s creative talent shine in the wrist between the HUBLOT MP-01 MASTERPIECE Watches cheap

Classic fusion timing Berluti watch

Serial number: 521.OX.0500.VR.BER17 (Scritto Wang Jin)
521.CM.0500.VR.BER17 (Scritto all black)
Diameter: 45mm
Thickness: 13.40 mm
Waterproof: 5 standard atmospheric pressure (about 50 meters underwater)
Case: satin brushed and polished 18K gold or black ceramic
Bezel: satin brushed and polished 18K gold or black ceramic, 6 H-type screws
Table mirror: sapphire mirror anti-reflective coating
Table back: satin brushed handle 18K gold or polished black ceramic, sapphire mirror
Dial: brown or black Berluti Venezia leather (Patina antique dyeing process), Scritto ornamentation and embroidery time scale, Yu ship table logo, “Automatic” and “Swiss Made” words
Movement: HUB1143 self-winding chronograph movement
Number of parts: 280 (59 gemstone bearings)
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
Strap: Scritto Striped Brown or Black Berluti Venezia Leather (Patina Antique Dyeing Process), lined with black natural rubber, 18K red gold and black steel (gold) or black steel (all black) folding table buckle


HUBLOT fleet watch the Ferrari track day carnival Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary of the tourbillon chronograph watch landing in China

Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Yu ship table with the most prestigious car and sports car manufacturer Ferrari powerful combination, in the Shanghai International Circuit wonderful show annual racing event – Ferrari track day carnival! This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari, Hublot table with Ferrari as a five-year partner to celebrate the whole process, and in the carnival day, in China Rongrong released the cooperation of the design of the Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon watch, running in the wrist Of the mechanical exquisite, and the track on the super sports car echoes, unlimited creativity for the scene tens of thousands of fans lit the passion, so that they enjoy the Ferrari unique track culture at the same time, feel the design and watchmaking craft perfect men watches cheap

“Ferrari focus on the design, Hublot table is committed to precision manufacturing” – this is Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon watch the birth of the basic principles. Now landing in China’s Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon chronograph watch can be described as a new model of car watch watch, it is groundbreaking by Ferrari in Maranello’s professional team-led design, the Hublot watchmakers superb Skills to build, the final achievements of both a spirit of Hublot and Ferrari soul of the classic. The idea of “the art of fusion” is to the extreme, and the overall design structure cleverly uses the three basic elements of the sports car – the outer frame (Container), the middle skeleton (Skeleton Middle), the back cover parts (Back Cover), respectively, corresponding to the sports car for the protection of the box to build the body frame, for carrying the engine and personnel of the chassis and cover the engine cover components. As a Tourbillon complex chronograph sports watch, Techframe Ferrari has a proud and lightweight body and stable structure, equipped with Hublot table production HUB6311 manual on the chain tourbillon single-button chronograph movement, the extraordinary strength, excellent performance and quick Sensitive and other characteristics of integration in the inch.

buy Alain Silberstein Watches cheap.Techframe Ferrari also adhering to the Ferrari super sports car parts of the style, watch the side of the design of the Ferrari red button, like a sports car pedal, adjustable control timing function, greatly enhanced the operability of the button; strap connection at the two A red horizontal button also to the famous P485 Ferrari red shine, so that the strap replacement is more convenient and convenient, while significantly enhance the security. Case back cover with black engraved limited edition, sapphire back is highlighted “Ferrari 70 Years” (Ferrari 70 anniversary) to commemorate the words. From the inside out of the extraordinary temperament, the car table brand cooperation once again pushed to the peak.

As a sports car design master and senior watch brand close cooperation with the latest results, Techframe Ferrari watch marks the birth of Ferrari and Hublot cooperation to further deepen. Challenge the performance limit, explore the precise charm, design for the functional service, the common concept of these two areas of the top brands are closely linked together. Since 2011, Hublot table has become a global strategic partner of Ferrari, the two sides not only together to create a variety of unparalleled limited watch masterpiece, but also in a full range of brand image and business promotion alliance to become the industry story. Since the beginning of 2013, Hublot table that is presented in the Formula One Ferrari F1 body and racing driver clothes. From the management of the Scudria Ferrari team to the mechanic, the entire team are fully integrated into the HUBLOT Hublot table family, with unprecedented magic to ignite the infinite passion of the global Ferrari fans!
“Become the first, unique, different”, everything is just the beginning, hand in hand into the URWERK UR-103 WATCHES cheap


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