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Evil Flower – Skeleton Watch lets you on time … until your time!

swiss copy watches for men.”Carcass” (must-read) There is no doubt here is Charles Baudelaire’s most notorious poem, exploring even in the most sick scenes can find beautiful ideas. Like Baudelaire’s “evil flower”, the skeleton watch tries to extract beauty from the horror. These spectacular mechanical works that are carved with dead faces are both shocking and attractive. They also serve an important purpose, which is a note that we can find in the last section of the poem:

– but you will be like this corruption – like this terrible infection

Remember that you must die. This familiar Latin expression traces its origin back to ancient Rome, designed to remind people of his death, so that he should fall into this limited world of insignificant things. Forest art is a popular extension of this concept, around the death sign: watches, skulls, hours or candles.

While this is the beginning of the Roman tradition, the skull is a deep deep-rooted symbol in many cultural, religious and, of course, in the watchmaking history. Skeleton watches remind us of the beauty of the changing nature of human life. Again rewrite Baudelaire, “clock” (another must read) here is a sinister, indifferent god, reminds us that our time on earth is shorter every second. Time to devour human life, we should live a life.copy HYT H2 TITANIUM DLC watch 248-DL-00-GF-RA

Today, this terrible symbol has become a fashion statement, whether good or bad or skeleton watches are once again favored. Monochrome watches need to carefully watch a few watches that keep you on time … until your time …

HYT skulls Axl rose

Not surprisingly, the gun N ‘rose the loss of appetite watch is a skeleton watch. A custom model was created under the guidance of Axl Rose, which was awarded a Damascus steel treated with a blue PVD coating with rhodium-plated Baroque Paris.

Time is HYT liquid, skull Axl rose veins in black blood pumping is pure rock and roll. This special edition uses a branded branded bellows driven by a mechanical movement to push the fluid into the capillary and draw the time in a linear fashion. The capillary contains two liquids separated by meniscus; the first is black and moves from left to right to indicate the time. The second is translucent, contrary to the color liquid. When the black liquid arrives at 6 pm, it will switch to retrograde mode and slowly flow back to its original position. If you look bravely in the eyes of death, you will find an almost invisible dial on the left continue to rotate, while the right eye there is power reserve. Guns’n’Roses logo on sapphire case Urwerk 103 watches copy

Technical Specifications – HYT Skeleton Axl Rose

Case: 51 x 17.9 mm – DLC titanium micro-spray – sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, sapphire case with GUNS’N’ROSES logo – 50 meters waterproof
Movement: manual winding machine – 65h power reserve – 28’800 vibration / h – black fluid retrograde hours and seconds and power storage indicator display in the skull eyes
Strap: black leather, adjustable cuff with buckle



In competition with HYT watches and Panis-Barthez ELMS

Car and watch … it’s always a simple combination of work! Both worlds have a lot in common: precision mechanics, passionate fans, boy’s reputation … such partnerships can range from classical cars to luxury super sports cars, and sometimes even cars. In the case of HYT watches, the latter feels natural is a natural choice, the two worlds aim at performance, innovation and use of materials worth the spacecraft. Today we are sharing your experience with ELMS competitions in Estoril, as well as the brand’s newest sports partner HYT Watches and Panis-Barthez.

Match, panis-barthez game and smell of oil and petrol …

If you regularly read the monochrome, you may have been aware of a very crazy, bold and unique market brand HYT watch. This young manufacturer plays a role in the technology, through the fluid drive (what liquid in the table is, see here) that time, the shape of the industry and the industry no other, and the use of innovative ultra-light And super technology materials.

Now, for such a future company, you can hardly imagine a partnership with an old-fashioned brand like Rolls-Royce or Morgan, which is respect for two brilliant brands, but they do not meet HYT watches and The rebellious acts of its team are equally rebellious. No, HYT needs something different, more technical, younger, better sport. The answer is in the form of the European Le Mans series (ELMS), and a new Panis-Barthez game.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon watch

The Panis-Barthez tournament was established by the end of 2015 to participate in the 20/11 season ELMS. Now I believe that most of us already know 24 hours of Le Mans, but this is just a game, which is part of a bigger championship, and there are many other events in the calendar. The European Le Mans Series (ELM) is a European sports car racing endurance series operated by the Le Mans 24 Hours and the European Automobile Club (ACO). Several different categories compete simultaneously during ELMS, including ultra-fast LMP2 prototypes, mono LMP3 prototypes and several GT cars (professional or amateur).

The name of the Panis-Barthez game comes from its founder, the two symbolic characters of the French elite movement. Olivier Panis is the last French to win the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, Fabio Barthez is the only goalkeeper to lead the French soccer team to the world title in 1998 and became the UEFA European Champions title in 2000, Hands, team manager. The team is competing in the ELMS category for two, one in LMP2 and the other in


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